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  1. Adjusting Imprint Timers

    Yes and fix cuddle imprint multiplier
  2. Wyvern Landing AI

    It really sucks, they just keep flying over you all the time
  3. Caving single player

    Is anyone having problems with bats being immune to shotguns, i got rekted alone at the lava cave
  4. How do i get all ark skins on PS4?

    Get all the trophies
  5. Where are they?

    The world may never now, we'll see more in extinction
  6. Anyone else dying for a preview of the third dlc

    Probably not until after extinction which the tlc is scheduled for
  7. Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    Ya island has crazy alpha spawns We are on a player dedicated server so the spawns are probably different
  8. TLC but for Player models

    I just made a topic about this but true we need it
  9. Mutation Probability

    Its halved had horribly chances after this occured with my rexes
  10. Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    Especially it sucks on ragnorak where alphas are nonexistent, its been a couple months since i've seen an alpha rex
  11. Ps4 cuddle imprint multiplier

    I'll see how things go
  12. Dino you wish ARK hadn't nerfed

    Quetzal, griffin, basilo
  13. To Conquer The Sea...

    On ragnorak leeds dont spawn anymore (temporarily) so it'd be viable on rag
  14. Ps4 cuddle imprint multiplier

    Im curious lets say i set my imprint cuddle multiplier to 0.25 so i can i even do the dodo, will that mean ill have to imprint my rex 7 times to get to 100%, thats what im curious on how people get their settings like that, id prefer the least amount of imprints as possible