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  1. My advice would be unofficial PVE - I am enjoying it.
  2. I was wondering about this as well. I was going to go farm a bunch of Ice Wyvern eggs and do the same thing, kill the unclaimed babies for XP. Maybe that idea helps you.
  3. You been playing many years and trying to get your friend involved on official? My advice is try an Unofficial first - one with PvP. Introduce him to the game gently. If you find an Unofficial server you like, I may even join you, if you tell me which one.
  4. Weapons. The best longneck you can find, then progress towards pump action shotguns.
  5. Its happened to me before. Somewhere on this website is a screenshot I took of a raft in mid-air - just hanging out. I think for me it was a bug with flowing water. Any flowing water where your raft is at? But yea it's a bug.
  6. Well then, your only hope I guess is to get good with those grapples and commanding your bird where to fly. Any dino you would want a Quetzel to pick up.
  7. Perhaps. Hopefully he will respond and ask more questions.
  8. Well #1 because he asked for tips. #2 Because I have finally been there, and trying to save him from the headaches until he is better prepared.
  9. Best you can hope for is submit a ticket, and wait 2-3 weeks for gm to show up and return your tribe to you. Might be easier to start a new tribe.
  10. It will be a while before he gets that status!!
  11. Ok, but an Argy can carry everything you need to trap those dinos - that would be picked up.
  12. By far the best way is with a friend. If you don't have a friend it gets a whole lot harder. I recently tamed a Quetzel with a friend, using a Tapejara, and that was difficult. Anything you do in Ark is going to be easier with friends, but everything is still possible. For example, using a Griffin. The Quetzel in general is not a dino easy to tame. If you don't have friends and reject friendly suggestions you have a huge amount of work ahead of you. Why do you need a Quetzel? It's a dino best tamed by a tribe, because it will likely be used by the entire tribe for the tribe. If you are solo, what you would accomplish with a Quetzel is easier to achieve using an Argy.
  13. I've noticed, after an experience with a hacker, there of course is a community of hackers in this game. The "other hackers" logged onto the server because of the hacker I had an experience with. In the 4500+ hours I been playing the game it has only been 1 incident with a hacker. Using an experience with a hacker as an excuse is just that. Too many other variables that YOU need to address.
  14. Its a pvp server. They are doing pvp. My advice is team up with 4-5 other people and work together, as they are doing unto you. 1 tribe that works well can easily overcome all obstacles.
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