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  1. I don't think it's much of a debate to suggest that the Managarmr is one of the most popular mobility mounts in the game. So it might come off as odd that one of the Managarmr's described abilities in its dossier - hovering in place - isn't actually an in-game feature (unless it's actually referring to the weird sideways strafe while holding down the ice breath). I think this ability would be a nice final touch for the Mana, after all its pains and nerfs.
  2. I'm not sure if many people have noticed, but by holding forward and space, the Dinopithecus can leap through a thicket of forest trees. I believe this is intended, since the dossier mentioned its ability to "leap between trees". Problem is, it's not very good at it, as it has questionably slow air speed. I've tried to explore ways around this, but after 2 hours of trying to test with the monkey's tree leaping, I just can't find a way to make it leap any faster. So here's an artwork I made highlighting my feelings about what could be changed.
  3. I am definitely aware this is absolutely nothing like the real armadillosuchus. The true reason for this is because I came up with the theme of a wrecking ball before I had even though of what kind of creature to base it off. It was originally going to be a glyptodon or an isopod, before settling onto Armadillosuchus. Supposedly, you could say it's tongue is like a metaphor - it's truly quite a stretch.
  4. I added your recommendation. Plant Z can scare it now - although explosives still work, just for those players who might not own Aberration.
  5. Yep, I also mentioned Wrecking Ball in the description too. Volvidon and Wrecking Ball were big inspirations, and as a big fan of rolling around in these kinds of games, it's a shame that the Roll Rat and Doed are the only rideable rolling creatures in ARK - and yet even then, they suffer from terrible turning radius and the inability to slow down. Hopefully the Armadillosuchus can provide that perfect rolling sensation. I also made sure that the Roll Rat and Doed wouldn't become useless by making the Armadillosuchus unable to gather stone or wood.
  6. I'll think about what I can do about TEK walls. At most, perhaps tamed Armadillosuchus deal significantly less damage to metal and TEK walls than wild ones.
  7. Need something wrecked? The Armadillosuchus can certainly help you with that. With proper use of its ball form and grappling tongue, it can transform any battlefield into a demolition zone! Or, perhaps you just want to travel as a giant rolling ball... That's possible too. Diet: Insectivore (Eats bugs). Does eat Raw Meat when tamed. Temperament: Neutral (But aggressive against wild bugs) Rideable: Yes (saddle goes under its belly like a Gacha) What does it do?: It's big, deadly, and swinging right into your house - the Armadillosuchus is a burly monster who loves seeing structures go boom! By grappling onto a far-away object with its tongue, it turns into a wrecking ball and pivots its way forward, smashing down anything in its path with brutal force. What more could you ask for when you need a pesky wall knocked down? But there's more to the Armadillosuchus than just structure demolition. Its signature wrecking ball attacks works on creatures too. Knock foes away for serious damage! If a creature is big enough, you can even directly grapple and slam into them! (Has a cooldown, of course) Just want to travel? It can do that too! Simply roll and grapple across the map at high speeds. You can even skim across the surface of water if you pick up enough momentum, or slow down and sink to the ocean floor for some deep-sea exploration. Worried about getting stuck on trees or rocks? Well don't worry, as the Armadillosuchus will destroy them as it rolls through. Scared of being attacked off your Armadillosuchus? Well also don't worry, since the rider is completely concealed inside the ball... but there are counters to this. What is it weak to?: - Fire. An enflamed Armadillosuchus will stop rolling and begin panicking, leaving its rider suddenly exposed. - Plant Z or explosives can scare a rolling Armadillosuchus and force it out of its ball form. - Netguns. For obvious reasons. - Two Armadillosuchus crashing into each other will stun them both. How do you tame it?: The Armadillosuchus loves destroying walls, so why not befriend it by letting it do its favorite activity? Aggro a wild Armadillosuchus and let it crash and destroy your walls, and its taming percentage will slowly increase. Make sure you bring LOTS of walls. Additionally, higher tier walls grant more taming effectiveness - a TEK wall is like kibble for it! Note: A tamed Armadillosuchus deals less damage to structures than a wild one to accommodate PvP balance Won't this creature make the Roll Rat and Doed useless?: Nope. The Armadilloscuhus is a combat/travel mount - not a gatherer. It can't collect wood or stone, therefore it fulfills a different role than the two mentioned. Inspirations: - Bloodstalkers - Wrecking Ball from Overwatch - Volvidon from the Monster Hunter franchise
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