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  1. I teleported to last server i was on and came back to same server and it solved the issue in case any other person face it...
  2. Go and play in your own servers then. If i have a problem in Single or my own server you are right about the decision. I'm playing in official server which they support and maintain and they set the rules. I want to play game with official rules. So they are responsible for that. Stop trying to change the subject, we love the game and want them to help us maintain better service and server. If you have any problems or solution suggestion you can write as well, if you don't then don't troll the topic.
  3. We lost our tribe ownership when 525 crashed yesterday. We can't feed our baby gigas... thank you for the unplayable event... All of our effort put in the game gone... Don't reply with me open a ticket i already opened one 4 hours ago.... All of our Baby Gigas will be dead till they look for it... And they wont even care to restore them...
  4. 525 is down for last 2 hours. How we can play the end game with this drops and downs of the servers? We died in Worm god last week in Ragnarok 397 because server dropped all players and all of our equipment gone. We are mainly playing at 525 and having drops for the last 2 weeks. Sometimes every 10 minutes we are dropping from server. (All of the users dropped from the server) Also server has multiple downtimes everyday. It was half hour before, now yesterday, it was around 1 hour. Now it is 2 hours downtime and we don't even know if anybody is really supporting or checking our problem. Please be a bit clear and also inform us regarding situation in these kind of cases. It is really disappointing and reducing your credibility for players regarding your studio.
  5. From starting of last month, we were having 2 3 or times a day disconnection issue and 1 server drop. Now we are having disconnection/timeout issue on this server every 10 minutes. Now it is offline for 50 minutes. We are sending reports through related google docs and no one even answering. All of the players on this server is having this issue. No one cared to check or even reply our messages. Can you at least give us some clarifications about the general issue on this server? We lost our dinos, we lost our items, we lost our game time. We are uploading to terminals and we can't find the dinos etc. We have so many issues on this server. We need your support.
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