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  1. And on console its not like you can play another game while youre waiting for people to be done pillaring off an entire server. We have timed out for inactivity twice now. What a garbage design when in order to transfer to another server you have to sit there and wait and then the game realises youve been sitting there waiting for an hour and goes hey since youre sitting here not doing anything im going to kick you because youre just sitting there waiting not doing anything. This update could very well be the reason i stop playing the game. There should atleast be some sort of 84/237 que listing so you know where youre sitting. I hate the idea of waiting for 6 hours sitting there twiddling your thumbs to be able to play a game. Its a joke. Like i said before ive tossed back a few but still. This is bad design.
  2. We downloaded it the second it came out and weve just been tossing back shots while weve been waiting for hours to get on for the first time. Not even back on again.
  3. Every Valguero server is full (xbox) Is there only going to be 25 servers or does anyone know if there will be more? The amount of servers available leads me to believe they were severly under prepared for the release especially when we started the download the minute it dropped and have seen nothing but full servers since.
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