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  1. Killing alphas during event crashes server Whenever I kill an alpha while having the chibi equipped there is a 75% chance the server will crash immediately and rollback about half an hour. Please fix the event!
  2. Ferox disappeared while taming I don't know if this is a common issue but while I was taming a Ferox in a stone trap I made consisting of stone fence foundations, windows, ceilings, and a door, he disappeared when I fed it. Probably around 20% tamed I fed and... poof he was gone, nowhere in existence. Please fix this!
  3. Unable to find dedicated server after 309.53 update After the most recent update for PC, me and my friends are unable to find our dedicated server. We made sure Ark, our mods, steam, and steam clients are all up to date and still no results. We tried verifying steam files, deleting certain mods, resetting the server, PC's, internet, etc. Still nothing. Port forwarding is fine too. Invites don't work and when I try joining the game through steam, it just leads me to a black screen. Please fix this as we want to play the game and have access to the new event!
  4. I don't use Super Structures but I've been having the same issue after the new update and so have others, so I suspect it's a glitch only wildcard can fix.
  5. Argy is beautiful and faster! Spino is lightning fast and op! Sarco's are awesome! Raptors are scary and hurt alot! Nice job devs!
  6. Theres also one on the big mountains facing towards the desrt right where it hits snow
  7. Its a different studio making this, so this version will run better than on pc or console...
  8. Not buying the dlc, huge rip-off, wc fix ur game and stop treatting console users like a low level dodo
  9. Imagine ark if there werent nubs in the beginning
  10. If u've played it pvp is an absolutely unfair mess, dual greatswords 24/7
  11. My goal is to have fun with friends, but however cheating doesnt allow me to
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