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  1. Yup I had a question specific to something that was said in this thread, but then realised it was my mistake in the first place.
  2. You need to download the map for your client install. The patch was for WinterWonderland not the map. You have to download that just like any other DLC through Steam assuming you're a steam player.
  3. Looks like it's just released... Edit: confirmed, my servers are updating to 341.19 now
  4. 1 minute ago... [2021-12-14 19:45:32] RequestAppInfoUpdate: AppIDs 376030 [2021-12-14 19:45:32] Requesting 1 apps, 0 packages (meta data, 1024 prev attempts) [2021-12-14 19:45:32] Requested 1 app access tokens, 1 received, 0 denied [2021-12-14 19:45:33] Updated SHAs with 1 new access tokens [2021-12-14 19:45:33] UpdatesJob: finished OK, apps updated 0 (0 KB), packages updated 0 (0 KB) [2021-12-14 19:45:33] Starting async write n:\ark server manager\profiles\steamcmd/appcache/appinfo.vdf (4637113 bytes)
  5. I have nine servers waiting for the update myself and another cluster I play on also no update yet. Clients are all updating so no Ark playing for a LOT of people if this is happening to all unofficials and they don't resolve it quickly.
  6. No sign of the dedicated server update for this major release either which is gonna screw players over as the clients are updating
  7. If you don't want to breed them but want them on wandering for paste/poly production, just spay them. I just did that with mine, back to normal now.
  8. May have no effect, but try re-mounting the dino and then running cheat walk.
  9. Bug reporting has changed for all platforms.
  10. @cad Another small bug I've noticed. If you edit any creature that has a cooldown/growing status, it doesn't carry that over to the edit page so when you save it, it loses the cooldown timer in the library for that creature. Edit: actually just double checked myself and it does seem to carry it to the edit page but doesn't carry it back to the library when you save.
  11. UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth=True Add that to your GameUserSettings.ini file with the server off then restart it.
  12. Yes, always do, I tend to have loads exported at once and just bulk import them. Many thanks for the quick update. Edit: can confirm since the last update, my latest batch bulk imported successfully imported the colours.
  13. Individual exports from creatures in game that are then imported using the normal "import exported data" option.
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