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  1. Optimize the game now, or suffer in the end!

    Yes and no. Rubberbanding is not merely an effect of latency...individual distance and route hopping in the internet, though old school online gaming had alot of that. Frankly... the internet infrastructure is orders of magnitude better than even 4 years ago. In this case, I'm pretty sure we get an unhealthy dose of overloaded routing from the Nitrado end of the networking schema. I base that on the near unanimous complaints when there is a period of rubber-banding for all users being reported. That indicates, pretty certainly... that the problem is on the server host in either allocating enough ram and cpu power to the server to accommodate full load... or their networking for these server clusters is crap. I don't think it is necessarily an issue with ARK code... as I've seen unofficial servers at full caps and not experience this. I've rented Nitrado servers, and can tell you they are under-powered in basic load progression... yes, you can pony up more ram and cpu to offset this, and I did that... seeing a dramatic improvement. From the server side of things... ARK is a CPU hungry app. The more entities... the more CPU to drive them. I'd bet dollars to donuts if they expanded processing and ram by 33-50%, most of the rubberbanding would be gone... leaving only the external latency issue... with is what it is.
  2. Optimize the game now, or suffer in the end!

    True that. Was all the talk on the global chat today.. I was working a long tame, so it didn't hurt my gameplay... but was quite immersion breaking. Nitrado-esque.
  3. Optimize the game now, or suffer in the end!

    In summary... ' poor performance, and bugs ' 'good performance, and bug-free' ' it's bugs and bad performance' ' And the bugs and bad performance' 'seeing as bugs and bad performance' 'thanks to the bad performance, and bugs' 'decrease in bugs and bad performance' 'some bugs and poor performance' I feel like a seizure warning may be in order...
  4. I hate that people call these things anything other than 'game elements', cuz that is what they are.
  5. Na servers overran by other regions

    Yeah, I hear ya. And I totally get the idea of filling up low ping slots. I can't argue against a person thinking that a slot that is low ping is more fittingly 'owed' to them... and then feeling robbed of that slot by someone to whom the ping is high. I get it. But... rather than giving into that perspective, then feeling bad... I prefer to look at it this way: a server slot is neutral... to be used under the one criteria of 'first come first served'. I can only speak to myself on the issue... but, I think the very idea that I am playing a game with someone on the other side of the world, with a different language, and culture... is magnificent. Let me tell you a story... It was 1996(I think). I had bought a windows 95 PC.(yes.. I am old... but, oh so pretty) This was my first x86 PC, after a long line of personal computers starting with Timex Sinclair, then Apple 3c... and a good amount of gaming on an Amiga 1000(a most kick ass box). It was all about games, from the very beginning. I knew nothing about hardware or software. It was all magic. My guru friends would lend a hand for installing everything. Again... the work of the arcania, from which a fearsome awe was due. But, my techno wizard friends had long since moved on and I had to do it all myself, while holding a phone to get instructions from these friends, now far away. So, hear I am... with a windows 95 386 system. I had sent away from a sound card. I came with this program called CoolTalk, which reported to work in tandem with my modem to facilitate the very beginnings of VOIP. See, after getting connected to dialup internet(56Kbps, thank you very much)... this program would connect to a server that worked as a network for all users of said program. You could even set yourself up to just receive random calls from people that wanted to talk. Huh... why not? So after putting myself up there for calls, in a few minutes my speaker 'rang' and I picked up the call. It was a college student from China. CHINA! How insane was this?! We talked and he asked, with broken english, 'What do people in America think of us?' And I replied... 'Well, we are worried. Worried about Hong Kong when it gets passed from the UK back to China'. He aked "But why are you worried?" I replied "Because it is a major economic center for the world, and we fear it being shutdown" He was bewildered by this. He said "But... we like that it is such a good place for business. Nothing will change." We ended our call. And it was at that moment I truly GOT with the IT revolution and the internet was going to do for humanity. In all our history, NOTHING was a poignant as this level of connection and information sharing. It is the ultimate of demystification from a species that has struggled to realize the promise of the Enlightenment. The internet is the Oracle of Delphi made manifest in our home, without the need for a High Priest or Priestess to read the augers. I started by career in IT right after that. I had to own this s***. So... yeah... I am cool with playing my dino game with all comers.
  6. Na servers overran by other regions

    My neighbors in our SE server are Asian.... heard them on speaker chatting. While I was beginning to convert thatch to Adobe, they noticed and offered to drop off their spare cactus sap. Nice couple. World has all kinds.
  7. Is Aberration worth it or should I get season pass?

    I bought the Season Pass... already own SE... and got the 33% discount accordingly. I absolutely know I want Aberration . ****ing take my money, already. The question is 'Will you still play ARK in 2018, and thus want the unnamed DLC that is released at that time?" ... well, for me... I rephrase the question with this assumption: It is indeed possible that I get burned out with my current ARK game, and the follow up Aberration... by the time the new DLC is released. HOWEVER, a new DLC is the fresh take on the game that I would be damn interested in playing, so would anticipate restarting a new game at that time.
  8. "Easy" Spawn areas

    Echoing what others have said... this game requires a situational awareness and the skill to control your local environment by that awareness. Being skilled at strafe, targeting, and button mashing is not that helpful to the early survivor. Being aware of your surroundings and the mobs in it, and constantly updating that awareness, will keep you alive. When I first joined ARK, death was so frequent and frustrating... then I learned to go with the flow... respawn around and use that time to scout...gathering while running around to level. You will find a safe starting area and then get your foothold, likely with a few levels to actually got moving. Now, I have very little fear starting out. I expect a couple of early deaths as part of the scouting process... then I am locked in and will likely not die for some time... as least not until I have a respawn bed... and even then, because I am pushing the threshold now that I know I can respawn.
  9. So, yeah... you only get the Skins with the Season Pass. The are part of THAT product purchase, and not part of the single DLC purchase.
  10. PR Disaster

    Are you concerned? Tell me about your concern. Share your pain 'As an Admin of an Unofficial Server'. I want to feel what you feel.
  11. PR Disaster

    Reviews have become corrupted by organized troll campaigns. I absolutely discard the opinions of trolls, as they tend to be personally vacuous, over-entitled c***s. They are the Gamer version of SJWs and Antifa. Same thing happened to GTA5. You want to know what the REAL review is? The number of people playing ARK is the ONLY vote. And also... to call it the Metacritic User Review is a bit of an overstatement. That is the Argument from Authority falicy. But then... '14 people on the internet give a review of 4.0' doesn't have the same poke in the eye, does it?
  12. Hurricane about to hit.

    Hello all... I had a good weekend in Ark. I joined a SE official server and have been having a blast. My son got a great first tame Direwolf, and I took a high level Camel... and a Terror bird. Logged off for the time being, as I expect power to go out... and perhaps be out for a couple of days. Our ARK home is secured. The Hurricane is about to go over my town of Sarasota... but we are not in the surge zone and it will likely be a Cat 2 when it hits. Plenty of non-perishables and drink. Bathtub full of water. He are hunkered down for a noisy evening. Our real home is secured. Have fun.
  13. Patch 269 Delay

    I'll bite... The old days of forums being the 'be all end all' of company/customer communication is over. Forum users have always been a fraction of a game's player base. The front page use to be the best place to deliver news, but with Social Media pushes, more eyes get the messages in a timelier fashion. Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit... get more eyes than this forum by order of magnitude. It's not over close. Now... that being said... it is poor planning to not coordinate all information on all platforms, simply because it does stand out that the forum appears to be lagging in timeliness for the info(although it does always get the info later the same day). Why is there a forum? Share useful information? Ha! That's old talk... we have YouTube for tips and tricks. Nope... Apparently... this is for 'forumesque' people to rant, argue, and goof off. That's it.
  14. Blueprints are extremely OP

    *sigh* Since you asked, the answer is 'No'... I do not agree.
  15. PR Disaster

    I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.