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  1. It looks like this may be resolved with today’s update. I haven’t tested it extensively, but I was able to successfully teleport to one of my bases that was having this issue previously.
  2. SubjeqtZero

    Windows 10 will not update

    Their heads have been in the sand for quite a while. They've let things get to the point where they can't tweet or post anything without a majority of replies being requests for fixes. I'm sure it's overwhelming.
  3. SubjeqtZero

    Windows 10 will not update

    @Robbie82090, as much as I don’t care for MS, I agree with @chri5x on this one. Wildcard is the biggest group of Fups I’ve ever seen in a game developer. Great concepts, but they fail to deliver every time. I’m starting to think there’s no worse fate than loving a game whose developers have their heads as far up their @$$3$ as Wildcard does.
  4. SubjeqtZero

    Windows 10 will not update

    I think the process is probably that if you don’t submit the update on time, or if your updates are consistently full of game-breaking bugs, your updates don’t get released on time.
  5. SubjeqtZero

    Windows 10 will not update

    If you want to open a ticket with MS, make sure you open a ticket with Wildcard first. It's always the first thing that MS will ask you..."Did you open a ticked with the developer?"
  6. SubjeqtZero

    Windows 10 will not update

    @Jen tweeted earlier that the Win10 update was still in certification process. I think it's in Microsoft's hands at this point.
  7. Is the update going to have a fix for all of the render/disconnect problems that v777 is causing for Player Dedicated Xbox servers?
  8. SubjeqtZero

    Dedicated server character transfer

    Character transfer between servers only works if the servers are clustered and you can't cluster Player Dedicated servers. The best way to do it, since you are admin, is to: 1. Upload any items and dinos that you want to take with you. 2. Stop your server and start it on the new map 3. Create new characters on the new map and download your items and dinos. 4. Temporarily give admin rights to you and your friends and have them cheat the ascension and tek engrams on the new map. I may have missed something, so feel free, anyone, to correct me if there is a better way to do this.
  9. I've not been able to find a solution, or the thread that DJRone was referring to, unfortunately. It seems to me that this is an issue with how the game interacts with XBL. When my server becomes unjoinable, the XBL popup usually doesn't appear when I hit Invite Friends from the admin console on the server host. My solution has been to restart the server session everyday by hitting Return to Main Menu from the admin console on the server host, then starting it again. I have remote access set up and my server isn't hugely populated, so I usually check it from work during known slow times and wait for a time when there isn't anyone on. I also backup the Maps folder before starting the server session.
  10. SubjeqtZero

    teleport bug

    In my experience, that happens when there aren't enough foundations under the teleporter. When you use the teleporter, it's basically like spawning in and can take a few seconds for everything to render in.
  11. They're not going to fix it. If they fixed it, and a few other problems with Player Dedicated servers, you might not consider renting a Nitrado server. Player Dedicated servers are Wildcard's red-headed step children.
  12. SubjeqtZero

    Cross-Platform settings not changing

    If you are hosting on a Win10 PC, some of the.ini modifications don’t work.
  13. SubjeqtZero

    Ragnarok crashing

    I have around 200 at my main base and don't have any problems. I now have 0 tames at my base above and West of Viking Bay, with minimal structures, and I crash there all the time.
  14. SubjeqtZero

    trying to get dedicated server public

    The Player Dedicated server search list is broken. It always has been.