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  1. Ignoring the thread completley here and just had to chime in with a bonus point for using Hogwash in a sentence, top marks
  2. I believe (although may be wrong) that crossplay servers are exclusive to Nitrado and they've never released the code for people do run their own.
  3. Been several posts about this on the forums already, doesn't look like they've issued a patch update for Linux yet, no idea why though.
  4. Happening regularly to my wife and I's PC's too, it's only started happening recently. Makes doing anything outside of base a really dodgy affair as you have no idea at any point if the game's just going to suddenly close. Four times for mine, three times for my Wifes just last night alone. Prior to the last patch this "almost" never happened. A quick look on steam status sites shows the times tally up with low connectivity availablity to steam. @Cedric are WC aware of this at all, this is a worrying change if its intentional (which I'm sure it can't be).
  5. Gonna take some stick for this one I suspect, 6424 hours in Ark and this genuinely happened last night, copying this from our Discord...
  6. Gotta admit so far it's extremely underwhelming, a helmet skin almost no one will use and a few explorer notes is hardly exciting, but let's see if it improves with the next one. I suspect it's just going to be more explorer notes and the next piece of the skin set each time but we'll see I guess.
  7. Mine seemed to take longer to show up on BM when they were chucking all the logging out but they did eventually refresh and show up.
  8. New update's gone out which has resolved this, so thanks for at least fixing it promptly to WC.
  9. Thanks @Joebl0w13 I'll stop panicking and trying to fix something that's not there and wait for another update then
  10. Did someone leave some debug code in by mistake??? @Cedric Just updated my five private servers to 299.29 (PC) and every single one of them starts up full of code like this relating to a path that doesn't exist on my servers "E:\ArkSVN_PC" did someone forget to comment out a line of debug code before the build somewhere? The servers are apparently still working "normally" (haven't been able to get on them myself yet as my client is still updating). @GP plays on my servers and has reported normality on his home server. Should we be concerned about this?
  11. Hi @cad not sure if this just got missed or forgotten about but still not fixed in Sorry, I know it's such a minor, unimportant thing in the great scheme of things, but a useful minor thing
  12. @cad Not sure if this is intentional or me misunderstanding something or not seeing an option somewhere, minor issue in the great scheme of things, but since the latest version, if I have an animal with all of the top stats it's no longer displayed in yellow instead of green. This was a very useful thing for me to quickly identify it so just wondering if I've missed a new setting or something somewhere or if perhaps it's an impact of the new stats being added?
  13. Look at bed, press and hold E, hover mouse over Lay on bed (BUT DO NOT CLICK IT), release E.
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