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  1. Never had that happen to me. But, as a rule I never ever log off unless I go into sleep mode on a bed inside a locked base structure. Occasionally, I will do so in a bed on a dino platform, like a Para, Quetz, or Stryder sleeping pod. Risky, but so far no issues. FWIW... I only play on Official PVE... with all the hassle of that, I have been fortunate in that I never had this issue ... or lost a character. So... I can't speak for your past events... but I can offer up the "sleep mode in bed/only inside a closed structure" advice and hope that keeps that issue from happening again.
  2. you can purchase engram points in the Hex shop.
  3. YMMV, but I consider the drill to be a must have tool for short range resource movement. Shuttling stone to the chem station or grinder is epic with the drill. Also, moving metal from storage to forge is much faster. It also has good use for general quick gather of most items. It is a fair swap for the pick/axe/sickle combo. If I want to spot build in stone, it is great to quickly gather and build at the same time. Depends on how rich the resource is. I do love a magmasaur for stone/wood/thatch gathering while holding a drill to transfer/build the pieces. But I do agree it is not a replacement for target gather tames. Stryder/dedi combo is king. And really, anything that reduces weight and increases gather rate is excellent for bulk resources.
  4. I'm reasonably certain that a game on a 'streaming' platform is not a significantly different version of the game itself. i.e. I would not think Wildcard would have to refactor the ARK game code to a different platform, like with Nintendo, XBOX or PS. ARK has been streamable for some time. I've done it thru NVidia GeForce Now Stream. I imagine it was more about a licensing deal to make it available in their streaming service, and all the streaming code to make that doable is on Google's side of the deal. But if you are just haunting these forums looking for a new thing to bitch about, don't let that all stop you.
  5. That's a pretty generic kernel fault. I'd go scorched earth... 1) Fully update Windows... if there are any pending updates, you will have various issues. 2) Update graphics driver. Latest and greatest. Test ARK. If it fails. uninstall ARK and delete all folder left behind. Redownload and install ARK. If that fails... It is either OS or hardware.
  6. All games come to an end. We do ourselves a disservice in fighting that. We never get to see what's next for us if we labor to not let go of the game we no longer have the best time in. There is ALWAYS something better and more engaging for our time than ho-hum mediocre login to refresh.
  7. That's the truth!!! Max boss rex eggs are like M&Ms on official. I traded 500 hard poly for 5 Boss Rex eggs... raised 7 Rexes from that group, and then dropped more eggs. I now have over 30 of 100K+ health 2K melee monsters.... with the ability to drop over 20 eggs if I want more. Every now and then I give away eggs just to pay it forward. That said, it turned boss fights into a walk in the park to get engrams and element. If I had breed and raised a group of allos to do that... I'd feel a real sense of accomplishment.
  8. Yeah. On Gen2 I had to tame a bronto, load it up on weight... and shuttle to it. Was a real PITA.
  9. Hey, this may not be a thing for others, but the ARK client was much less stable for me when run with all cores.
  10. People should vote for what they want. Why they want it is not relevant to other people and what those other folk want. People that are fighting about it are the toxic ones that cannot accept the end result, so they want to restrict HOW people get to their vote. That includes people that voted because a YouTube influencer, who put in the work to actually BE an influencer, can convince his viewers that the vote they prefer is best. All those people that voted are exactly as valid as any other vote. That includes people that read musings about the abilities and voted for that possibility. I absilutely do not accept that those people voted for a certainty, and would have thus voted otherwise. They are responsible for their own reasons...and ... They voted for what they want. How they got to that is their own business!!!
  11. 300 cap? Hmmm... it told me I had reached cap well before 300. Maybe phantom items from transfers past were filling slots? Dunno. ARK happens.
  12. I recently had something similar with items in transfer. First time loosing anything in a transfer. I had filled the transfer storage to max, and some of the items went poof. Possible max storage causing it? Dunno... just a heads up. When it comes to tames... I exclusively transfer by cryo and in my person.
  13. I am mocking the seriousness of your contention. I am mocking false entitlement. I am mocking the feelings behind them as they are the real toxic. What I post is medicine. Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul.
  14. Happened to me with a crashed server while I was in space on a skiff. The skiff had a bed on it, and I tried respawning several times... and could never see it on the respawn. However, a few days later my tribe mate tried again and could see it!!!! So we did end up recovering it.
  15. The all mighty mythical "community" has their panties in a bunch??? Dogs and cats... LIVING together!!! Oh my stars and garters. Where IS my fainting couch?! Bring me my 'clutching pearls'. APARRENTLY, people are upset about a computer game monkey winning a vote over a computer game lizard!!! It is so unfair!!!! It is un just!!! It was rigged against what people REALLY wanted!!! There must be a recount!!! The Shadow Community subverted the vote!!! Q was right!!!! This is a SERIOUS issue!!!!! Something MUST be DONE. Validate! Validate!! VALIDATE!!! The feelings matter!!!!
  16. The only valid question is "do I enjoy playing this GAME". If 'yes', quit trying to stir up sh*t.
  17. I saw a vid on maewings... use rare flower to get them aggro on you to keep them from running away.
  18. The key word is "few". I would argue that ARK would never have been so successful had it been otherwise. Speaking for myself, I would never have continued to play if it was strictly a primitive game. I would have enjoyed goofing around, then moved on.
  19. It's a prettu zone, but the mobs and spawn are so overboard that it feels like half a game.
  20. Not very long... One charge powers for 18 seconds. One fully charged battery powers the refrigerator for ~2.5 hours https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Charge_Battery_(Aberration)
  21. TO use other people's public tp, your tp needs to be public.
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