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  1. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    Okay so we're all on the same page here. You're referring to this setting here?
  2. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    I think we're talking about different things. Are you talking about showing offline?
  3. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    Unfortunately after doing more reading this won't work long term because many of us play games like Destiny, COD, Fortnite and more that require the matchmaking to not take that "Friends Only" hit Our server has been up for a bit longer than a month and we've have 22 breaches at last check. 22! That is completely unacceptable.
  4. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    Whoa this is an ACTUAL OPTION? Seriously?
  5. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    This is still an issue and we have yet to see a single response from @JeremyStieglitz and the ark crew. Server security should be the PRIMARY concern.
  6. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    I guess I shouldn't be too shocked that WildCard isn't actually saying anything. I sure hope they're actually doing something.
  7. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    Yup. Between the 6 streamers we have over 18,000 followers on the streaming platform, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 folks following the XB profiles. That's a lot of opportunity for people to be "people" and do stupid things. The sole reason we started and paid for a dedicated server was to have control over our environment. Couple all this with the fact that our dedicated server is capped at 250 tames where public servers are at 500, and according to Nitrado that # cannot be manipulated. Its just silly.
  8. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    @Olivar thanks for the help. Our server has 6 live streamers on the server. That means that there are essentially 6 public figures on the server who have "trolls" who all want to just join the server we're on and do stupid things. I have to constantly ban people and often times my friends message me saying "I'm streaming and someone has joined the server. Their name is "xxxxx" so please ban them next time you're on." This shouldn't work like this. Servers should have better security. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to utilize basic server functionality.
  9. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    @OlgaDegmar honestly zero "broadcast" messages have worked. No log in / log out messages. No MOTD. No Server Restart. In addition to all my issues above I can't promote another user to admin to help me as I'm the "Promoted Admin" on our account and I cannot add another person. Thus I can't administrate the server 24x7x365 and I don't have a log to see what happened while I slept, and I don't have a console to administrate it while I'm not on the xbox or playing another game.
  10. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    Yeah they say that PC versions have it. Just not consoles.
  11. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    Not sure @Olivar but I know that Nitrado does NOT have them. According to my trouble ticket transcript They clearly say that the RCON is NOT a function of the consoles. Who is your host? Any chance you'd supply a screenshot of the RCON you guys have via their service?
  12. When the news regarding Nitrado hosting XBox dedicated servers came out I was ecstatic. Myself and a couple handful of my friends were eager to get onto a server where we could control more of the gameplay to fit out play styles. Having had the server for more than a month now, I can say that there are some glaring holes that still exist and I've attempted to tweet @CudaCores , @arkjeremy, @Jatheish, and @survivetheark as well to get answers and I've gotten nothing but crickets. So I'm taking to the forums to see if I can get some answers to a problem that plagues servers on the XB. It might hit PS4 as well but I don't play there so I'm not going to speak on their behalf. Remote Console. There isn't one. This is a massive oversight with regards to server production. Forcing people to constantly be in front of their Xbox, have access to their Xbox, or constantly have an administrator online to ensure things are working smoothly is nothing short of stupidity. RCON's are a server standard, and no server should ever be developed without one. The lack of implementation puts every server at risk from the people that most server folks are trying to get away from. I'm curious if this is even being discussed for implementation, or why it's not already implemented as it stands. PC servers have it already, and console servers SHOULD have it already. Nitrado states that this was never a feature for consoles. Server Log - Doesn't work. Maybe I missed an integral component here, but as a server admin how am I supposed to see when something is going wrong on the server? I don't have access to a console, and then we double down on stupid by taking away the opportunity to see if errors are occurring. As you can see below Nitrado is placing the blame on Sony and Microsoft. Is that really where the blame lies for removing an integral part of server administration? Nitrado states the log displays sensitive information and is a stipulation to be disabled by both Sony and Microsoft. Password Protection - Why in the world does this not work? That someone can join off a random person that they've added their friends list to is exactly why you need a Remote Console or server logs. But no. Instead what we're going to do is hit the trifecta of server anarchy. Players don't need to have the password to a server and can join and be a menace. All while there is no log to see what they've actually done, and then no console to be able to "stop" them while you're not online. Essentially you've turned the servers that we pay for into a public server. Explain to me why we pay for the privledge of allowing just anyone onto a server that is password protected? Nitrado states that this is a bug within the game itself. Server Restart Timer - Just curious where this quality of life measure is at. Without a Remote Console to notify server folks that the server is coming down, restarting the server when there are corrections to .ini files is a bit cumbersome. No one wants a server restart whilst taming or flying home. A countdown timer would at least provide a notification that a server restart is incoming rather than assuming that the server has DC'd the player and the frantic login attempts being. Nitrado states that this is a bug within the game itself.
  13. Primitive Plus 1.4 Patch Notes ETA 1/18

    I'm guessing the issue is reading for comprehension. The PC version will ALWAYS release prior to the console releases, and as @hpbaxx pointed out they got it the 19th of January. They then said that the XB1 and I assume the PS4 will get it on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I've seen some posts / tweets from @Jeremy Stieglitz saying something about Sunday but I just don't know that I believe that's going to happen.
  14. We have about 3 - 4 Bobs. 2 Jean-Claudes (seriously) and a few Joe's as well. I would love to see the pool just get exponential. The question that I have always asked is why this doesn't already happen. You can't change your name on your character without re-creating that character so it seems that it would only be logical to go down that road. Now sitting here thinking about implementation, the one issue here is that over time you could have a massive amount of players on a server and how would you know if the player was or was't active? This could be problematic. Honestly I'd like to see the names go away and just us the XBL names.
  15. Primitive Plus 1.4 Patch Notes ETA 1/18

    For example, right now on Primitive Plus on the XB1 if you walk into "random trees" of "random sizes" you're stuck. No getting out. Rex? Stuck. Giga? Stuck. Bronto? Stuck. Imagine spending hours and hours on a perfect tame 150 Rex to get it to max levels and then its just stuck in a tree waiting to get out because .... who knows.