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  1. Last time I went in the swamp cave I fell through the map and lost everything lol. Not keen to return there. Also, Just tried to repurpose my main base for mass breeding megas and after removing some walls I found I couldn’t build on half of the foundation tiles. I destroyed them thinking I would just rebuild and guess what, cannot place new foundation tiles where they previously were either lol (“cannot place on floor” error, even though no floor exists any more). So now I have a half destroyed floor plan in the middle of my main base I can’t rebuild on. God this game drives me crazy at times. I’m not sure I have the time and patience for fighting bosses. Fighting glitches is already taking up most of my time lol. Thanks all for the tips and advice though. Once I have built a totally new base somewhere else, I may attempt.
  2. Exactly. Didn’t understand at first but yeah, you can hear them aggro and spit web below you. I lost a ton of stuff. Went past with high level argies, raptors and sabretooths, lost everything but the argie I was on. The lag was so bad I couldn’t even control the interface to pull them back. I hadn’t even entered the cave. I can totally understand there are development priorities but if they can release totally new seasonal events and new content still, how much effort would it take to dial that poop down? This isn’t just whining. that part of the map is unplayable.
  3. Don’t want to wipe the whole map as that would bork up everything. Playing single player it will take forever for things to repopulate and then I guess once the rest of the map is back to normal I would have the same issue all over again. Odd that most caves don’t cause a problem as you load as enter. You’d think they would have done something to limit the max number of creatures. It’s totally unplayable as it is and this map has been around forever.
  4. Well I wasn't expecting that! I'm really glad to see you saw the post and got some more feedback from the community. Dododex is such a useful app and it's got such a nice clean interface, you deserve the props. If every person who ever benefitted from your app gifted you one dollar. Oh well, you can but dream eh? All the best mate, and again, thanks for all the help you've provided along the way!
  5. Been playing two years (with a few breaks between) and I think I have yet to even find a good rex or argie one. Embarassed to say I've never even focused on megas. Even fighting high level alphas was a bit of a worry. Ever since some insanely OP alpha rex turned up outside my base and over a course of an hour, soaked up all my ammo, broke all my weapons, chewed through my defences and destroyed everything I held dear. I guess you learn much less doing stuff on your own. Now I know. Thanks again for the advice. Guess it's time to man up and start searching! I suspect it will end in tears though, most stuff on Ark usually does for me lol. Wish me luck!
  6. Thanks to Dododex I think someone here recommended it to me when I started a couple of years ago and I can't imagine playing the game without it to be honest. Went on the website just now and nearly fell off my chair. Do you know how many supporters (how many people donated) it's got? Go on, guess. I'll give you a clue, Until very recently it was eight. As far as I'm concerned, credit where it's due. It's gone up by one. I'm absolutely no way associated with the app bythe way but if anybody here thinks I'm out of order, if you've never used it, my apologies. I love the fact that it is available for no cost but as an old git who grew up with the shareware principle, I have no issue with chucking a fiver at someone who made my day a little easier.
  7. Thanks guys, and regarding good saddle bps, it's just a case of grinding drops and alphas until the right ones turn up, right?
  8. Can you define 'decent' Megas and 'OK" saddles? I'm actually really interested in this post as I have played this game for an age and never considered bosses an option in single player. I have tamed and bred a fair few Rexes and Argies, even a couple of Yutys, but never really had the time or energy to get into stat breeding in quantity. Also a few of the Ark updates basically broke my buildings and I didn't have interest in rebuilding from scratch. Even though I can use the admin function, it kinda takes away from the sense of achievement. I'd love to have a go at a boss, as although I've played three or four maps to a pretty full level, I've yet to 'ascend'. The one experience I had at trying was the broodmother on ragnarok, and the effort that went into taking her out, I just don't see me having the HP to take on one in an arena. Thanks for your thoughts
  9. Probably fastest route is to spawn to an easy part of the map and farm the low level drops like you mentioned. It shouldn't be long before a pickaxe or some flint shows up. killing dinos is hard if you haven't the right weps to start off with.
  10. Sorry chap. Like everybody said on here, welcome to Ark. More importantly, in principle, the player did nothing WRONG, dependent on the rules set on that server. Often even those rules are loosely managed. Ark is full of players who enjoy messing around with other players. If you only jump in and out occassionally, it's often the fastest way to get ahead. My advice, if you plan to play on live servers, be prepared to lose everything you have at any time. Regardless of how you play, how big you get, there will usually be someone bigger and meaner (or in your case, sneakier) than you. If you haven't spent a fair amount of time playing with someone, don't trust them. Or at least expect this to happen. Even if you have played a long time with someone, they can be conning you for the fun of it or for a rival clan across the valley.
  11. XBox Single Player Center map frame rate drop near central cave. Apologies in advance if covered somewhere else, I couldn't find it. Could someone confirm if they are having the same issues? I play Single Player these days so I can dip in and out. Can't invest time in online play. Last stopped playing due to beehive bug on the Island Map, restarted after many months last week, huge update for summer, started out with a totally new character on the Center Map. By chance I put down my first base quite near the center cave (in the covered arch section next to the small lake, a little east of the cave) and initially didn't notice too many problems. Created a second base on the western side and when I tried to come back to the original base, within a few hundred metres of the cave (lat55, long60 ish) the frame rate drops so bad, maybe one or two frames a second or so, that the game is totally unplayable. I ended up moving the entire base and all animals away from here thinking it could be down to too many objects but oit didn't seem to make any difference. If I fly away, the framerate eventually, but very slowly, returns to normal. I originally had a standard XBox one and actually switched to an XBox X about two years ago specifically because I noticed I was having more and more issues with reliability on the old console, so performance shouldn't be an issue. On every other part of the map the framerate seems fine. I've even dropped the gfx quality in settings, no effect. Anybody seen the same thing? Have any thoughts or solutions? Obviously it is pointless to continue if I can't appraoch or attack one of the most challenging parts of the map without losing complete control. What's odd is that I stayed and built within the area for a few days without any problems. I even approached the cave entrance and tried to fight off what seems to be a limitless supply of titanboa, araneo and scorpions. No success, but no framerate problems. Now, I can't even fly back to my base without losing the framerate to the point of not being able to control anything. Thanks in advance.
  12. Yeah I have to say it’s pretty sht to have a craftable item in the game for literally years that flat out doesn’t work. I don’t tend to lose stuff that I leave somewhere but what happens time and again is when there is a tendency for followers to lag behind and simply stop following when out of render distance. This drives me nuts, especially when ypu split items carried between them. i have spent literally hours trying to backtrack where I was to try and find that argie carrying all my critical stuff that got lost because he was carrying 50 weight more than the others. I moaned about this at first, posted with others, tried the workarounds but in the end just decided not to trust and use them. It’s just safer and less frustrating, especially in the beginning when resources don’t come easy and you spend all that time and effort building them. They should just remove them from the game or add into the tooltips a warning ‘these don’t work’ lol. My advice, save your engrams and resource, don’t make them. instead, never overload your followers, let them catch up occasionally, and if you’re going to leave stuff behind and go wandering, carry a gps and screenshot your position before you go off exploring. Then at least you can find them on the way back.
  13. Yay, Call me soft but I love the Christmas event. Theme music is great and I like the new dusting of snow, although man, it’s surprising how it messes with your sense of direction. Last year was my first Christmas event so it was all a bit new for me and I lost all my goodies thanks to the bottomless pit megaspawn cave death glitch, so I’m keen to go hunting again this year, now I’ve got a jetpack and a wyvern with a ton of stamina lol. let the games begin, merry christmas everyone!
  14. Known bug list? I looked on forum but surprsingly couldn't find. Does wildcard maintain a 'known bug list' anywhere? I appreciate sometimes these bug can take months to fix, if ever, but nonetheless, there is no question that they keep and maintain a bug list internally, and it would be really helpful if that were shared somewhere, so that when you face issues, you know they have already been reported and acknowledged, or even that you might be aware of them beforehand. I would have been happy to know about the invisible wyverns on Valguero BEFORE I lost raptoring everything I spent two weeks collecting, only to discover AFTER the event that "oh yeah, that's a thing".
  15. "Can't place on floor" Hoping someone can help me here. I play single player and I recently went back to a previous game I had been playing on the Island map, into which I put months of building and gameplay. My two major bases are there, and although everything in the base functions, when I try to add or build onto existing tiles, I almost constantly (9 out of 10 times) get the message "Can't place on floor" and the building object 'ghost' (the part you see before you place it) is red instead of green. I even can't place items like cupboards or crates onto the existing floors. I even tried removing an existing piece and replacing and found that I couldn't so daren't repeat. It's possible that this base was built before the structures upgrade. Could this be a factor? Surely the game didn't just render anything built pre update as unmeshable? It's extremely frustrating as I seem to be locked from developing the baes further and the time and resource required to rebuild, even if I were in cheat mode, doesn't bear thinking about. Has anybody seen this before and knows of an answer? Would really appreciate any feedback as I'm kinda in limbo for the moment as to how to progress. I have these two bases and maybe twenty small outposts on this map alone. If they are all pretty much stuck as they are, unable to be built in/upon or further developed, I might as well start all over again, and this means losing perhaps six months of effort. Update: For what it's worth, it doesn't seem to be related to whether or not the structure was built before or after the update. I have just discovered that parts of the structure can be built on and other parts strangely can't be. It's not tile by tile but let's say on one building, the eastern fifth of the floor plan can be built on but the rest can't, on the other building the northern third can be built on but the rest can't, except for a 2x2 block in the corner on the exact opposite side. There doesn't really seem to be any logic to it. Both bases are built on grassland, no scenery issues. I do remember having to use ceiling pieces here and there back when I built it to get around certain ground meshing problems but that doen't seem to correlate in any way with what is or isn't usable. Againn, thanks in advance for any feedback, even if it's just "Yeah, I had the same problem"
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