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  1. Clearly this is a new shoulder pet. Most likely an Owl that can give night vision or something cool
  2. So learned today that making threads to advertise threads is spam, but I can advertise in my signature. Thank you again @Captnmorgan and @Eli for helping me out.


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  3. gotcha so bones, easter eggs, etc. are all useless on prim+ hopefully it will be fixed before the next event or maybe it will be thrown under the bus like this issues was when I first brought it up a week after the event started and the first day on prim+ servers. Just doesn't seem like the care takers for prim+ care at all for it. I guess we will just hope and wait for the sponsored mods to come to console and just move on because prim+ seems like a lost cause
  4. I run my own server and it goes until I turn the event off or change it to a different event but everyone still has a crap ton of bones that have no use.
  5. So is the cooking pot not going to be fixed before the event ends? No event skins appear when bones, easter eggs, etc. are placed in one on Primitive+?
  6. No they are event skins and must be bad in the cooking pots even though right now no event skins appear in cooking pots on my server. The corrupted skins however will be like the other skins you earn or buy and spawn with you. Check out my other post Bugs and Issues My Server Console Mods
  7. Well I was just trying to tell you that the skins arnt appearing at all on prim+ in the cooking post but I have gone ignored so I shared my bug thread
  8. Skins still wont show up in the cooking pots and yet i am ignored
  9. Hahahaha Shaymin101 everyone knows Ark is WC not WD. Well with a mod here can you look into my comment?
  10. Okay so the event is now working on my Nitrado server, but now we have a new issue. Just click here for info.
  11. So is anyone having issues with the skins not appearing in the cooking pots? Also just found out that some dinos I cannot color like the Chompy and penguin. Plenty of items in prim+ still cannot be colored and adding crabs to rag is broken. Crabs way over spawn no matter what you set them at, causing the server to slow and have issues.




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  12. WC do you know why the event isnt workin on the Nitrado servers. On our end it says it is active, but I am seeing no sign it is active
  13. Yeah Nitrado took a bit to get the update to their servers, but I am unsure if the event is working and I am not sure the easiest way of testing it.
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