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  1. Every time I die I bluescreen Title says all, wth wildcard?
  2. Tek Cave Person Max It is correct that the tek cave allows for infinite players? Just only being able to teleport 10 people at the same time to the overseer fight? And being able to teleport multiple times?
  3. I can’t go to single player because i am not Home for 1 day, and it is for overseer fight
  4. Tek Shield vs Bosses Can anyone test for me if you can reflect the projectiles from the Megaphiticus (rock throw) and the broodmother (poison Balls) i cant test it myself so would be Nice if someone helped me out
  5. Velonasaur fire rate. How much needles does a velonasaur shoot per second?
  6. Imprint and yuty roar GHow does imprint count up with yuty roar? So if the Rex did 100 dmg base, than add up imprint so it is 130 adding up 25% from yuty, then it is 162 1/2 damage. Or is it if 100 base and it adds up 55 from yuty and imprint combined so it is 155 damage?
  7. Valguero Broodmother cave What’s the best Dino to take into the Broodmother cave? We have cryopods and three or four people. Other useful equipment? Weight doesn’t matter.
  8. Flying in valguero caves In what caves can you fly? I know the brute cave is impossible but maybe the lair cave?
  9. Bug Repellant question If you use big repellent whilst riding a mount, will the creatures attack the mount to?
  10. We have increased torpor rates per level ands higher levels but it finally woke up
  11. Yeah rock elemental is still sleeping so think it is just that it’s torpor is full and will drain on it’s normal rate
  12. How long does cryosickness last? Is it just the unconscious timer for that creature. Cause my rockelemental has cryosickness and its lvl 780
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