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  1. Not that i can even use manas right now without lagging out every 2ft, but they have DESTROYED manas. This is stupid.
  2. Says you're not accepting messages? At least on here....Can I message you on steam? My steam is Littlemurka. Thanks !
  3. If real life were like Ark: mobile... We would all be eaten by Gigas and Rexes
  4. Hey! I'd love one if the offer still stands I play on PVE. Thanks
  5. So why don't you just play PVE? That's what I do to avoid that very problem. Simple ? And there's always unofficial.
  6. This is very easy to use, thank you !
  7. To add to this, it is insane how many people use 6969 or 1111 as their pin. Come on!!! Try a little harder! Personally I'm not mean enough to steal people's stuff but I can't tell you how many times my hubby has opened vaults with those codes!!
  8. I can’t say it was perfect to start either. When the game first came out, as someone mentioned earlier, people would lead gigas or titantasors to your base on PVE and they would destroy everything! After this happened about 3x my hubby and I called it quits. That’s been fixed now so no damage can be done offline on PVE. So there HAVE been improvements. As far as aholes on the servers, I've only run into a couple. Some smeagol looking dude teleported me into an underwater sex dungeon recently (I stepped onto his teleporter...) But then someone got me out and even gave me a free cryo pod. So it worked out !
  9. Cool, what server do you play on?
  10. littlemurka

    New here

    Welcome! You are now a slave to your Dino’s/ base/ tek armor
  11. Yes lol I was stupid and left my own tribe because I didnt see a point in it
  12. So I found a way to get me Dino’s back. All but 1 rex actually and few other small items on my boat i restarted a tribe with the same exact tribe name and changed my tribe settings to “owned by me” not tribe. Few days later I got a tribe invite and “merged” tribes. When I did that I got most of my stuff back!! I think it’s because I used the same tribe name the game registered my old stuff when I merged with another tribe let other people know they need to try this so they don’t lose their stuff thanks!!!
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