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  1. troodon baby

    Troodon baby food is lower than 25 so in most cases they die baby with food on them cause they cant eat / wont eat. Even if raw meat has 50 food sometimes they eat automaticly but sometimes they get stuck and dont eat at all and die.
  2. Desert/ deep sea loot crates

    Evry pve scorched earth has like 20/30 1x1 houses with beds around the desert drops. If u want to get some you rarely find 1. Pls enlarge the raidus of building near those drops so evryone can get those drops.
  3. Ragnarok spino spawns

    For going to medium /hard boss fight you need 10/25 spino sails from ragnarock cant transfer those from island or center. They have allot of spawn points but so many dinos on those spawn points and you have to kill evrything around to get just one. Can something be done about this ?
  4. So went to boss hoping offline dmg prevent will not teleport 3 carbonemys from other tribe that left them there. Surprise carbonemis with offline dmg protect got teleported and soem of my rexes didn`t. Can we get something like 24hr decay on dinos left on obleisks... or telopter from boss should work only for the players tribe / alliance that has summoned the boss?
  5. Few servers then before

    There are allot of legacy servers that has so few palyers hoping one day they can transfer their dino stats to new servers. Almost 80% of all PVE servers are at dino cap... can we get more servers not just for old players but for new players also they dont stand a chance. Thx you
  6. EU-PVE 198 CAPPED yesterday
  7. Lost/Timeout pending connection to host

    Unfortunatly got used to this timeout connection but like a week ago it started to happen rarely.
  8. The island Poison cave buged

    yes swamp cave ... on PC
  9. the poison cave on the island has 2 wings . the left one is kind of ok lets say from 10 runs you get one crash but the right wing whenever you enter it you crash non stop... pls fix ×
  10. West underwater cave drop bugged

    Went to cave now same problem 2 drops one yellow and one red no items inside.
  11. Server 630 has the same problem once per week at nightime server ping rises to 255 for a couple of hours. Any fixes on that ?
  12. Also had 2-3 troodons that died baby but after they got to juvenile no problem. Just force feed them meat if they get to 0 becasue if they have max food under 50 they wont eat at all. Try raising small dinos with cooked meat 25 food raw fish 25 food or cooked fish 10 food they should eat that.
  13. So i just went outside of my base did not even see any wild dinos no food on me (use custom food) and out of no where a ichy starts stealing stuff..... Dont remember what he stole but it was not provoked and i had no food on me. Is this normal ? ...
  14. Hello, just joined here and i would like to suggest to wildcard to rebalance the stack size of some materials for being able to craft some ascendant saddles that we cannot do right now, and another thing is the therozino saddle ascendant you cant craft in a 2k weight beaver probably just in a replicator (don`t think thats fair). Thank You