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  1. IanHighlander

    Steam ID to make me permant admin

    No idea how you edit it on a Nitrado server, but it ultimately goes into a file called AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt which is in the shootergame/saved directory.
  2. IanHighlander

    Alpha Rex & Alpha Deathworms do not spawn.

    They're rare but they definitely do spawn on unofficial Rag servers. Had one above my base last week.
  3. IanHighlander

    Snow Cave The Island

    If it's strong you're after, better off getting it on Ragnarok. One flight of steps, smash a rock and its behind it, no mobs nothing.
  4. IanHighlander

    What’s your tek rex popping with?

    I play on @GP 's server cluster which is difficulty 6 (max dino level 180), I assure you those stats are genuine before imprint stats (although I wish the non-imprinted damage was 431.6 lol). With 100% imprint the damage is 478.1 100% imprinted, unlevelled...
  5. IanHighlander

    Show players on map

    You can place pins on the map to save locations, just press P (might have to be with the map open, can't remember).
  6. IanHighlander

    What’s your tek rex popping with?

    My line I showed above is clean, zero mutes and "popping" as you call it at 372 now (although admittedly there's some useless stats pumping that up a bit). I already have a melee and hp mute stashed but am looking to increase my clean stats before mutating the main line, no rush
  7. IanHighlander

    Show players on map

    As @GP says that will only show YOUR location not the locations of others and you only see the join and leave messages for people in the same tribe as you not for others in other tribes.
  8. Wouldn't hold your breath on the light theme, after several promises it would happen including a "next week" that never materialised. I gave up and only come here very occasionally now to check stuff for as long as my eyes will allow before giving up and going to other sites that care about their users. Shame really I did love this site and spent half my life on here since I found it, but I just physically can't stand to be on it for any length of time anymore since the change to a dark theme with no choice.
  9. IanHighlander

    Mutliple Unicorns on Rag setting "disappeared"

  10. IanHighlander

    secret letter next to watchtower

    These were clues to the puzzle in the labyrinth, they've been there since they added it.
  11. IanHighlander

    Lets show our Evolution Dinos?? Heres Mine :)

    Lucked out even further, both of these are 174's (I play on @GP's server cluster which is difficulty 6 so max 180)
  12. IanHighlander

    Event Colored Wyverns?

    Had three so far this week 2 x Poison (blue one is a 228 max level, we play on a difficulty 6 server) And my pride and joy a purple with white belly and feet markings Fire