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  1. I'm having the same issue. Valguero on a Nitrado server. Only 1 squid, 1 mosa and 2 plesi spawn. If you kill them they don't respawn. If I do a dino wipe, they respawn.
  2. Thanks. I've definitely noticed a difference since bumping it from 1x, but I've heard a few different theories as to what the number does. I've heard that 5x is as high as it goes, since 5 is the lvl for ascendant gear, but I've also heard guys swear that 10x produces better results than 5x.
  3. Max Fishing and Loot Quality Does anyone know what the maximum effective fishing and drop loot quality settings are? I've had mine set at 10 and 5, but don't really see a difference either way.
  4. Hi, Is the ban on transferring items and dinos to Valguero limited to official servers? I have a Nitrado server that I changed from Ragnarok to Valguero and want to transfer items and dinos from Ragnarok. Any help in answering this is appreciated. Thanks.
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