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  1. I had the same issue with my dedicated server, and had to go back to 315 from a backup. I'm guessing the assets got removed from 316.
  2. I've seen 4 bone dinos so far, but no ghosts. Are they random respawns like the bone dinos?
  3. The baby from two identical 150 parents would also be 150 assuming no mutations. If you got a perfect tame at 100% TE on a 150, it would tame at 225. Usually you will lose a level or two over the taming process, so it might be a 222 when done. A baby from that parent and a clone would still be level 222, but would have a 100% TE, as if it were tamed at 100% TE but was level 148 in the wild, instead of 150.
  4. My install is roughly 254 gigs, but that's with all of the DLCs except for Genesis installed. If you uninstall the maps you aren't playing on, you could save some space.
  5. In the iguanodon's inventory, you can directly turn berries into seeds. I believe you right-click the berries and there's an option to make seeds.
  6. You can kill claimed dinos by feeding them stimberries. Just keep them away from a trough.
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