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  1. I suppose thats fair, but then lets consider the context of summer bash. Considering the name and party mentality stereotype given to americans, id almost guarantee it originates from the US, or from US citizens vacationing somewhere. This likely be around the 4th of july. Different view, whos summer bash are we looking at? Arks? WC? Either way their summer bash is USA styled. Usa company. It be like griping at toyota/mitsubishi/subaru ect for taking part in a japanese festival. I bet if any of us played a japanese game and they do some event about japan no one would flip out on that. So why are people giving an american company a hard time for the same thing. Its an US company doing a US summer bash 'party'. It their party, you can either fly over or get hateful of the usa and not. Chinese new year, oh thats cool. Mexican day of the dead, oh thats cool. 4th of july, BOOOOO BOO BOOOOOOOOOO. Not anti American my AZZ!
  2. Im not big on united states patriotism, but you Canadian's aught to be thankful of our holiday considering what it achieved for the whole of north america. If it wasnt for the US kicking the UK outta north america you guys would probably still belong to the UK and probably central america as well. This could maybe even extend to south america. I know you guys had to go through your own trial of independence but it never would of happened without the US shattering their death hold. Likely spanish speaking countries would be speaking english right now as well as all of Europe speaking german if not for the US. The anti American bs never stops...
  3. So griffin is unique to rag now(?), and phoenix is SE's exclusive. So the them is 1 unique creature per dlc. Why then is there 3 unique to aberration? Whats more theres only 10 creatures that aberration added and 4 of them are basically the same. So besides thos 4 we get ravagers, karks, and mole rats. #aberration cave is worthless. I say this because theres very lil it adds.
  4. I have no doubt that your right. I think its purely because they dont want to over a lack of system power tho. Quick question, if it tethers and renders from our save data, couldnt we theoretically have 2 save files loaded to render to separate areas? I know there could be confliction maybe between the files if 1 players without the other for a while but couldnt we load p1's save and allow p2 to render separately even? I know, kinda 2 questions, sorry. Im also not a programmer, but it does seem like this could realistically be done better.
  5. Then my argument should at least stand to allow us to increase the tether by a slider. I think my system could handle it.
  6. I know the tethers there to keep the system from overloading. But is 2 separate renders areas really that much to handle? Most people who want the removed tether want to play co op with 2 ppl. I dont see my system crashing from 2 rendered areas. If im rendering at 50+ solo i think it could handle 2 players rendering. Especially when i play center and theres literally 500+ insects in a cave...No exaggeration in total its probably close to 1000, suddenly moving and attacking, and my game, tho slow as heck because of this idiot oversight, still isnt crashing. I think in most cases 2 players individually rendering wouldnt 'blow up' my system. I think it could handle it. Maybe mark certain high demand areas as ever1 needs 2 b here and force a tether wen it does get to be to much, otherwise let us play without tether.
  7. Will val have reapers? Better question what ab creatures will be left out? I know drakes, anything else?
  8. I dont really think separation is needed really. I think more BALANCED nerfs would make sense. Im a pve and a solo guy. I know a huge reason why flier nerf was implemented was because players on PVP were uping their argys speed to 300+% making them move faster then the auto turrets tracking mechanism. Obviously something had to be done. Their choice was to completely lock the stat, highly unbalanced nerf decision. The intelligent choice would of been cap the speed at around 200%. Fixes the auto turret issue as well as keep some speed for getting around keeping pve happy. And lets be honest the majority of us still mostly use fliers despite the nerf. Im still flying a bird 90% of the time. As for mana nerf, yet again stupidity in the nerfs. Yes it was stupid op, to op for pve even, but the nerfs went a bit to far. Add a cooldown to freeze, yes because its the only rideable dino that can 'stun' anything. Reduce range, sure but overall, not just the dmg. Heck i here more ppl complain about the actual freeze, not the dmg...Reduce both to lightning wyvern lvl, u dont really need more, even on pve. Reduce speed if its going to fast for turrets, otherwise leave it be. Its the extinction dragon, end game, pay to have, actually requires u to achieve a specific lvl dragon(thats also part tek). It should maybe b allowed to out do wyverns a lil since wyverns are midgame, free, and a lvl 1 that gets lucky could ride tame(highly unlikely and maybe to extreme on the lvl but you get the point). Its breath should be strong enough to match a lightning wyverns breath(considering the duration of the attack) maybe slightly weaker to balance the freeze effect from your initial hit. Thus lingering balance on stronger enemies u cant refreeze because of the cooldown. Needed nerfed yes, but allow it to still b worth it as an endgame tame. End as end of ark, tho it is the highest lvl to ride extinction added creature which technically still makes it the final tame. Gigas are available on island, wyverns on scorched, extinction is after so anything it brings is technically more endgame. The lore also backs this considering extinction is the end of the story, and the end stuff is supposed to be better. You dont get the master sword midgame and upgrade to rusted sword at the end. But 1 point im trying to point out is i dont think we need a separate layout for both, the devs just need to actually think before they nerf. As i said above there could of been better nerfs or adjustments made that could of pleased everyone, except of course those few hardcore ppl lingering on the edges wanting permanent god mode or dark souls on expert.
  9. I wonder if the tlc2 argy bug will ever be fixed, cant carry anything without it eating me alive now. Of course the worst bug being the ascension glitch that wipes everything you done just about could really use addressed too.
  10. Ascension bug needs addressed and the argys carry has been broke since tlc2. It can no longer carry hostile creatures safely to a taming pit because everything begins chomping on it. The tek shield needs implemented into the extinction loot table and if you add the riot shield too, the tek 1 needs buffed to allow its superior status the rest of the tek weapons and armor have. As with the ascension bug, im missing an ingame reward i should have that the bug caused over a year ago. The reward is the birthday suit you get for max lvl. Even if i wanted to reacquire it i cant because i have to ascend to hit max lvl and itll wipe me again if i do. Whole endgame is F'd as long as this persists. Unlike odd lil changes that arnt that important, this is actually an important core element of the game and deserves an instant reaction from the dev team.
  11. Ya i noticed war drums responds to ever bug report post on here to do with mobile, they obviously care. I compliment their effort.
  12. Ya when it comes to maps and events i think you guys got shafted. Though switch has it worst. The only reason why id want mods is to fix the devs mistakes and maybe crystal isles which is basically rag and ab fused together. Speaking of which, @Jatheish @Jen @Chris can we get an official statement on whether you guys are looking to add crystal isles? Even a we are considering it but arnt certain response i think would go a long way.
  13. See thats where my situation comes in, im a singleplayer guy, theres bugs they fixed on their official that they are letting rot for SP and unofficial/dedi. Ever since the tek cave released the skylord artifact along with all the crates refuse to spawn in the NW cave on island. So you either cheat or the whole endgame is ruined for you. It really pisses me off they fixed it only for their official servers. Im ps4 btw. Ya the flier nerf was hard, but partly needed, i think they took it way to far tho, a speed cap would of been better then a complete lock. I too feel bad for switch, from what i hear abstract is guns ready to give switch more love but wc refuses to give them the ok. Dont get me wrong, i love the holiday events, i just dont think its cool to destroy so many players characters and then have new limited time content when players arnt really able to take full advantage of it with trying to regain lost ground or eventually scraping their new stuff when they regain their old character, if they ever do. A postpone might of been a better choice for the easter event. My beef was with the actual patching, as always i see basically nothing being done thats visually obvious to me. Really the only thing that actually effects me is manas suck even more now. Im thinking to myself, maybe its a good thing i never tamed 1 of these and do i even want to anymore? I feel like the dragon i actually bought should be better then the free 1s, especially when the pay to have 1 is THE ENDGAME dragon, and the endgame tame of the endgame map. Tek was highly disappointing til extinction. It wasnt upgradable so even chitin could easily out do tek before. Now on extinction ONLY, you can get upgraded versions, finally making it the endgame armor and weapons, though they forgot the shield in the loot tables XD. The mobile version irritates the crap outta me, it obviously has to be scaled down and yet they add new stuff to it that i wish we had. A special griffin that we dont have as well as the fact they can breed em...Thats so uncool wc...I want mutated griffins...With imprint. Btw, your alright, i enjoy talking to you.
  14. Oh ya it is lol. But yes, i have noticed more effort on their part recently. They do seem a lil to preoccupied with trivial stuff though, like does the dragon of extinction really need nerfed even more?...Especially when that horrid ascension glitch with rockwell is still going on. You lose your ascending character, all your notes and map discoveries for all your maps, your ingame rewards(skins and trophy rewards), your ab tribe so you lose your base and tames...Considering the main objective of ab is to ascend, it kinda destroys the purpose of ab and everything you do on it. It also breaks the lore based story(sad since it has basically no story and what lil plot it has is broken by this). Its pretty obvious this should be a priority and it seems they are ignoring it. Whats worse theyve already fixed this same bug with the tek cave ascension a year ago. They couldnt be bothered to make sure they didnt repeat it or just implement a slightly altered version of their previous fix...I mean someone(multiple 1s) need slapped, "what was that for", for being an idiot. They are being kind to our face sure, behind our backs theyre being d heads. Or at least they were, they have shown improvement since the team switched around. Im waiting for the next patch before i deem them as worthless as the last team. The QoL fixes they made with the land whistle and not having to wander to mate is kiss worthy XD. Then they got right on the getting stuck on rocks and floors bug and fixed it, so they do deserve some credit for effort recently though this current patch seemed kinda pointless(the nerf/fixing part). All in all im hopeful and willing to give em a new chance.
  15. Indeed, a lot of people do gripe over small details. I can understand frustrations boiling though. Its like when you have a bunch off real problem because of jerkoffs and then some store clerk smarts off to you for no reason and you just flip on him. Was it important, no, was it the last straw because of some careless d head, yes lol. Wc is super careless and they F sith us by doing so. So, they still deserve crap thrown at them because they throw it at us. Now idk the picture your talking about, i was just agreeing their coding is crap and the likelihood of it actually being the color coding screwing up the s+ which with all the extra coding they actually did its more likely not the color coding. Back on to how people keep coming back, i think its because theres nothing like ark, even with all the bugs its still amazing. The bugs being unaddressed simply because they dont seem to care though is unacceptable. Theyve had more then enough time to address old game breaking bugs. They just dont, and they wont until we kick em in their rears enough times to motivate them. Thus people cursing em out. We support the game and want it to be better, we do the only thing thats available that they seem to somewhat listen to.
  16. 1, nice english lol 2, you also said the color was broken, implying we are worried about the color when we arnt and you should of known rather obviously. 3, you then replied like a lil salty weenie under self induced false pretense, so you had your own lil off the handle going on there. True, theres bigger problems, like artifact issues and that horrific ascension glitch, but the initial point, which stands, is wc broke some decent semi important stuff with their patch AGAIN, showing their coding sucks. If you actually reread my 1st post i actually tell the guy it wasnt the colors(most likely).
  17. You replied 1, before i was finished(reread dude) 2, you dont read, hes complaining the color coding caused s+ issues. We arnt complaining about the color, hes complaining the color coding broke other, more important, coding. That should of been obvious even with the part you quoted before i was finished. Way to fly off the handle with sass without actually reading XD
  18. Hes got a point though, how can such trivial coding break more core mechanics? It would have to be 1 extremely unorganized and knotted code. Of course thats assuming the colors actually did it, theyve added new items, temporary creature variations, temporary eggs, special effects, a nerf for a creature, fixes for descriptions, meshing issues, and the environment itself. In all likelihood it was the more advanced stuff @Dzieciak that caused these bugs. Though your still right, they suck at coding because they always break something XD
  19. Says the governments and society that wants everyone against religion. Christianity is the extension of the hebrew religion which is 1 of the oldest religions
  20. Am i the only "old" guy that remembers easter is a Christian holiday...XD
  21. I like how the biggest bugs that effect the core game are never addressed. Like character AND REWARD loss from ascension and artifacts not working for the majority of your playerbase *cough* skylord *cough*
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