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  1. Problems with the Deinonychus’s controls. First off I play on Xbox and I got some problems with the controls of the Deinonychus, first off why are the response by the time you push the jump button and the attack buttons delayed by one second? That can cause some problems in game whey your in sticky situations when your trying to escape from dangerous creatures, and it breaks the immersion of the game, and the second complaint is why does the Deinonychus’s Dino latch ability have to be the same button as the jump button? why can’t it’s latch ability use the second Dino ability button or the Xbox’s left trigger? Why did you have to give it delayed controls and annoying button combinations where you have to use the same button to make it do different ability’s ?
  2. Will scorched earth ever get a ascension cinematic and the tek engrams you get for killing the manticore be replaced with unique exclusive tek engrams like a wyvern tek saddle?
  3. Will we get the intro and defeat music scores for the titans that are in the ark dev kit into the game? They are so cool they need to be in the game.
  4. Will we get the intro and defeat music scores for the titans that are in the ark dev kit into the game? They are so cool they need to be in the game.
  5. A way to solve that problem is to add in the intro and defeat music scores for the titans into the game, so that way the game can program itself to end the music.
  6. Will you fill the plot hole in your story in ark which is the scorched earth ascension that explains the missing gap in how the player gets off the scorched earth ark and enters into the aberration ark before you make and launch a dlc or sequel game that takes place after the events of the Ark dlc Extinction?
  7. And a fun fact, Karkinos is the name of a Giant crab in Greek Mythology.
  8. The karkinos are not spiders, their spider crabs,Spider crabs are just crabs with spider like bodies.
  9. Those three would be perfect for the crater forest in extinction.
  10. There are Aberration Dino’s that don’t glow and aren’t mutated by Element such as the roll rats,ravagers, and karkinos which is giant spider crab.
  11. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not there are no aberration Dino’s in Extinction crater forest zone, besides the corrupted reaper and rock drakes in the wasteland why are there no aberration Dino’s in extinction and yet there’s scorched earth Dino’s in extinction such as the morelletops,golems,and mantis in the desert dome.
  12. Hear me this wildcard,we all deserve that extinction gets released on the same day for all platforms delay the steam version to the tenth of November with consoles.
  13. Come and play on our cluster, we have island center rag and ab pvp all week purge weekends, x10 harvest x25 taming x 7 maturing fast egg incubation we have a Facebook group of the same name and rule enforcing server admins come and join Nomansland nitrado pvp on xbox now
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