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  1. Spaxx

    How do you even deal with this?

    Wildcard killed their own Game! Closing hundreds of Servers and open only a few while all other Tamecaped and overpopulated since month its just retarded... poopy Hardware + not Enough Server = Overpopulated, Lagging and Caped servers....
  2. Spaxx

    Server cap, main reason, fix it

    Wildcard gives a poop on our Problems... This game slowly dies! Every Day i see big tribes quiting Ark. On our EU Ragnarok server are Chinese tribes spamming more then 50 Rafts. This issues are known since Months and nothing happen.
  3. This game slowly dies and wildcard deserves it!
  4. and the right way to deal with it are to close the eyes and dont announce a breeding event in the future? not enough Servers and crap hardware are the issue! I know so many people they quit this raptoring game after thousand of hours, because nearly all (ragi) Servers are at cap...
  5. Spaxx

    Where are the new servers? (Answered)

    Rly nice! 2 EU PVE Ragnarok and 5 Island..... Lets bet how long it takes for TameCap and laags ! Its the same raptoring poop like last Legacy Shutdown. Closing more then hundred server and open a few.
  6. Yea wildcard are killing there own game....
  7. Spaxx

    My ideas to stop "cap"-Problem

    Sry but you are part of the Problem! nobody needs raptoring 500 Dinos or more.... Breeed 1 Species or max 2. With this attitude no wonder we have Cap and lagging Server. Player like you need Prmium server. If you wana breed that mass its only fair you paying for Premium server 5-10€ Month
  8. Spaxx

    My ideas to stop "cap"-Problem

    not exact numbers but check the last legacy shutdown
  9. Spaxx

    My ideas to stop "cap"-Problem

    as i know Wildcard they close about 100 Server and open 20 new.... The new server getting cap within 1-2 Weeks and we have the same situation
  10. Spaxx

    My ideas to stop "cap"-Problem

    The only solution are enough New Servers. Nearly all Servers are at Cap. We moved to SE and even there we have Tamecap and 250 Ping 2-3 rollbacks per day.... Aberration we have 150-250 ping whole Day. We need enough new Servers or this game dies! ALL SERVERS ARE FULL AND TOTALLY OVERPOPULATED!!!!!
  11. Spaxx


    sry but you get nothing! We lost a few days ago a lvl 200 Basilisk and today we lost 2 Breeded Thylas.... we dont know what happen they just gone. Wildcard give a poop, if you wana play this Game you must realize it has 0 yea ZERO! support and Wildcard is one of the worst companies in the gaming sector and i play for over 30 years...
  12. Spaxx

    When is the Valentine event?

    so most people have excatly ZERO from this event.... yea thats wildcard as we know them ^^
  13. Spaxx

    When is the Valentine event?

    and now? this explained nothing! Event for jobless people... Should at least 14.02-18.02 or 13.02-16.02
  14. Spaxx

    Rollback on prime time ?

    Such a big update due main play time from Wildcard i repeat WILDCARD...... sry buck they act like damn noobs
  15. Spaxx

    Evolution Event

    We talking about Wildcard ^^ they dont announce anything! You can pray and maybe they Change the rates in the night or tomorrow.... but without Warning or anything Else so take care if you wana breed an egg or something else!