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  1. Whoops haven't bumped this in some time! Still going strong with 400+ members on Discord and looking forward to Gen 2 next month!
  2. Not the end of the world I know... Toggle fists on Xbox (LB+RB) no longer works and hasn't for some time. It use to work earlier this year, then at some point broke so the character would just throw punches as the RB is the melee attack. Now with this Fear Evolved 4 update (one that included he emote categories), pressing LB+RB opens the chat. Again I'm sure there are much bigger issues to tackle out there, I just miss the toggle fist option and hope this could be a quick fix.
  3. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner!!! Our servers are based in NY, USA. We do have players from all over the world and they seem to be doing quite well. You are more than welcome to come try it out and see how it works for you, or even just pop into our Discord and ask around to hear directly from our other survivors. https://discord.gg/DZxwZF5
  4. We're adding Crystal Isles as soon as it launches tomorrow!!! Even going to enjoy the boosted rates for a while to help everyone get established!
  5. We're rotating to Scorched Earth for July & Adding Crystal Isles upon its release!!!
  6. Our community has really stepped up this month! We have a number of community member run events coming over the next few weeks. An auction, a PvP pirate ship battle, and more that has all been organized by non-admin players. If you are looking for a server full of helpful, friendly, non-toxic people to enjoy surviving with then we are your cluster!!! July we are rotating our Aberration server to Scorched Earth!!!
  7. This is our final weekend of our May event. Each map on our cluster has a different holiday event for different dino colors, as well as an increased taming rate to make it that much easier to get your new colorful pet! Next month however, we're doing something special and should be a lot of fun Join us on our Discord for more details!
  8. Just after celebrating our 6 month Ark-iversary we are now quickly approaching 200 survivors on Discord! We'd love for you to check us out for some Xbox, PvE, Slightly boosted hijinx!
  9. Our growth continues! As of yesterday (May 8th) we've added Valguero to our cluster, enough for 20 players!! Come join the community to get the most out of Ark's story, building, taming and breeding! Our 5(!) maps are currently Ragnarok Extinction Genesis Aberration Valguero Of course once Crystal Isles releases we'll be looking to add that too!!
  10. This sounds like a blast!! Happy 5yrs!! I'm happy to say I've been with you 4 as of this past April!!
  11. Arkatraz III continues to grow! Currently running 4 maps with plans for more! Ragnarok, Extinction, Genesis, and a 4th rotating map (currently on Aberration)! Our Discord is 150+ survivors strong, and our community is always happy to welcome new players! Many adjustments have been made to help the quality of life and ease the grind, but not so much that you're bored within a week. Come check out our Discord and say hi!
  12. We absolutely are looking for more survivors! Check out our Discord and we'll answer any questions you may have! https://discord.gg/DZxwZF5
  13. Arkatraz III - PvE, slightly boosted, active community Thank you for coming to read more about "Arkatraz III"! Our goal is to create a server and community for people to explore the game, not have to worry about being raided, and maybe make a few friends! We started on Ragnarok in November of 2019, added Extinction, and will be adding Genesis upon release. We will continue to grow the cluster as the population increases so please come be part of that! Come say hello in Discord, https://discord.gg/DZxwZF5Features! Ragnarok & Extinction. Genesis upon release XP: 2x Tame: 4x (1
  14. "Most single stack items stack-able (Prime Meat, Honey, Wyvern Milk, etc)" How did you manage this!?
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