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  1. AngryChris73

    Kibble Reworking

    Its been pushed "a little further out"
  2. AngryChris73


    They should make it so undermeshers will lose their things 12 hours after they did the dastardly deed
  3. AngryChris73

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    But wildcard doesnt want variation
  4. consoles don't get lightning storms! and those sandstorms look so much better on pc!
  5. AngryChris73


    some people are not grateful for the things given to them
  6. AngryChris73

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    just remove the speed stat all together: fixed
  7. STDU! You want them to nerf them too?!
  8. AngryChris73

    Glitches With Baby Dinos

    This still happens to me even after the baby phase
  9. AngryChris73

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    Sorry i meant on consoles
  10. AngryChris73

    Ascension on all maps and New Bosses

    Unfortunately rag and center devs abandoned us with incomplete maps, so it wont happen
  11. AngryChris73

    Glitches With Baby Dinos

    Lost 3 quetzals, 2 rexes, a spino, 6 raptors, a basilo, a plesio, and an argy to this, i like how they add bugs and dont fix them
  12. AngryChris73

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    I wish they'd allow us to add in and remove spawns
  13. AngryChris73

    Ichthyornis AKA “The Trash Bird”

    They removed leeds from ragnorak
  14. AngryChris73

    Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    Lucky i barely even see alpha megs!
  15. AngryChris73

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    I mean like DILO! Argy wasnt op now hes trash! Plesio is a garbage mosa NOW HE HAS NOTHING GOING FOR HIM U RUINED MY BABIES! MY BABIES RAPPED BY STUPID DEVS WANTING THEIR PLAYERBASE TOO LOWER, LIKE WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well looks like im switching ovr to Mosa... AND WHY NERF ARMOR WELL NOW WE GOTTA PUMP INTO WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!