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  1. TO use other people's public tp, your tp needs to be public.
  2. I'm gonna have to get my nipple on.
  3. Ah... the semi-annual "ARK is Dying" post. Like Festivus, it is the Airing of Grievances that is the spice of this holiday.
  4. Alternative facts are by description not facts. The alternative to a fact is a falsehood.
  5. Technically, I'd say it is a limiter to prevent process lag from a dynamic object(you) with check calls to the individual carried objects(stuff).
  6. What I remember about one of the places in particular, you would be in the crawly hole place, and could place structures. Those structures would clip into the ceiling area, and even protrude in the map area above the hidey hole... like... turrets peaking up in the map, but having the foundation they are on covered by the map 'ground'.
  7. I thought the netting was disabled. I did the beta with my Rex this morning (35k 400 melee asc saddle 124) note: the Rex was actually at 31k when I started the mission Yeah... I needed to fly overhead and use the shottie down on it. Rex was down to about 20k by the end of the dealio. I imagine the Alpha would be nasty. Like a little boss fight.
  8. I think they removed it because it was technically showing where you can do mesh builds.
  9. Yes. Yes. The horror... My first Ocean platform was fully covered with metal ceilings. Then I saw a video about how to elevate a structure with a water bin underneath, so I started demoing the existing metal ceilings. I got into a routine... demo, confirm, shuffle, demo, confirm, shuffle... Then I demoed the platform. BOOM!!!!!! I'm immediately dropped in the water, overloaded, and there just happens to be an Alpha Mega right on me. Cryos, vaults, tek Gen, TP pad, transmitter....
  10. Fine. The answer is... I don't know... google cheats. Or run them again, anyway. Whatever.
  11. I am not aware of the memes of which you speak. I voted for it because I want a crazy super baboon. From my perspective, people who voted either way did not vote for their choice because of external influence in control of their own judgement. On the whole, people do what they want to do because it is what they want.
  12. Yeah, I was looking forward to the server opening up... but now I would prefer it being closed to transfer in anything. In my gameplay, the server I am on is pretty solid and doesn't have the lag spikes from a month ago. The population is settled. Even though it is my 'main' map, and it would be convenient to transfer all my Wyverns and Magmasaurs to it, on the balance, I value the place it is at in terms of stability and build locations. I mean, yes... there are the "factory tribes"... but they seem to favor the middle of either side, and the rest is pretty open for building. Particularl
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