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  1. Where is the update?

    I just don't want to play the tekkie crap game that is the primary game. I felt like Primitive Plus gave me that option. I'm just hoping I didn't choose poorly.
  2. Where is the update?

    I wish I could. I'm a console player and we get kind of crapped on when it comes to modifications to programs. I've cooled off a bit since yesterday too, as I was pretty heated reading the information there, but there were SOME repairs done in Primitive Plus. We have all the animals now. Spawns were fixed. Broken trees are no longer broken.
  3. Where is the update?

    I am getting to the point where I'm going to stop playing Ark completely. I've been a staunch defender of the game, @complexminded and the modification, but when you can't even patch the game on the console 30 days after patching the PC, it's time to give up. Primitive Plus is over 4 months behind and isn't getting better. It might be time for me to just go ahead and move on to For Honor completely and just leave my crap with the crap that I was given.
  4. ETA on fixing Jerky on P+?

    That's crazy. Sorry to hear that
  5. No Sarco saddle in primitive plus

    I'm playing whatever they gave us on the console.
  6. No Sarco saddle in primitive plus

    Then you're either doing something wrong or there is a massive failure on your end. I just took this screenshot in game. Very clearly in the game
  7. No Sarco saddle in primitive plus

    To be clear it's not in your entire list of engrams or those that you can craft?
  8. Bolas no longer function

    I'm sure they will, when the ACTUALLY patch the game.
  9. No Sarco saddle in primitive plus

    Our Sarco's have saddles ... not sure if you missed it.
  10. ETA on fixing Jerky on P+?

    Just took out the 300+ cooked meat Jerky and 195+ Prime Meat Jerky we made this weekend. It's working perfectly. As for how it's supposed to work, it takes 30 minutes to produce 1 jerky. That's why you should have more than one running at any one time. We have a "Butcher Shop" with 7 smokehouses running and we use those to make our Jerky.
  11. Dinos knocking trees

    Have you actually read any of the information regarding the Dinosaurs being stuck or did you just come here to vent frustration?
  12. Difference between Primitive and Primitive+

    There are some distinct differences between the items really as the biggest change. Primitive Plus has newer / neater items. That's about it.
  13. Question about resistance and houses

    Okay so there are two things here. 1. You're overheating in the house because it reduces your Hyperthermia is increased because of the materials that your house is made up of. Basically, if you're making a house of adobe, it keeps heat in and you're now inside the house just cooking like meat. 2. The air conditioners not working seems strange. If you have an entire floor, no idea how many that is though, covered in ACs you should be okay.
  14. "Raiding" BS

    So if I have the just of your topic here ... You love the PvP concept You don't like when people destroy all your stuff "worth not taking." Having this happen 3 times in 3 months makes you not want to play anymore. Sounds like you don't actually love PvP concept, but the idea that you can destroy someone else's stuff. One of the reasons I stopped playing PvP was because I just got tired of starting over. Sounds like you're there.