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  1. True crossplay isn't available with Ark as such. The only "crossplay" that is available are: Xbox can play with the Windows 10 store version of Ark, not the Steam or Epic versions. The Steam version and Epic versions can crossplay with each other on a Steam server providing the server doesn't use mods of any kind and has a couple of config options set to allow connection from Epic versions.
  2. It could well be but as a perfectionist I want to see the best stats in all available stats.
  3. Definitely looks like it's just not counting speed in its calculations, can this be fixed if possible please? (or have I missed a config setting somewhere for it maybe?) I've also noticed the "Cooldown/Growing" column isn't being populated at all when importing exported babies anymore. This is in the last couple of versions this has changed as it absolutely used to.
  4. Hi, yes every time, I use the app multiple times a day and always close it in between uses. Just double checked for updates and it says its fully up to date. The only thing that may be slightly different is that I run it from a network drive not my local drive, although I don't see how that could cause this. Let me know if you need anything from me to diagnose.
  5. @cad hopefully a quick one and likely just me missing something in the settings somewhere but a slightly weird one. I have creatures being highlighted as "top" creatures (in yellow) when they clearly aren't. For example in this screenshot M8 clearly has all the top stats, but M6 and M7 which are a point down on speed are still being shown as "top" creatures highlighted in yellow. Have I just missed a setting I can't find somewhere ? Thanks in advance.
  6. ASM can be a bit picky with saving configs. I've found the best way is stop the server, wait for it to stop, then close ASM but monitor it in task manager as it can take a while to actually shut down as its saving configs in the background. Open it again, make your changes, save it, I then overkill it and close ASM again, wait for it to close, restart it and start the server. If you're making changes manually to the configs instead of using ASM itself then make sure after shutting down the server, closing ASM and reopening ASM, that you import the new config into the profile before re-sav
  7. Example below for the Tek Forge, add this into your game.ini file with the server switched off, this is just one of the ones on my cluster but should give you an idea for the rest. ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts=(ItemClassString="PrimalItemStructure_TekForge_C",BaseCraftingResourceRequirements=((ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemTrophy_Manticore_Alpha_C",BaseResourceRequirement=2.000000,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="PrimalItemTrophy_Manticore_Beta_C",BaseResourceRequirement=1.000000,bCraftingRequireExactResourceType=False),(ResourceItemTypeString="Prima
  8. Try transferring to another server or killing yourself and respawning and see if it appears.
  9. If you don't want the event you can use -Activeevent=none and that will disable events (assuming unofficial or single player).
  10. The key thing when running servers and deciding on CPUs is clock speed per core, the faster the clock speed per core the better your server will run and the less laggy it will be (disk IO performance also has a big impact on this). Ark servers only use one full core each (two threads), so it doesn't matter how many cores you have if you're only running one server for example. Run an 8 core (16 thread) processor with a single Ark server on it and you will see that 7 of those cores are idle with the server running. Clock speed is everything.
  11. You can't do "infinite" uploads because of a long outstanding bug with the upload system where after a certain number of items/creatures it corrupts the cluster file for that user and you lose everything (unless they happen to have fixed that since I experimented with it). However... You CAN increase both the item numbers and the time allowed to keep items stored. I run my cluster with the maximum safe numbers of items/creatures and a year long timeout on both. Add the below code to your startup command on each server and this will give you a limit of 150 items/stacks and 250 di
  12. At the bottom of the administration section of ASM, to the right of the server args box is a "Show command" button.
  13. So it does (just tested it), never affects us because we use the S+ hatchery and it doesn't destroy any in "storage" of any kind. Eggs are only on the ground when hatching for about 15 seconds and we only have a few users so not an issue for us. I have however edited my original post with the command with a warning for others
  14. It only affects eggs that haven't been picked up from nests (supposedly, admittedly I've never actually tested that). I use the standard wyvern variant of the command on my Rag server regularly and the Rock Drake variant on our Ab server as we only have a very small group of players on our cluster so the eggs go stale if left.
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