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  1. Este é um bug comum (se vc tá jogando no modo solo), infelizmente não sei te dizer como consertar. E aqui no fórum 99% do pessoal fala inglês, pra obter alguma ajuda ou interagir vai ter que desenrolar seu inglês amigo (deu sorte que eu sou br e vi seu post)
  2. Probably is a general problem. 313 (server im playing) still down after 24h
  3. Understand. But it helps a lot, the idea in itself is to put your safe boxes and cryofrios in their own homes. Besides the fact that there will always be someone on (they fight to the death not to be stolen lol. Obviously I or the admins are on, it will be banned for sure) Thanks for the answer
  4. It's time for them to fix this, it's bad for both those who live on the map and those who go there (like me), to explore this type of resource
  5. Questions about the tribe's governance settings Hello everyone, everything good? I've been playing Ark for a long time, but I've never stopped messing with tribe settings too much. What I usually did was simply edit a half dozen options and that's it. However, I decided to start a new tribe, and with that establish some configurations so that each player has their own structures (beds, safe boxes and cryofridges for example) and their dinos always as personal. But then I had some doubts, such as: - If I set up a bed as a personal property, will no player be able to spawn on it (other than the owner)? - If I set up something like personal property, like safe boxes and cryofridges, will any player have the ability to damage or blow them up?
  6. No, the only possibilities are: - If he leaves the tribe, the next one after him on the list becomes the leader; - Or if he gives you possession of the tribe I hope I helped ^^
  7. I see this. I hope it helps source: http://www.survive-ark.com/dodorex-information/
  8. Recently I witnessed the same thing. Luckily it was only once
  9. Most servers in a general context improved visually, as I see it. However, the most relevant problems I encountered were a small bug, which shows some parts of the floor and walls in the entire checkered shrine (similar to those platforms that we put in different angles.) I have seen in this last weeks also intense lag when crossing by the sanctuary, I do not know if by the amount of items to render on the screen or due to the amount of bases in the sanctuary.But on the other maps I at least felt that it is slightly flowing mayan.When passing near giant bases I get a single lag and already renders the whole base, and when walking with bases with large numbers of creatures is slightly more fluid, not causing disconnection with the server. But this is my case
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