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  1. Thanks Rage for your thoughts, I’ll take a look when I’m next online and find myself zeroed 😜
  2. Hey knux, again thx for the invite, I tried your server but to be honest I found it almost harder. I can’t move 200 yards before I’m attacked by a level 150 argy or sabre tooth. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or I’m just lame lol. Fab thanks for your feedback, sadly not encouraging to hear pve is just as bad in it’s own way. I guess I’m just getting too old for this sht lol. I thought I bought into a dinosaur game and then some. Of course you get all sorts in an MMO. I managed to survive long enough in nigh a solid days play outside of US and weekend hours to recover and grow enough to tame a few dilos and a lvl 150 trike but seeing as I play solo and have a life outside of the recent 12 hour stints, I’ve had a day away from the game so will no doubt return to a zeroed base with all dinos killed and I reckon that’ll be it for me. If not then it will be inevitable that the weekend warriors will do same come friday and saturday. yes it sounds like I barely scratched the surface, but there seems literally no way I see without investing significantly more time in the game than I reasonaly have that any real progression could be made and maintained. This is the first game in a very long time, as long as i can recall in fact, that I’ll be walking away from. Thanks everyone nonetheless for their time and patience in providing guidance and support. All the best to you all and best wishes and good luck in the game.
  3. Thanks Knux, I’ll have a look and figure out how to find and join in the next days. Also rage for the long explanation and tips. To be honest I made all the mistakes you mention and am reaping the rewards, big base on the beach. Every tame I have had so far has been killed within the same day so again, not sure I can be bothered. the more recent tribe invite I had was from the griefer who got trapped, hoping that my accepting would give him door access. Not aware of any other, not too sure how to access this info unless online in game. Again, issue is I’m just too new to the game. With the greatest appreciation to all for their support, I reckon it’s soon time to move on, to different location or more likely server. The game is fun but I will always be prey on the small tribes pvp server. Would be nice to have a slower pain and learning curve before getting back in the mayhem. also agree that teaming up would be a way to go, but finding a group of like minded adults looks to also be a challenge. I guess I’m getting too old for this sht lol
  4. Thanks mate but I think I’m out of luck, I saw in your link this is a PC server right? Im running on XBox. Sorry, never thought to say. Same guy came back again and grenaded his way through much of the base and killed all my dinos I’d just learned to tame. Gutted. Funny part is I respawned in a place next to a box full of spike walls so I walled him in such that he couldn’t get out and eventually had to commit suicide. He was spitting fire and demanded I let him out or he would go nack amd make more and level my base. I laughed and reminded him that was what he was doing until he ran out of grenades. I suspect he knows the game well enough to focus on offline raiding me in the future so I’m pretty much resigned to losing this and moving on soon. I can’t and won’t invest the time as a solo player to get in a bitch fight with a seasoned malcontent. I would have liked to hand the base over to someone powerful enough to give him a taste of his own medicine before leaving though lol.
  5. Couldn’t find a PM link buddy. If the offer’s still open to join your server I’d like to take it. I’m still surviving and growing but I’ve had a couple of pretty damaging attacks from an extremely high level guy and I don’t think I can be bothered to expend half my energy at my level rebuilding until they get bored only for another to start. I really want to get to see more of the game. At the moment I’m spending almost all of my time repairing or hardening, I’m not spending the game time on the intended play.
  6. Thanks to everyone for continued feedback and tips. Ironically, I joined the first server on the list, official pvp central map small tribes so I have my work cut out for me lol, but I’m still here. Funnily enough I found the first guy who raided me a little way down the beach and returned the kindness. I also had a couple of pretty funny run-ins, even with trolls and yes, your head’s on a constant swivel and it can be frustrating to lose a bunch of stuff but I’ve still managed to progress further than i expected. I’ve been pretty much turtling since start, focusing on building a stone base that should hopefully hold off all but a focused and persistent high level or group attack, Most trolls will be bored before getting anywhere, and I’ve set up a couple of nice surprises along the way that may make them decide there are easier ways to get resource. I had a guy catch me unawares and parachute into my base, knocking me out, robbing me and then killing me. I managed to respawn into another part of the base and lock doors behind him and leave him to stew. After fifteen minutes I got a message “Ok if I give you your stuff back will you let me out?”. After he heard I’d only been playing a couple of days, some more haggling and a real funny chat he ended up giving me some tips and showing me round the map, even coming back with a bunch of resources to make up for the base damage.Turned out to be a really nice guy. Another guy wasn’t quite so generous in returning stuff but again we ended up chatting for a while and again, got some great advice. So you know what. Yes, I’m sure there are some real asrehloes on there, many are just fooling around and playing in the moment, so i’m learning not to take it personally. So in summary, I still maintain it would be zero effort for devs to add a warning to first timers as to whcih game mode and servers to start on or avoid (eg ‘PvP is likely to be ruthless and unforgiving, we recommend starting on a single game, beginners server or PvE first’). Although it would have been handy, I’ve actually had fun and learned a lot along the way. I will probably move servers eventually but I’ll continue to see how it goes for now. I also heard that some players troll PvE servers too, so I will likely just go single game next. At least I’ll only have creatures to worry about. Sincere thanks again to everyone who has responded or helped me to date both here on the forum and online in-game. I also take back the ‘unimpressed’ mark. There’s obviously some idiots online wherever you look but most of the people there are just having fun their way. And you put a bunch of people on an island with limited resources, I guess the results are inevitable. Now if anybody wants to throw a few hundred chitin and crystal my way.... 😉
  7. Sincere thanks to everyone for the more useful pointers. I have no issue at all with there being a free for all attitude but it's pretty negligent of the developers to provide no guidance at all to starters. I didn't know half of this stuff. I also think 'lifers' don't realise the game has probably changed a lot since they started. It's certainly not easy. Also, as a mature educated 'grown up' gamer, I really dislike 'hater-tags'. Yeah the internet holds all sorts but you'd think you could at least leave your prejudices at home when you're playng a video game eh? I'm getting old lol. Anyway I spent the whole day turtling so lets see how that plays out. I would hope at least to discourage the majority of low level raiders and keep me alive until the next logon. I suspect it will take nothing for a relatively powerful player to zero me though. Although I'm a regular gamer, I wasn't planning on dedicating my life to the game and I suspect if you stay offline for too long, it's inevitable that you'll get zeroed. Let's see. Thanks also for the advice on curing this illness. I'll have to try and figure that out. I'll look into this PVE thing, also how to switch between servers and the like. To be honest I wasn't expecting it to be such a ball ache. Lesson learned I guess. If I can't get on with it, Knux I might just ping you on that invite. Thanks again everyone!
  8. Wow Sphere, that's a pretty arrogant response. Try not to be too high and mighty, I played for just one day, and I followed the standard prompts to get started. Excuse me if I wasn't able to establish these facts from just reading the game guides. I assume you were absolutely magnificent on your first day lol. Thanks to the others for the comments. Can anyone provide any advice on best ways to protect from offline raiding other than build the hell up? I don't want to waste my energy doing what I assume is right only to discover some other workaround and get zeroed again. Thanks in advance for your help. Also what about this infection? It even stays with me after dying and respawning or levelling up? Is there anything other than antidote that I can use? I suspect not.
  9. Hi Guys Firstly apologies for the somewhat hard title but honestly, this game experience is something new for me and I've been gaming all my life. Wondering what's happened to be honest. Ok, So after having seen all the videos and tried the demo, I decided to give this game a go and bought it on the XBox store for a pretty high price but thought ok whatever, I then spent a couple of hours figurng out what was going on, because I spawn pretty much naked into an envirnment filled with other online players basically all just trying to kill you. Reminded me of knife fight sessions on Battlefield but not really what the game was about to me. I would get a few minutes in before someone of a high level simply killed me and I could respawn. After an hour I decided to try a different part of the map and got lucky, a bit quieter, and started to figure out the basics of the game. I raced to level up and get some protection and although was occasionally attacked by other players, it was much quieter and managed to get to a point of building a shack. I must have got to about level 10 or so when some player appeared and started shadowing me. Whatever I did he wouldn't stay away. I now understand that in fact he was some kind of troll who was likely getting his kicks from infecting other low level players with some sort of mega virus that you need to have significant skills and experience to cure. Suddenly all of my boosts were impacted. and I'm constantly coughing and running low on food and water. I carried on regardless an built up my shack, played solid all through the day and got to a point of building a pretty nice place place, with a smithy and a fair bit of material stored, plus upgraded all my tools so I could start building on this further. I went offline and to bed, and got up this morning, rejoined the session. Message: "You were killed by human level 32 from the tribe 'Fuk Jewz' Imanaged to find my way back to the shack and saw that although I played the game for possibly twelve hours solid, in the six hours I was offline, some nasty little racist kid broke through the walls of the wooden shack, killed me, and destroyed everything inside, the smithy, the storage container, and everything in, and obviously took everything I own. So now I'm back to pretty much square one, having to restart around the sixth time, only with some kind of uncureable infection that has nerfed all my stats. Also, I'm pretty disappointed that this is what the gaming community has become now. The game looks like it could be fun, but I'm not interested in working at being fodder for some nasty malcontents, and if this is a game where everything you do can be wiped out overnight while you sleep by someone with little effort, I don't see the point. Sorry for all the butthurt but it really has kinda pissed me off. I paid a lot for this game and it now I'm beginning to feel like doesn't warrant putting any effort in. However good I will get in 1,2,3, 50 days, there will always be a high level troll around who gets their kicks from fekking up other peoples stuff. So seriously, to the Ark community, which seems pretty large, am I missing something huge here? I have to admit I am playing without instructions but I can't see that I could have done anything better or differently and not ended up in the same place, and I'm not that interested in putting the same hours in today for the same result.