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  1. Heya -- I'm the developer of Dododex. Dododex's calculations for KOing should be accurate. KO calculations are actually pretty simple. However, the most common reason people get different numbers in-game is because people don't usually realize that waiting in between shots causes a dino's torpor to deplete. On high-torpor-rate dinos, like the Giga and other stronger ones, leaving more than 5 seconds between shots (or missing) can significantly increase the number of shots. But you can calculate this out with Dododex's "seconds between hits" feature. If you spot an error with Dododex's cal
  2. Hey all, I just created a tool to track the current ARK Official Server Rates! This new Dododex tool updates live and tracks historical rates and how long they lasted. Whenever new rates are detected, they'll automatically be tweeted by Dododex's Twitter account, too!
  3. Just added the Maewing to Dododex! https://www.dododex.com/taming/maewing It's cute! But the side nipples are a bit weird. I'm conflicted! Either way, can't wait!
  4. Hi -- Dododex has breeding multipliers. Visit the "Settings" screen and you can change gestation/maturation multipliers.
  5. FYI -- you can also turn on "Use Single Player Settings" on Dododex. There's a toggle in your app settings.
  6. That is correct. I recently tested and updated Dododex's bloodstalker rates. They are very high because they were not impacted by the 2x changes. They're basically still at 1x.
  7. Fixed! Bloodstalker was not affected by the 2x change.
  8. Hey! Quick update. I've been getting reports from various users confirming the Bloodstalker issue you're describing. If anyone else has the same issue, please let me know. Will look into it further!
  9. Hi! I'm the developer of Dododex. Just wanted to confirm that this is correct. Also, just note that you need to be on the latest version of the app (v2.4 or higher). There's an in-app notice. The website has already been updated as well. ?
  10. Hi, I'm the developer of Dododex. The Bloodstalker should be correct. I actually had a two people validate the numbers within the past week -- after the 2x change. Are any of the other taming numbers off for you? And which platform are you on?
  11. Dododex is now on 2x rates. Plus recipe tips, resource tips, and offline mode Hey guys! I just updated Dododex to be on ARK's new 2x rates. Also included this update: Tips for recipes! Share tips on any recipe: consumable strategies, saddle ideas... Tips for resources! Best ways to gather, farm, obtain, and use each resource. Tools in gathering efficiency (popular request!) Offline mode (an even more popular request!) Carryable by: Crystal Wyvern (thanks to those who pointed out that it's different than the Wyvern) New setting presets “Read m
  12. The required bloodpacks will range from +/-25%, so 198 is within that range. And yeah, you can ignore the taming effectiveness. I don't have that implemented since the taming formula is so different for the bloodstalker.
  13. Hi, I'm the developer of Dododex. Dododex will update to 2x as soon as ARK does, so if you're on official servers, you should enter "2" as your taming multiplier, since there's a 2x event right now. Dododex's Bloodstalker numbers are currently accurate.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah, I've been considering adding a "Has X-Variant" and "Has Tek Variant" category. I'm just really careful of adding new categories since they are a ton of work to manage. A lot of the reports I get from users are X dino should be on X list, so it eats up a lot of my time. what dinosaurs will attack other knocked out Dinos -- This would be a ton of work to manage all of that data. 170 dinos, each with a yes/no for 170 other dinos, means 28,900 new data points I have to manage and deal with error reports and testing about. There's a lot of features I'd l
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