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  1. Well, that makes much more sense. Thanks @invincibleqc!
  2. I wouldn't bet on it, but it's possible
  3. That's not the way stat distribution on ark works, and in my oppinion it wouldn't make any sense to change all that for a single stat on a such a minor importance dino like pegos
  4. Then my guess would be that Ark smart breeding is not calculating the calculating pego's hp correct point value
  5. So, bud of mine tamed a 145 pego. He then asked me to run the stats on ark smart breeder, since he couldn't believe what he saw. Then i did just that and asked another few people to do it. All the results were the same: (Pegomastax, Lvl 217, Female): HP: 1560.1 (60); St: 400 (30); Ox: 645 (33); Fo: 1707.8 (23); We: 95.7 (37); Dm: 304.6% (29); Sp: 150% (4); To: 419.3 (216); Is that really right? As far as i know, a 60 points on a 145 tame is kind of statistically impossible. Am I missing something?
  6. gcalberto

    Can daeodons fit in caves?

    So, i have a good line of daeodons, and with their base dmg being close to wolves, paired with a much higher base health and the ability to use saddles/self heal might make them pretty good at caving, suuming they actually fit. Does anyone know if they do, in fact fit in caves, and in which ones?
  7. gcalberto

    What does eat a tamed boa?

    has anyone tried this?