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  1. badassunicorn

    HOW TO BUILD Cliff Platform Base

    Ello ! I just finished my "How to build" video of this Cliff platform tower base! I hope someone on here enjoys it and tries it out
  2. Ello, I finally got over my fear of platforms and built this "Little" base I would love to get some feedback - which I find this thread in the forum to be great for !
  3. badassunicorn

    video Solar Sail Spacecraft base

    This build is sick!
  4. My submission for the Arkitect competition If the 5 min rule still holds then just check the first 5 mins
  5. badassunicorn

    video CLIFF PLATFORM CASTLE base :)

    Ello I just finished my first ever cliff platform base and wanted to share it on here! Feel welcomed to give me some feedback !
  6. Ello I figured I'd share my latest build on here Also, feel free to come stop by if you are on my server ! I'd love to give you a private tour
  7. badassunicorn

    video HOW TO BUILD Rustic Castle

    Ello I made a tutorial on how to build this rustic looking castle :)! I think it is relatively easy, it just takes some time and resources
  8. badassunicorn

    How to build a cute starter base

    Ello,I just wanted to share this tutorial I made on how to build this starter base im really happy with the way it turned out, I hope you like it too I know the sound is a bit odd though hehe
  9. badassunicorn

    video Epic Waterfall Castle Base

    Thanks tr1p, I build it on a privat server and I dont really have much dinos + my computer is pretty good so --> not so laggy at all
  10. badassunicorn

    video Epic Waterfall Castle Base

    Thank you so so much !!
  11. badassunicorn

    video Epic Underwater Base

    thank you ! It was pretty time consuming
  12. OMG thank you! I won Arkitect!!!?? #victorydance Third time's the charm
  13. badassunicorn

    video Epic Waterfall Castle Base

    Strange.... maybe it didnt load in or something? Ill add it here again. If it still dosnt work you can just go to my youtube channel and find it. I only have 4 vids up https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbyxkDYOgzkPVt6nH49wqUg/
  14. This is my submission for Arkitect: Time: outside fo the base: 1. 0-1 min (total 1 min) Inside the base + inside the vaccume compartments: 2. between 6.00-10.00 min (total 4 min)
  15. badassunicorn

    Mutation on Official

    Omg u want to trade one? 😍