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  1. Cluster server start and travel mod Cluster server start through gateway What I was thinking of is a way to use something similar to the stargate portal mod and have it interact with the server OS to spin up another map that is staged but just not started. I have 6 maps in my cluster but would like to consider adding a few more instances. I think it may be a wiser use of hardware resources to only start and run a map if someone is going to be actively playing on it. So I was thinking what if there was some way to build a stargate like portal for each instance and when activated, it starts the server up, the letters on the dial turn green when the server is up and the travel pool flashes into existence and allows the traveler to walk through it and into another server on the cluster as if they did the travel option from one of the supply drops or an obelisk. Another consideration would be like a hub map. every person would start out on the hub and use some kind of switch in the hub map that starts up and activates another map server when they are ready to travel to it. Maybe have some kind of visual representation that the specific map your wanting to travel to is up and operational.
  2. Thank you sirvulcan it's working for me as well.
  3. Morggin

    Valgeuro Font

    Valgeuro Font What font is used in the Valguero in the images and map title?
  4. Linux server cluster and cross platform hosting I run a steam based Linux server cluster (Atrumorbis) is there any kind of switch I can add to my configuration to allow the Windows 10 / Xbox / PS4 folks to join my servers? I have family that only plays ark on XBOX but I don't want to have to pay $90+ to get the Windows 10 / XBOX version of ARK to play with them when I already own all the Steam base branch of it.
  5. Could we please get the unofficial server event switch (i don't see it in patch notes) for Eggcellent Adventure 4 (2019)?
  6. Linux server version dropped just a few minutes after the client update drop. (Though the binary is missing)
  7. Hi Guys i have built my own little Quick and Dirty Procedurally Generated guide that's a bit more detailed. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=784994784
  8. Morggin

    Morggin's Artwork

    Pictures i have painted from my ark adventures.
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