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  1. invincibleqc left Negative feedback for a topic   

    [CLOSED] Free! Therizinosaurus with 13,920.1 Health and 590.4% Melee *GIVEAWAY*
    Agreed on not reselling my stats that he received for free during my giveaway and I received proof of him PM'ing other users attempting to trade them resulting into a breach of contract. Be careful if you are doing business with him as he is not true to his words and doesn't care about agreements as long as he profit out of them. Also, while I'm no longer dropping eggs myself, if you need Theriz contact the people listed in that thread and I'm sure someone will be more than happy to hook you up!

    shadowkyuubi was Trading

  2. Solburn left Positive feedback   

    will trade with shadow anytime

    shadowkyuubi was Trading

  3. MarkTheArkadian left Positive feedback   

    Good trade

    shadowkyuubi was The Seller

  4. Piepnie left Positive feedback   

    Nice Guy, fast trade. Would trade with him again.

    shadowkyuubi was Trading

  5. EmoAngel21 left Positive feedback   

    was very fast and very nice

    shadowkyuubi was The Seller

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