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  1. If your tribe logs show they both attacked you at same time its likely an ez ban. I don't know what else WC would use to prove it.
  2. Play single player. Ask @DonaldDuck to do a simple and basic walk-through of settings in single player (I'm too lazy right now and probably wouldn't be any good at it anyway). I highly recommend Ragnarok for single player. I found an old friend the other day when I found my old Ragnarok save - then I accidentally deleted it I think when I had to reinstall the game again (likely due to recent patch/updates). There are a lot of YouTubers out there that make videos about Ark. Neebs Gaming is somebody I would recommend for a new player. After a month or so you will b able to answer all your own questions without the excess baggage other people may dump on you.
  3. Downloading Eve Online as I type..... Every 3-5 months I wonder what Ark would be like if CCP developers/programmers got their hands on the Ark.
  4. Yea if we were posting threads on content, actually asking questions.......and all of a sudden everybody starts spamming re: server outages, patch issues, unexplained crashes,, etc... then that would be unusual. The thing is this game has ALWAYS had issues. At least before the game was released we knew to "deal with it" even though it was pretty tough. Meanwhile for me, Steam decided to reject the 200 gigabyte download sitting in steamapps and asked me to re-download, etc..., - before I get to actually log in to Ark and actually see what everybody else is yelling about.
  5. So some of your dinos/items' timers ran out and you are trying to save what's left?
  6. I watched this exact same thing happen in the desert. It is a perfect way to test the theory. Tranq that Argy and as SOON as that Argy lands - every creepy crawly morphs into a giant ball of creeper and heads towards that Argy.....
  7. If I remember correctly you need to kill all wild dinos after the multiplier change - I think you change the .ini file.
  8. Alpha raptors will pounce on you now?
  9. You might be able to claim your dinos after the timer counts down? Otherwise raid your base.
  10. Same here. If I am noticing "bugs" it's usually the internet or maybe graphics settings.
  11. The character I am currently using was born on a SE server and leveled on that same server and is still on that server. I raid people on that same server because it is convenient when people build bases that are convenient to raid. Otherwise I would have to actually try.
  12. What I do is use whatever kibble I can get that is practical for me personally to get. As others have said "Dododex is your friend" - I go down the list to find the best kibble "for me" (I tend to die a lot and lose stuff a lot). I have even been known to tame wolves/sabers using raw prime fish meat because it is fast and easy with a fishing pole on Scorched Earth.
  13. There are other ways to play and there are MANY ways to counter somebody on ANY dino. You WONT play this game 1 set way using one method....... What's ok on one island is NOT ok on another island because there are tribes that say so!!
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