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  1. I actually suggested a (what I thought was a fantastic) solution to this a while back but nothing ever happened. Typical greedy uncaring company to ignore its user base's problems and just care only about the profits.
  2. It hasn't changed to the level it needs to, though, as this is everywhere. Just wait... Just wait until you build a base of your own and would like to have spots nearby to build on only to find out it isn't possible because someone has already taken it. The solution? Claim it first or as soon as available. Then you'll see it from this angle. Don't plan on building a base? You're missing out on one of the best parts of this game then.
  3. That's great if it works for you! Just remember not everyone likes the exact same thing, and thank god or this world would be dreadfully boring. Owning land has been a factor of the game since day on (on PvE) and as such I had always wanted to own my own nice piece of land like everyone else did. Don't design a game with flaws like this and then punish your dedicated players for doing what everyone else does all the time everywhere. Ok, so the this future couldn't have been predicted, but they sure don't mind taking everyone's money for a broken game and not bothering to fix it, now do they? G
  4. 1. What's the point of owning a sizeable portion of land in ARK? Freedom. Pride. Reduction in server lag. The reasons are numerous. Have you ever wanted to build somewhere beside your base and expand only to realize it's not available because some jerk, who isn't all that friendly (almost always as people are rude and nasty) blocked you in? FYI I had structures placed about the land and was planning on further expanding in the days/years ahead. Some of those structures were there to help new players have a place to start (by living in and having free access to smithy's, refined forges, mo
  5. I searched and searched server after server to find a spot to build on and waited patiently to obtain the land I had, so believe me I know the struggle.
  6. Pillaring methods may have changed a bit over time, but that and claiming land via structure placement on PvE has always been as it is. Obviously you weren’t really there like I was... and structure spamming is defined as deliberately blocking off access to resource rich areas, blocking off entire areas of the map (mine was still accessible) or dropping random structures inside someone’s base. I never did any of those. Even if in some crappy way they justified my pillars to be in this category, it is an injustice that only tribes that receive a report against them get punished as EVERYONE does
  7. Yeah I did go over the CoC before this, and while you obvious new players be whining, this is how the game works and had been working since day 1 on PvE. Tribes do it EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. I owned my land for 2 years before they even bothered to notice because someone must’ve put in a report. It’s NOT justifiable that only a few tribes be punished for their design flaw here and there. Rules apply to EVERYONE, not just a select few... and if you would have noticed, I was referring to WHY they did what they did. It’s still unknown. That’s like a judge passing down sentencing without a person
  8. Unjustifiable Abuse of Power This is an follow-up and update to the post I made earlier entitled "My Story." To summarize from earlier I have utterly and completely stopped playing ARK due to recent action taken (by the ARK GM's) against my tribe and I for unknown reasons, in which they completely wiped out a massive amount of structure (namely around 30-50 behemoth gates and about 200 pillars to claim land) which we worked hard to obtain over a period of about 2 years. I further reached out to them inquiring the nature of the violation only to immediately have my "ticket" closed
  9. Don't get me wrong, I loved this game at its very core, despite all the endlessly ongoing problems like the incessant lag the game always suffers from. I used to feel that exact same way. Never give up, and hang to to whatever hope is left for it. Keep trying and one day it'll be the world I want and imagine it to be. Finally my tribe and I were getting to that point, and then this. At some point a wise person just has to know when enough is enough and to know when its gone too far. WC crossed that line for me when they did what they did. It took a lot for me to figure out that this is never g
  10. Those are some great tips and looking back now on what was destroyed it actually makes perfect sense. I'm betting that the nasty tribe I mentioned before were the ones responsible for the report... and guess what... they did exactly what I did before the GM's wiped us: pillared everywhere I used to own land. Makes my blood boil at the thought because, believe me, they were absolute assholes the entire time; and not just to me, but other people in the server as well. I would do exactly what you said, but I am done with this game for good. The land I always wanted to own and did for a time is no
  11. I understand your desire and offer my thanks, but personally I have private servers for so many reasons and don’t want to play single player. As of this incidence, I’m pretty sure I’m done completely with ARK and anything ever Wild Card related again.
  12. A good bunch, I’d say around 200, max. Used to own the island known as “footpaw” on the map on “The Isle.” A few of those were used to protect beaver spawn area near there. I also had a new player area set up on location with multiple apartment style buildings and a free stuff for new players box. I received many thanks and compliments from experienced players and new ones I helped. Now my nasty neighbors just own all the land despite already having a monstrous base on the adjacent area. Basically I was wiped so that other greedy pillaring tribes could move in an do the same thing.
  13. Yeah I used to be on server 120 The Isle back in the day. Tribe called Forgotten Kings.
  14. My Story Hello everyone, Recently some events occurred that have put an END to my ARK game play, but before I leave ARK and Wild Card for good, I wanted to explain the circumstances that led up to this conclusion for anyone that cares to hear, could relate, and most importantly isn't going to be rude about it...and explain why I can no longer bear to play the game. (Please if your thought is to say something rude, nasty, critical, or otherwise unkind please just move on and don't even bother, it's not worth my time or yours). About 3-5 years ago, a short time after I started playin
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