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  1. At least on Xbox, transferring of dinos and items was disabled on Beginner servers along with all Xbox servers a few months ago to deal with the duping problem. When transfers were enabled again they did NOT enable it on Beginner servers. It still has not been fixed. All those players wishing to take anything except from their character alone are not able to do so and the deadline looms close.
  2. Why? Why do you have a problem with players that stay longer than you? Everyone learns at their own pace. It's an open world game allowing everyone to play the way they enjoy, as long as it's within the COD. Makes me wonder why you have such a strong opinion about it. Curious.
  3. I don't know any other way to try to get some attention. We can't give up. Uploads MUST be fixed. Why this situation has gone on this long is beyond my understanding, but now we have a deadline. PLEASE FIX UPLOADS ON BEGINNER SERVERS!
  4. "Since early game in ARK is the most challenging, we saw this as a low-stress way of getting up to speed. We didn't intend for these servers to be a long-term place to become established. Because of this, we'll be implementing scheduled wipes and announcing the future dates in advance. " Frankly, I'd like to hear some actual reasons for regular wipes. All I see from Wildcard's statement above is "we didn't intend for these servers to be a long-term place to become established." I'd like to know how this is causing any problems. Most players that come to the Beginner servers do not stick around, but the ones who do (these long-term establishments) are the ones HELPING the new players. I can't count how many players I've helped from basic questions such as, "I'm hungry, how do I eat?" to providing some basic tools and dinos to helping with the alpha raptor infestation. I've seen other long-term residents do the same. Keep in mind the ones who do stick around are quite few so I'm not sure how this has created a problem. The reality is that the Beginner servers are HARD, much harder than regular official servers. Some of these issues outlined by Carlsjroo. The level caps, the inability to get any good engrams or blueprints, the difficulty in taming better dinos able to help you defend your base, and the seemingly increased spawns of alpha raptors makes for a daunting introduction to the game. The things the Beginner servers DO have going for them is: land is easy to acquire and there is a LOT less lag. Because few players stick around, the numerous small bases littering the beaches decay regularly. Due to the absence of large bases filled with an overrun number of rexes, gigas and wyverns the lag is significantly less. There's also the challenge to see what one can accomplish given the restrictions. These factors appeal to some veteran players who value these perks over the limitations. The dye is cast and I know that the Beginner servers will be wiped regardless, but to Wildcard I say, for the love of the game, PLEASE ENABLE ITEM AND DINO TRANSFERS!! Edit: Note my experience has been with PVE servers so I cannot speak for the experiences of the PVP Beginner servers.
  5. Aside from other certain objects and dinos I'd like to transfer, I really don't want to lose my Summer Bash skins that I worked very hard to obtain. Please communicate, Wildcard. Or, if someone knows where I can go to actually get some sort of response, that would be most welcome.
  6. Fix Uploads on Beginner Servers Uploads have been missing from Beginner servers since they were disabled on all Xbox servers months ago. When they were re-enabled several weeks ago they seemingly forgot the Beginner servers and oblelisks are littered with dinos that couldn't find a way off. I feel bad for all those deceived players that were told by the welcome message they could transfer their dinos and items off the Beginner server to continue their adventure. With the wipes coming to the servers starting Oct. 1, this needs to be a priority to fix. Please, Wildcard, allow me to take my precious dodo to my new home! (Okay, that was tongue in cheek, but you get the idea!)
  7. With the implementation of the Beginner servers being wiped, when will they fix the upload problem? Uploads have been missing since they were removed from all Xbox users on all servers. When they were brought back, they "forgot" the Beginner servers. This needs to be fixed ASAP now that the servers will be wiped Oct. 1, 2019. To put in my two cents, I'm sorry to see these Beginner servers being wiped regularly. I enjoyed the slower, relaxing pace and helping countless new players. Now that any progress I could make, albeit it limited due to the server limitations, seems pointless, I doubt I will return and many new players will be without helping hands in the form of information, advice and items/dinos to get them started.
  8. With the upcoming wipe for Beginner servers this needs to be fixed sooner than later. Please Wildcard, fix broken uploads on Beginner servers!
  9. A new update just rolled out and still no uploads on Official Beginner servers. It's been weeks since xbox transfers were enabled, why not for Beginner servers? Some public comment would be appreciated to know this is being dealt with.
  10. Yes, as flamron said, if you are in a room with a bed or sleeping bag, simply fast travel to another bed. Or just reload the game, that will usually fix it, too.
  11. If you, Wildcard, don't plan to address this issue, you will need to change the welcome message that pops up when logging in to any Beginner server, "Welcome Survivors! Beginner Officials are servers we recommend for new players. They are download restricted which means that you cannot download your items, creatures, or characters onto this server but you can upload them from it." Perhaps you can be forthcoming and let us know you're even aware of the problem and might actually be working to correct this. And yes, Carlsjroo, I feel bad for all the players that have been hauling their dinos and items up to the obelisks only to find out they have been deceived and aren't able to take anything with them when they exit the server.
  12. It's been well over a week for this post and a week since I turned in a ticket. Still no resolution to this problem. If an actual developer is even aware of this issue, there is no mention of it anywhere that I can see. A little communication would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Try using the UI scale slider in Options. You won't see the change until you Save.
  14. I greatly appreciate your comment, absurdlyobfuscated. I have seen nothing about this issue that only seem to pertain to the Beginner servers. I will submit a ticket as well in the hopes our problem will be dealt with. Thank you!
  15. Wildcard? Anyone? the sound of crickets chirping is deafening
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