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  1. Is he lurking on the forums or should I tweet him?
  2. @GamerPerfection do you know why P+ doesn't get the events?
  3. Well since this is up here, why aren't there markers on the Xbox? The patch notes say that it's coming on Tuesday and we don't have a single marker showing the new locations.
  4. I'm not giving myself any credit. Just saying your ignorance led to this discussion not my post. Laughable You're now stooping to assumptions. I have full grown children. Nice try. Wrong. You can't prepare for a patch that doesn't have a time associated with it. When I left for work there was no patch. There was no timer. I worked 12 hours that day. While I was at work they pushed the patch. Nice try. Simply put you're just trolling now. If you're going to actually do it you should try harder. It's tiresome constantly showing your lack of understanding. Oh
  5. First, I didn't try. I succeeded. Second, I'm not controlled by you. I'll make whatever type of comment I deem necessary. Finally, You don't like it? That's a you problem. You quoted me ... I didn't quote you. Ignorance isn't an excuse. If you're not sure what someone's referring to then don't respond. You chose to respond. I think the words you're looking for here are "My bad. You're right that's kind of messed up how they did that. Us PC players had ample time to prepare." Instead you assumed something you knew nothing about, and then you're upset I called you on it. It
  6. No it wasn't. No one knew about the patch being added for 736 coming out. Nice try though. This post Biome Update, The Center Contest and Xbox Patch 736! Started by Jat, Monday at 10:41 PM Xbox v736 is available for download! Restart your Xbox to get the patch if you don't see it. It is a 1.6gb update. 12:17 PM - 24 May 2016
  7. I'm a little frustrated at the way this patch was wheeled out. We're in the middle of a breeding cycle. I work during the day and heard nothing about a patch being released. Then I get home to try and rush and feed the baby dinosaurs before they die and what do I find .... another patch. 20GB of content in a week. It would be nice to get a bit more notice here especially considering that the game itself is an online real time environment. I'm curious. If the patch download causes our tribe to not get on in time, is this something that can be restored? Or are we just SOL?
  8. One of my closest friends is color blind. So I know his struggles. It's the best I could do quickly so you get a better idea at least.
  9. WOW!1 Thanks for the link ... Sad to hear it's getting pushed back but at least we're aware it's not a June / July release anymore. I guess people are going to have to stop saying that now.
  10. Man ... just burst my bubble ..... I'm trying to wrap my mind around this though. Is this surface area that's bigger or the "caves" that add that 20-40% and that's where they're making up ground?
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