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  1. There's a use for all the dinos, unless you want us to all play your way?
  2. Reminds me of that guy that cries in chat "Why am I always getting wiped " -- "Every 3 days after I build a base and tame dinos I lose everything " I've had a base on the same server for several weeks and it hasn't been touched yet......
  3. It actually says pretty clearly in the rules: Teleportation zones are treated as spawn zones and as such they should not be blocked nor have any turrets in them in either pvp or pve game mode .
  4. Go to a high pop Island server and spawn in the south. Eventually you will figure out pvp in Ark. What will work well, what won't. What you are comfortably losing, etc...
  5. I doubt anybody wants to tribe with people they dont know, because it's too easy to steal stuff these days. Best to simply play solo and build up a cache of dinos and loot until you can build a well placed base on a well known server, then find tribeys that will do what you say.
  6. Noticed today when I was removing stuff from the Airdrop, that there was still items in the Airdrop. I would get a preview of those items right after removing an item, then they would be gone until I removed another item - items I should still have access too.
  7. I was just wondering today what happened to my freshly tamed Argy in a pokeball that mysteriously disappeared..... On official PC. I tamed it last night - went to go get it today and it was gone.
  8. You're like the guy that had a tree fall on him, because he cut down the tree, because he bought a chainsaw, because he didn't want somebody cutting the tree down for him. He had options, regardless of his skill level (or lack of) and paid the ultimate price.
  9. This is the risk we take when playing a sandbox game. Or you can play single player. Or you can play on an admin operated private server. You have options and you made your decision.
  10. There's all kinds of Alaskans playing Ark. Thanks to the internet though, LAN parties are a bit obselete.
  11. I ended up tethering to my cell phone so I can reset timers in air drop. Right before each of 3 fatal crash there was a distinct, consistent 1 second skip in the music.
  12. I tamed a horse. I died to the cold. *Poof* the horse disappeared. No death notice, or tribe log. So what. I can see how much more frustrating this would be if I was on a Giga. Or I guess a Mana has a bug. I just move on to other things though, and try to be as optimistic as possible. It's just a game. If it hurts that bad don't do that.
  13. Fatal Error While logging in Tried 3 times to log in to my server and I keep getting a fatal error. This is the first time I have ever had this problem so I thought I would post it here to see if anybody else has noticed it. Worked fine last night. Not sure what could be different today.
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