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New server looking for people to join

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Looking for active people to join my ps4 RP server. We are still in the working state so server is under lock and key for now. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Darrisa/





1. All players will abide by the { play-station community code of conduct and the online user agreement}

2.Players will not give out the server pass. players will invite recruits to the group to be confirmed by an admin then placed in a tribe

3.No offline raiding

4.No killing any tames on passive

5.Use in game chat

6.Any forbidden dinos will be killed on sight via admin

7. Try and make your boats look like a boat not a cube floating down a river

8.Document your adventure post pics and write a little story form time to time, or take a video of the event that happens, and mainly it helps if any problem arise for example. (if your passive tame dies/killed by player for no reason)

9.Admin builds will not be attacked unless directed to in an event

10.No foundation wiping (This includes tree platforms and cliff platforms)

11.No dino gate walls (they are doors and use them as such)

12.No turrets or plant X

13.No kitting

14.Each nation has tames special to them and can only have 5 of a special tame.
 Fire Nation gets Wyverns
 Water Nation gets Squids and Mosasaur
 Earth Nation gets Gigas
 Air Nation gets Quetzals and Griffins

15.15.Royal Dinos are for Rulers only (Nation Ruler will receive one lvl 150 special tame with their nation colors and only the ruler can ride it. If any but the ruler is caught riding it, it will be killed. If killed in any way A Royal Dino can be bought for 20k ingots)

16.Each nation will have one ruler but may have up to 3 tribes of 10 people


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