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  1. Yeah I have to say it’s pretty sht to have a craftable item in the game for literally years that flat out doesn’t work. I don’t tend to lose stuff that I leave somewhere but what happens time and again is when there is a tendency for followers to lag behind and simply stop following when out of render distance. This drives me nuts, especially when ypu split items carried between them. i have spent literally hours trying to backtrack where I was to try and find that argie carrying all my critical stuff that got lost because he was carrying 50 weight more than the others. I moaned about this at first, posted with others, tried the workarounds but in the end just decided not to trust and use them. It’s just safer and less frustrating, especially in the beginning when resources don’t come easy and you spend all that time and effort building them. They should just remove them from the game or add into the tooltips a warning ‘these don’t work’ lol. My advice, save your engrams and resource, don’t make them. instead, never overload your followers, let them catch up occasionally, and if you’re going to leave stuff behind and go wandering, carry a gps and screenshot your position before you go off exploring. Then at least you can find them on the way back.
  2. Yay, Call me soft but I love the Christmas event. Theme music is great and I like the new dusting of snow, although man, it’s surprising how it messes with your sense of direction. Last year was my first Christmas event so it was all a bit new for me and I lost all my goodies thanks to the bottomless pit megaspawn cave death glitch, so I’m keen to go hunting again this year, now I’ve got a jetpack and a wyvern with a ton of stamina lol. let the games begin, merry christmas everyone!
  3. Known bug list? I looked on forum but surprsingly couldn't find. Does wildcard maintain a 'known bug list' anywhere? I appreciate sometimes these bug can take months to fix, if ever, but nonetheless, there is no question that they keep and maintain a bug list internally, and it would be really helpful if that were shared somewhere, so that when you face issues, you know they have already been reported and acknowledged, or even that you might be aware of them beforehand. I would have been happy to know about the invisible wyverns on Valguero BEFORE I lost raptoring everything I spent two weeks collecting, only to discover AFTER the event that "oh yeah, that's a thing".
  4. "Can't place on floor" Hoping someone can help me here. I play single player and I recently went back to a previous game I had been playing on the Island map, into which I put months of building and gameplay. My two major bases are there, and although everything in the base functions, when I try to add or build onto existing tiles, I almost constantly (9 out of 10 times) get the message "Can't place on floor" and the building object 'ghost' (the part you see before you place it) is red instead of green. I even can't place items like cupboards or crates onto the existing floors. I even tried removing an existing piece and replacing and found that I couldn't so daren't repeat. It's possible that this base was built before the structures upgrade. Could this be a factor? Surely the game didn't just render anything built pre update as unmeshable? It's extremely frustrating as I seem to be locked from developing the baes further and the time and resource required to rebuild, even if I were in cheat mode, doesn't bear thinking about. Has anybody seen this before and knows of an answer? Would really appreciate any feedback as I'm kinda in limbo for the moment as to how to progress. I have these two bases and maybe twenty small outposts on this map alone. If they are all pretty much stuck as they are, unable to be built in/upon or further developed, I might as well start all over again, and this means losing perhaps six months of effort. Update: For what it's worth, it doesn't seem to be related to whether or not the structure was built before or after the update. I have just discovered that parts of the structure can be built on and other parts strangely can't be. It's not tile by tile but let's say on one building, the eastern fifth of the floor plan can be built on but the rest can't, on the other building the northern third can be built on but the rest can't, except for a 2x2 block in the corner on the exact opposite side. There doesn't really seem to be any logic to it. Both bases are built on grassland, no scenery issues. I do remember having to use ceiling pieces here and there back when I built it to get around certain ground meshing problems but that doen't seem to correlate in any way with what is or isn't usable. Againn, thanks in advance for any feedback, even if it's just "Yeah, I had the same problem"
  5. Out of interest what version of xbox one are you running? original, s or x? I used to run an original xbox one and ark was one of the first games where I noticed that the game was bombing out constantly. All pther games in general fine. I upgraded to an x and the problems went away. obviously still issues exist that are part of the code base but the constant frame rate issues, rubber banding requiring restart and straight and simple crash to home screen stopped instantly. just a thought
  6. Fur storage in tech storage boxes Although it’s possible to add fur into an empty storage box, it does not react when you try and deposit more in game. If you then try to open the box inventory and try and add this way, it takes it but does not register it as added, in effect you lose the stack.
  7. Update: Can someone confirm whether or not on the PC/Steam version of the game, you can currently still lock/unlock/PIN set vaults? I'm wondering if the mechanics of Vault interaction are different across platform such that there is a functional disconnect and subsequent exploit that players are using when an XBox player plays on an unofficial PC server, ie not seeing and therefore being able to change these particular settings.
  8. Vault emptied without being destroyed Ok so I got raided today playing with XBox on an unofficial PC server recommended to me as beginner friendly. Island map, low level creatures. Four guys with lvl 248 wyverns, gigas and giant crabs destroyed everything I had, broke in and stole everything. What I don't understand is that the Vaults were emptied without being destroyed. Some guy who got zeroed down the beach also came along and also said he could access the (now empty) vault. I read on gamepedia that this used to happen on official servers and to PIN lock for safety but on the XBox I see no option to lock/unlock, or set a PIN so what's going on? From arkpedia "Occasionally vaults (and various other crafting stations and storage structures) on Official servers will - seemingly at random - lose their Locked status after server patches. It is recommended to pin-lock vaults and keep valuable items behind walled rooms. Always check your valuable item vaults and crafting stations after each patch to ensure they are properly secured." I've looked everywhere and see posts from 2016 but nothing mentioned recently. Am I missing something?
  9. Started a new player. Spent two weeks grinding and a week levelling up my argie until it was taking out lvl 150 rexes in a few seconds. Went over to a Valguero server and died and lost it, along with my three best flyers and ascendant gear to a bunch of glitched invisible ice somethings. So now you can't even see what's going to kill you. Love this game.
  10. Sorry for long delay, thank Rip, you're right, but again, to be honest, I'm not sure that PvP is really my play style. I like coop and I don't mind a bit of PvP but I can't be bothered to spend hours building up something to then have someone insanely OP just stamp it out in an hour. I still play on PvP but keep small and see how far I can get before I get wiped. Noit very far usually. Otherwise I'm playing SP and loving it, because it gives me the opportunity to actually build and play at my own pace, no risk of massive losses if I find I have to take a break for a while. I'm actually back on the idea of checking out a friendly unoffical PVE server to try playing a few new found friends so again, thanks to all for the hints, pointers and offers. @RageQuitterthanks for the server list site, using it now. @TheSeay also thanks, I've been playing for almost a year now (funny to read first posts) but still solo so yeah, masses still to see, not got as far as to find artifacts yet and defeat bosses even lol, but got my way around many creatures, tamed and bred a fair few, built LOTS and am in the process of putting together a cave raiding plan. My first attempt at a cave resulted in me losing basically all my best equipment thatI'd spent the best part of Christmas chasing Raptor Claus for. Only after doing so did I find out that, yes be prepared for all cave creatures to instaspawn on you first time you enter and oh yes, there's a good chance when you die, your corpse will fall through the floor and not be recoverable. If only I knew about creative and ghost mode then. So many tears would have been saved lol. Oh yeah and the time a level 180 alpha rex soaked up all the bullets, arrows, dinos I had and then chewed through a months worth of base leaving me with nothing, only to find out I could have killed it with the blink rifle XD I love how even in SP, this game is out to get you. You are never safe. Never. It should be called Australia. Everything in it is out to kill you.
  11. XBox UK Explorer edition on sale Apologies if posting in the wrong section, couldn't find a general discussion area in the XBox sub-forum. If anybody hasn't yet decided whether to buy (I suspect you won't be here, but still) I just noticed that the explorer edition (Ark and all DLC) is available on the XBox UK store for £29.99 instead of £74.99. That should make your mind up. Sadly the DLCs alone aren't on sale.
  12. That did it perfectly! Only interesting thing I noticed is that the bed spawn names were reset to default but that’s no hardship. @Rintrahhh thanks again mate, you’re a star. Saved me a lot of rebuilding Downloaded the app myself and will check all the commands available for future reference.
  13. Thanks a million Rintrahhh, I'll try this later today. Update: So I tried this fix and it kinda works, kinda doesn't. Applying the cheat definitely allows me to open doors and access inventory etc but it's still displayed and treated like somebody elses, for example you don't see the same info for each resource and most important practical difference is I can't fast travel across the map using beds. What I would really like to do is transfer ownership of the tribe and all assets to the other player as I would in MP. @Rintrahhh this is still a great work around in the meantime and lets me at least get into my bases, so thanks very much for the help
  14. [Edit] thanks for moving, apologies for mispost.[/Edit] XBox Single Player. Access by multiple characters Ok, so I apologise for the confusing and maybe obvious answer to the question but it's not as obvious as it sounds so I would be grateful if anybody can answer? So basically, I started playing single player mode some time back and because I wasn't really aware of obelisks and uploading player data etc, when I started a different map, I also created a second player, same name etc and just got on with stuff. Put a fair bit of effort of building and taming on both. Now I have a lot more of the game understood, I transferred character 1 over to the other world and discovered that although I see all my buildings etc, it acts like a foreign tribe, ie I can't open doors and use the resources smoothly. I know I can upload materials and even creatures to the and use them ok, but what I'd really prefer to do is have essentially one (both is fine) of my characters access all resources. I thought perhaps I could find a way of having both on the map and inviting one to the tribe but there seems to be no way of both existing on the map at the same time to make this happen. I think have to upload one in order to be able to download the other to the map. So to be clear, I'm not bothered about keeping both characters if not possible, but I would like to be able to access the buildings built by character 2 on world 2 by character 1 from world 1. It's important because eg Island and Ragnarok were 'settled' by character 1 but Centre was settled by charatcer 2 and I spent an age building a really nice base and layout I don't want to scrap. Again, I highlight this is on XBox, so I don't have access to config files. Also, the problem already exists so 'best not to' won't help me Thanks again in advance for your help.
  15. I later realised I coulda saved myself by switching to creative mode and using the blink rifle. I went out to find its respawn to get an idea. was a lvl80 with 70000HP. Still, it explains why I couldn’t even touch a lvl140 lol. Lesson learned, even stone dino gates won’t protect you if the Ark gods get angry. I really couldn’t believe I didn’t have enough defense and resource to take it out. Be warned all. Pick your base location REALLY well, use terrain as best you can and set up metal spikes a good distance away. Saying that, I did all this and it didn’t help so best of luck XD
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