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  1. Ganelon

    Changes To Structure Decay Rules

    Here's a couple of ideas... Decay for individual connected structure has to be manually reset by the radial, not by render. You want pillars... you need to keep wanting them. You don't just get to 'own' real-estate with a pillar and ladder. or Progressive decay with resource upkeep. Again... connected structures combine and administer upkeep. You want to 'own' everything? Want a huge horking box of doom? You pay for it. IMO, either one of those is preferable to the current system.
  2. Ganelon

    Griffin Balance

    I think there should be a stealth nerf to every one named Peter or Gryffindor.
  3. Ganelon

    Can we PLEASE get a Griffin Buff?

    I think the Rock Drake should have a saddle that allows you to cook recipes and dyes and stuff. When you use it, is should yell "If You SMELL what the Rock Drake is Cooking!!!"
  4. Ganelon

    Can we PLEASE get a Griffin Buff?

    I think they should have a sonic canary cry that gives knock-back and stun damage. I think they should have a saddle that holds 100 turrets. I think they should have a C attack where they fling their wings forward, hurling dozens of little griffins at the target that buzz around and smack them with their little tails. I think they should poop honey. I think they should be able to pick up rafts. I think they should be able to fly into the Sun, catch on fire... then suicide dive into a blast that will kill everythingon 1/4 of the map. I think they should randomly make Michael Jackson noises like in Smooth Criminal... "Dah!!! Ah!!! Bow!! Wooooo!!!!"
  5. Ganelon

    Turret change discussion megathread

    ARK PvP would be significantly improved with reduced Tribe size and a 2 alliance limit. Remove the idea of Alpha Tribe... replace them with the more fluid Alpha Alliance dynamic. I'd also be very inclined to limit tames on a player basis.
  6. I have a Thorny Dragon and Rock Golem on my official Scorched Earth Server. Can these be transferred to the Official Island server I also play on?
  7. Ganelon

    The point of playing ark

    ARK is an open world sandbox game. Your query is not really specific to the game... but the genre. Let me rephrase the question accordingly... " I just want people to say why they play open world sandbox games, what are their goals, what are they trying to do, like what is the point of playing for you? What keeps you coming back? What's the reason you build or breed or whatever you do in open world sandbox games? What would make you stop playing once you achieved it? " Generally speaking, I enjoy open world sandbox game. My goal is to have fun in the games sandbox features. The point of Life, in order: Reproduction i.e. spread my genes(done...twice) Survival of me and mine i.e. preservation of my genes(so far so good) Entertain myself in my time not reproducing and surviving. Open world sandbox games would fit in the 3rd option. (thank modern civilization for getting so efficient at 1 and 2 so we have a lot of extra time) The reason for build/breed/whatever? Everything we do in work and play has its basis in evolved imperative. We are scratching a genetic itch. It feels good. When will I stop? When repetition replaces novelty and something novel comes along.
  8. Ganelon

    What's your main land mount?

    Hmmm... Well, I definitely enjoy the Saber-tooth... flying kitty, man. And, Murdersloth is so damn useful. But if I'm on a real walkabout... I use the platformed paracer build to carry one tame on each side, and a bird up top. It's high level... lots of stamina, weight and Hitpoints. Food is never an issue. I tend to carry an equus and kitty on one side, and a Thorny Dragon on the other. Up top is my Argy. Nomad living, PvE only(of course). Note: if I am in Build mode, I keep a doedi, Thorny and Equus. Two mobile stations (Smithy and Mort), with excellent stone, wood and thatch gathering.
  9. Ganelon

    What's the strongest creature you own?

    The shear "hulk smash" joy of a Rock Elemental...
  10. Ganelon

    How to stop auto demolish/decay

    Yeah, the render thing is pretty important. My original base was a pretty groovy multi layered affair, but not in the best location. When I found a more preferred sot, I was 'mostly' moved over, but delayed the final move and teardown. Anyway, I noticed on an attempted bed transport that the beds in the original mountain base were not showing... a quick fly over shows all the adobe was gone, leaving only the two stone basements and pillar network. Sad to lose the recoverable mats... as there was metal, glass and other sundries... but, I'll survive. Lesson learned. I did kills the pillars to take out the rest. But now I give good thought about needing to refresh the desert outpost by actually going there.
  11. Ganelon

    How are ya gonna play Abberation ??

    Wearing an ermine half-cape, and... as always... naked from the waste down. It is the way of my people...
  12. Ganelon

    Ark: Aberration

    I absolutely love Scorched Earth. It's the homeland that wants to kill you.
  13. Ganelon

    Ark: Aberration

    I'm very much looking forward to it.
  14. Ganelon


    I wish x2 weekends more days to goof off.
  15. Okay... can kinda dig that, however... I'd still be against it as the unintended consequence would likely be 'troll' gangs dropping, not one... not two... but 10 or more dinos at one time. So, yeah... I could have dinos on neutral... but say they drop 10 dire wolves in? As much as I'd like pickup, cuz it would enhance my game to be able to do so... I can see what would happen otherwise. At least with kiting, there are some logistical headaches that discourage it on mass.