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  1. Linux server version dropped just a few minutes after the client update drop. (Though the binary is missing)
  2. Morggin

    Steam is downloading DLC at 0bytes

    Steam in general is having issues today. I had to restart all my machines to get it to reconnect to steam earlier (pre update push). WC was also encountering issues with the initial upload today due to the Steam issues a well. I have seen some folks also report they were able to update after clearing out the steam cache. To do this go to Steam > Settings > Downloads > click the CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE. If you continue to experience issues you could also try selecting another download region from the same area.
  3. Morggin

    Linux ShooterGameServer missing

    Same issue here essentially ~/arkservers$ arkmanager checkupdate Running command 'checkupdate' for instance 'island' [ WARN ] Your ARK server exec could not be found. Querying Steam database for latest version... Current version: 3283435 Available version: 3283435 Your server is up to date!
  4. Morggin

    Linux Server Auto Update Mods

    So you're trying to re-invent the wheel. Good luck with that. Wouldn't your custom script be a 3rd party app by definition? While you manually uploading all your mod updates through FTP, we will be doing an "arkmanger update --update-mods @all" and be done updating not only any pending ark updates but all 3 clustered servers and mods in 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. Morggin

    Morggin's Artwork

    Pictures i have painted from my ark adventures.