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  1. What Animal Family do you think the Reaper is in?

    Probably any large theropod
  2. Came back for Ragnarok but... all your base are crap

  3. Ragnarok update, lighting glitch

    And obelisks
  4. Well done with Ragnarock

    I gotta say great job with ragnorak and the desert, i love the very southern islands that are isolated from the rest of the map, a cool idea would be icebergs way up north near the barrier
  5. Ragnarok update..will it fix lag?

    I disagree i play on a dedicated server 100% fine
  6. Ps4 Rag update today?

    I certainly doubt it they announced that the patch has just been started being worked on TODAY
  7. Well done with Ragnarock

    A "little" behind
  8. Problems With Mutations

    Like my first two rexes i bred together the baby had a 2% melee damage increase but no mutation
  9. Problems With Mutations

    Yes i dont remember wat causes it but it has a logical explanation
  10. Problems With Mutations

    My cousin bred spinos that got a total of maybe 6-8ish mutations but because of this system he couldnt get more, u should be able to get a total of 40
  11. Can I kill this giga?

    U could use allos but its very risky
  12. Problems With Mutations

    They need to fix this
  13. Yes i got a bunch of honey, i researched it and it seems the aberration patch bugged it out
  14. How would you upload and download your characters and dinos onto another dedicated ps4 server and how would trading work?
  15. Thats the strange thing, I CANT, the only reasonable explanation i can think of is that they glitched it on ps4