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  1. Hi @cad It seems to be whenever you add new information to a field within an existing animal record for the first time that the problem occurs. An example of my usual process is: Export a dino from Ark using the ingame option. Import into ASB (this is usually nearly instant) Edit new animal to add parental information (which doesn't get imported for some reason is this something that could be added or is it just not included in the export xml?) Hit the button to save/update the animal. At that point it will lock up completely, if left alone for 5 to 10 minutes it will save correctly and eventually switch back to the library screen. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough on the process/when the problem occurred, hopefully the above allows you to test more accurately, my bad, I should have been more specific. The problem seems to occur whenever you edit an animal and add information to a field that previously didn't have any information in it. Editing a field with existing information in it works quickly it's just that one type of thing that seems to cause the slow down. I do have auto save on but not autoload as shown in the screenshot I sent you of my settings.
  2. IanHighlander

    Alpha deathworms

    Nope, they do not spawn on Ragnarok and haven't done for months, the spawns were disabled. They used to when the map was first released but it caused too many problems so they disabled them. Not quite sure why people are having problems understanding this, it's been clearly stated by the Ragnarok devs representative. Just because you have seen them on Rag in the past does not mean they spawn now. Ride a raft around anywhere you like in the ocean and you'll happily return to port nice and safely. Try the same thing on the Island and its not quite the same result 😂
  3. I've PM'd you all the details (including a link to the file), if I've missed any info or you need antyhing else, let me know.
  4. Thanks for the reply @cad not an issue with the performance of the machine (running on a 16 disk hardware raid array with i7 processor and 16GB RAM) so obviously just hit the limitations of what the XML can realistically handle and perform reasonably at. I'll clear the history out a bit on the rex line and that should hopefully resove the issue (although my OCD is gonna go nuts not having it all there lol) Happy to send you the xml file if it's any use to you for testing "real world" larger files.
  5. Hi @cad Is there a maximum usable number of animals that ASB can cope with in a single XML file? I've kept my entire Rex breeding line history in it and I'm having an issue where it can take up to 5 minutes to save when I add a new one now, quite often going to "Not Responding" in the process (if left alone it comes back and completes the save). Is it just simply a case of clearing out a load of the old no longer relevant (i.e. dead) rexes from the software? or is this indicitive of a problem? Checking my xml file it's 1.26MB in size, stats from the status bar in ASB below:
  6. IanHighlander

    Alpha deathworms

    @genie45stated that the only alpha deathworm that spawns on Ragnarok is the ice queen in the cave recently. Edit to add link:
  7. IanHighlander

    Is Leedsichtys still in the game ?

    Not according to the Rag devs representative although maybe something's changed. But haven't seen a single one anywhere in the water on any of the Rag maps I play on (and spend a LOT of time underwater in). Previously people who said there were some, where told to do a dino wipe and they never came back. No big deal to be honest and hopefully they stay disabled, utter pain in the rear end, useless thing that destroys the fun in sea travel. On my own servers it was disabled on the island too Edit to add recent comment from Genie45 (who is/was the Rag devs representative on forums etc)
  8. IanHighlander

    Is Leedsichtys still in the game ?

    It's been disabled on Ragnarok for a long time now, should spawn on The Island though.
  9. IanHighlander

    Steam ID to make me permant admin

    No idea how you edit it on a Nitrado server, but it ultimately goes into a file called AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt which is in the shootergame/saved directory.
  10. IanHighlander

    Alpha Rex & Alpha Deathworms do not spawn.

    They're rare but they definitely do spawn on unofficial Rag servers. Had one above my base last week.
  11. IanHighlander

    Snow Cave The Island

    If it's strong you're after, better off getting it on Ragnarok. One flight of steps, smash a rock and its behind it, no mobs nothing.
  12. IanHighlander

    What’s your tek rex popping with?

    I play on @GP 's server cluster which is difficulty 6 (max dino level 180), I assure you those stats are genuine before imprint stats (although I wish the non-imprinted damage was 431.6 lol). With 100% imprint the damage is 478.1 100% imprinted, unlevelled...
  13. IanHighlander

    Show players on map

    You can place pins on the map to save locations, just press P (might have to be with the map open, can't remember).
  14. IanHighlander

    What’s your tek rex popping with?

    My line I showed above is clean, zero mutes and "popping" as you call it at 372 now (although admittedly there's some useless stats pumping that up a bit). I already have a melee and hp mute stashed but am looking to increase my clean stats before mutating the main line, no rush