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  1. If it is male yes. However I don’t know if you’ll get the boost
  2. So will pvp settings mesh with cryos?
  3. Only dinos that do friendly fire will work, like wyvern or basilisk breath attack. And I’ve seen accounts of it being done. @Cymas does it to level her boss rexes!
  4. Ahh that makes sense so no leveling on our carno? And we have friendly fire enabled/
  5. Yeah should be... however it seems to do no damage when we try and hit the baby ptera with our carno
  6. That was the idea use the unwanted babies for leveling our usable Dino’s. It doesn’t seem to work
  7. clustering servers hi I run a server using Ark Server Manager and was wondering what clustering servers do? ive been wanting to add another server. Does clustering do anything special? is it the same as just uploading and downloading to a different server? and how would i go about doing this? im a relatively new server manager so any and all tips and advice are welcome.
  8. Ah well thx for the help I believe we’ll just be turning the server settings to pvp. Sad
  9. Ahh thx. However. When I pick axe the claimed bbys to death I got 3 levels. It’s seems that this function is iffy
  10. I want the xp for the animal killing said bbys
  11. Would it be possible to turn pvp on? It’s just me and some friends so there is no chance of raiding. And friendly fire is on also.
  12. Dang I really wanted our Dino’s to kill them... sot hey still get the same amount of lvls? And can this be fixed somehow?
  13. Baby xp farming question. A couple of days ago a friend and I started to breed pteras. After several rounds of culling the weak and useless we saw that you can’t kill the unclaimed Dino’s. And even after claiming it a tamed Dino can’t kill the babies only the player. this is a problem because with all the useless Dino’s we want to do some leveling on our tamed Dino’s. Is there a way where we could use our tamed Dino’s to kill unclaimed baby Dino’s?
  14. Yeah the imprints would be scaled to the growth time so that they would get normal imprints
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