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  1. I live in the world where sometimes there is crap aspects of a product I enjoy and you have to accept it within whatever tolerance threshold you have. Unless I am paying a monthly support contract for that thing, or paid 5 figures for it, I accept what I enjoy 'as-is' and understand the prioritization of concerns from a limited staff.
  2. A recall is issued when a manufacturer or NHTSA determines that a vehicle, equipment, car seat, or tire creates an unreasonable safety risk or fails to meet minimum safety standards. The radio being broken would not be recalled.
  3. IMO, making hard element transferable would cause in explosion of "black marketers" hording boss fights. All day, every day, every obi. And I really don't think loot drop based boss fights are a viable alternative. Can take 5-10 minutes to prep and arrange tames, set tributes, and go... during that time, some griefing mofo can just fly in and take everything from the box to close it. Nor do I think opening transmitters to boss fights would help, since you have had to actually gotten the engram before taking advantage of that. So... in order to then mitigate THAT c
  4. Ah... too bad. That is less a saddle and more a hole to dump insane resources into.
  5. Seriously... 10 dollars. 'Aggro Only Pegomastax '... and a long slow horrify animation of my dino eating it while it screams. My credit card is ready and waiting...
  6. Floor nipples are 'tight'!
  7. The most magical moment for me was the first Rex tame. I had set up a private server for me and my kids, and everything was running the same as official... no increased rates or mods. Even though I played alot, I never felt 'ready' to risk getting near those things. They were Death Incarnate to us. So this one day, my son and I were just about ready... we had tranq arrows(hopefully enough) and narco pots... and that was it. We joked to ourselves that we were probably going to die. My daughter was off at her base down the beach... filling a hut with tamed dodos(The DoDo Party Shack).
  8. I had tested out a Island servers to find one stable enough to base on, then run some boss fights. The first I tested seemed to have a decent community, however it is plagued with server side lag. I decided to try another and did in fact find one that is(after a week of testing) quite good in gameplay (but weaker in community). So, I returned to the older less-stable one, demoed the tree platform and transmitter, and am moving the keeper materials back to my main base. I will then head back to the new island server, and move the temp base to a more useful spot to build up.
  9. Agreed, though I do log in to do a little of this or that. Once week I drop in refresh my bases on the secondary maps. But last week I decided to go back to the island and hunted down a server stable enough to make the effort. It was entertaining enough just to find a place to build a crafting base. Figure I'll do a couple of boss runs, then give away the element before moving on. Gen 2 is what I'm waiting for.
  10. "Best way to cram together females for mass breeding?"
  11. Which cluster are you? https://arkbrowser.com/clusters
  12. I think dust Gachas are overrated for regular players... but are bread and butter for the black market sellers. Dust is great... because it is transferable. But, my time to setup a huge farm, then load it out, then babysit it... would be more rewarding by doing a boss run or Vein. I don't like to pee on someone's cornflakes, but I like the idea of unpodded Gachas effecting the tribes tame count disproportionately. Like... 100 each.
  13. Thanks for the testing. Wow... for such a unique and difficult tame, it is especially chum. Pity... cuz It'd be fun to make a base on one.
  14. ... and is it worth it to even mess with having this as a side base? I can work with Sharks... but if eels and jellyfish aggro and stun it, it is not worth the effort to defend it.
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