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  1. It only affects eggs that haven't been picked up from nests (supposedly, admittedly I've never actually tested that). I use the standard wyvern variant of the command on my Rag server regularly and the Rock Drake variant on our Ab server as we only have a very small group of players on our cluster so the eggs go stale if left.
  2. AdminCheat destroyall DroppedItemGeneric_FertilizedEgg_CrystalWyvern_C
  3. On Rag, the simplest way is to snag an ice wyvern egg with a ptera, half the time the Wyverns aren't even around to chase you. Then hatch that, level it up a bit and use that to go into the main trench to get decent eggs. Once you have a decent fire wyvern, the trench is zero challenge at all, I clear the trench regularly killing almost every wyvern in there as I go (level dependant). Or if you're really bored, you can do something like this (might not be possible on official)
  4. I suspect this was never supposed to do this in the first place and they've just fixed it. It was always said to be a taming HUD for tracking animals you're taming, not for a general track any of your animals tool.
  5. Some parts you're asking for can not be done in ini files, they are part of the map file itself. Never used it myself, but this mod has quite a good reputation and should do most of what you want. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1295978823
  6. While you do have some points, at the end of the day it's just a game, let's get a little perspective here, there's real life to worry about and it's a lot more worrying right now than not getting drops in a game. That said, it takes a bigger person to apologise than most of the idiots on this forum, so good on you for that
  7. Have you got UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth=True in your configs or startups? If so, try turning it off.
  8. Post your startup commands (remove any passwords you might have in there first).
  9. A secret location? Ooh I shouldn't have posted that video of my base there then There are quite a few good "secret" locations, but the Hidden Cavern https://ark.gamepedia.com/Hidden_Cavern_(Ragnarok) is not one of them I'm afraid. As @GP says try looking behind waterfalls, there's also a couple of small caves you have to smash rocks to even see the entrance to and wait til you explore the desert properly, you have a lot of exploring to do and you will find many secret locations. If anyone's interested, this is my wife and I's main base on Rag (in the Hidden Cavern).
  10. Never mind, file verification (the one thing I hadn't tried) fixed it
  11. Is anyone else getting this? No changes made to the system, it's only started since the last update or two. Nothing else in game affected at all, it's ONLY the Dodo graphic/animation causing it (including the hatchery on S+) and is driving me insane. I just started a new clean playthrough so have got a few Dodos to start getting some eggs early and this is visibile from miles away at certain angles. I've since tried updating my graphics drivers, rolling them back to three years agos version, been through various settings and as yet no joy, anyone else got this? Managed to fix it?
  12. Was discussing bases with a friend on Discord and we got talking about various builds and I ended up doing a VERY rough and ready walk through of our (my wife and I's) main base on Ragnarok. Thought as I'd done a video for it I may as well stick it up for comments on here, I don't usually do this sort of thing but thought it might be fun. Only building mod is S+, the server is running on my own cluster, on my own hardware whch a small group of friends play on (including @GP). PVE, max wild level 180 (difficulty 6) and with some QOL tweaks.
  13. This is with seven of my nine servers running with a couple of players on (very small community of players) I can comfortably run all nine plus a 7 Days to die server at the same time. This is with it running Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero, Genesis and Crystal Isles HP Z820 workstation, dual E5-2643 Xeon processors (total 8 cores, 16 vcores), 64GB RAM, running the Ark servers on an 8 disk RAID 6 array of Western Digital black disks.
  14. I use a high level fire wyvern and always wear a gas mask (to avoid getting damaged by poison wyvern clouds). Can clear the entire trench on Rag in a few minutes easily with that. Fire wyvern is immune to fire as well so if you come up against an alpha wyvern you can't be damaged by it's breath attack.
  15. Then you may find you get a better answer in the Xbox forums instead of asking this question in the PC server administration forum. Just a suggestion
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