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  1. Catapult does no damage to karkinos on Prim+
  2. Add me to the list of frustrated players who see no response or attention to this issue. I play Prim + CrossArk4 and the Aberration and Ragnarok servers are the two most affected by this. Sometimes I die, then get an all -too-common disconnection from the game, which we all learn to deal with, but now when you try to get back in, the server no longer shows on the list. I implore you, Wildcard, to please address this MAJOR problem!
  3. It's been broken for a while (couple of weeks?). You aren't able to place *any* Prim+ items or structures. WC is aware of the problem and is supposedly working to correct it. However, as with all the things that get broken on Prim+, never think it's going to get fixed soon. They broke wild dinos (no wild dinos appeared on the surface) for two months. Supply drops were broken for well over a year. And the list goes on. Use sleeping bags for now. Build in wood or stone and replace when (or if) they fix it. Use mortar and pestle instead of handmill or alchemy table and so on. Good luck!
  4. You must be new to Primitive Plus. We, Prim+ players, are not WC's priority in any way, shape or form. Rather than hoping it will "be fixed soon," find workarounds or play another mode or game until it does get fixed (if it does). When things break, and it happens with almost every update, you can expect it to take weeks, months or even years (in the case of supply drops, for example). So while I feel your frustration, I'm afraid that if you plan to keep playing Prim+ expect these things to continue to happen and continue to take a very long time to get fixed if they bother to fix at all.
  5. Still no Prim Plus servers. Let's hope it's not a month or so like when Extinction was released.
  6. Would love to know if they will be gone for a month or so like when Extinction was released. Please address the issue that we have NO Prim Plus servers, Wildcard!
  7. @Lycan187u If you read the whole post, I was talking about Primitive Plus PVE servers on Xbox, specifically The Island and The Center maps.
  8. My tribemate has the Xbox One X and can see the moon. You're going to have to upgrade to see it.
  9. Today marks TWO WEEKS without wild dinos on Xbox Primitive+ PVE servers The Island and The Center. I don't know how they can ever fix this mess. Some players lost tames unable to feed them properly, some moved to Ragnarok, creating a more crowded map, and some simply quit. What's the solution, if there is one? Do they rollback the servers (if that's even possible citing Ced's cryptic message of "something may be corrupt") allowing those who lost so much (in time and dinos) to regain what they lost due to Wildcard's negligence? If they rollback, what about the players who remained through
  10. Why are Xbox users not included with these types of statements? Primitive+ on PVE servers for The Island and The Center are also missing wild dinos, yet I never see it mentioned in an official statement. Today marks two weeks without wild dinos. Were this to happen on Evolved servers, I can only imagine how quickly this issue would be dealt with. For shame that you, Wildcard, treat your players who pay just as much to play as anyone else so poorly.
  11. This makes day 5 without wild dinos on Official Primitive Plus The Island Xbox server. C'mon Wildcard, please fix this!
  12. This has never happened to me before and while I appreciate your attempt at humor (at least I hope it was humor), it isn't very helpful. I'm posting here to encourage the devs to do what they need to do. Can't very well play a dinosaur game without dinosaurs.
  13. Losing tames through no fault of the player but a glitched 'update' is certainly worthy of a rollback. How can there be any other solution? Even if/when wilds are added back in, that won't replace all the lost tames.
  14. Indeed, I see no real option other than a rollback for all Primitive Plus servers. I don't know what "maintenance" was performed, but it certainly wasn't worth the removal of the most important part of the game: wild dinos! I don't perform any action in furthering my game (building, taming (duh), breeding (again, duh), etc) as there must be a rollback forthcoming. Can anyone employed by Wildcard let us know you're even aware of this and are working to correct it?? Please!
  15. @BaalTheDstroyrNo wilds on The Island Prim server either. It would be nice to have this issue acknowledged and more importantly fixed!
  16. Are you also looking into the disappearance of ALL WILD DINOS on The Island for Xbox Primitive Plus server?
  17. This topic is about Primitive Plus servers. There are no cryopods.
  18. While no event on Xbox Prim Plus servers is unfortunate, there are NO WILD DINOS! This is serious! I play on The Island and there isn't so much as a fish to be found. This needs to be addressed ASAP or there will be a lot of dead tames, starting with otters and other fish eaters.
  19. There are NO wild dinos on The Island. This needs to be fixed ASAP as my dinos will start dying starting with my precious otters. Without fish, they will die in a few days, if that long.
  20. No explanation given why "this type of play" was harming anything or anyone. It's not like the servers were overloaded. You'd be hard pressed to find 10 players on at a time. Just what was the problem? I'd love a better reason or explanation other than "long-term" establishments weren't intended. It took them a year and a half to come to that conclusion? I saw no mention on the forums of it ever being a problem so to you, Wildcard, I say, establish a line of communication. So far, you don't have one. I know, however, no explanation or communication will ever come.
  21. I suppose we have to be glad for what little was done and not mention how late it was. They "forgot" one of the servers, at least on PVE. 936 and 937 had transfers open for a few days before the wipe, but 934 was ignored and those players were not able to take anything. All I can do is shake my head and hope WC can get their act together. Okay, even I can't say that with a serious face...
  22. One week, WC, for you to keep your word and let us upload on Beginner servers. Please!
  23. One week to go before wipe. Are you really not going to let us transfer anything off??
  24. C'mon, dev team. Fix transfers on Beginners. Is that asking too much?
  25. @Laray I've posted here, made a thread on the Xbox support forum and sent in two tickets. It's clear we are NOT being heard. I don't like that they are going to wipe the servers, but for goodness sake, let us transfer our items and dinos as intended by their own statement upon logging in! "Welcome Survivors! Beginner Officials are servers we recommend for new players. They are download restricted which means that you cannot download your items, creatures, or characters onto this server but you can upload them from it." Yet another disappointment from the Wildcard team.
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