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  1. MikeRO

    Desert/ deep sea loot crates

    Evry pve scorched earth has like 20/30 1x1 houses with beds around the desert drops. If u want to get some you rarely find 1. Pls enlarge the raidus of building near those drops so evryone can get those drops.
  2. MikeRO

    Ragnarok spino spawns

    For going to medium /hard boss fight you need 10/25 spino sails from ragnarock cant transfer those from island or center. They have allot of spawn points but so many dinos on those spawn points and you have to kill evrything around to get just one. Can something be done about this ?
  3. MikeRO

    Few servers then before

    There are allot of legacy servers that has so few palyers hoping one day they can transfer their dino stats to new servers. Almost 80% of all PVE servers are at dino cap... can we get more servers not just for old players but for new players also they dont stand a chance. Thx you
  4. Hello, just joined here and i would like to suggest to wildcard to rebalance the stack size of some materials for being able to craft some ascendant saddles that we cannot do right now, and another thing is the therozino saddle ascendant you cant craft in a 2k weight beaver probably just in a replicator (don`t think thats fair). Thank You