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  1. MySQL is a terrible idea for a game, either WC would need to distribute it with the client for the single players, or expect the average player to be able to install and set it up, terrible idea. However an embedded SQLite for the single players with an option to offload to MySQL for servers is not a terrible idea. ARK could run multiple threads for the database stuff and still single thread it's core code.
  2. Ok, I am an idiot, I didn't update my test server before trying it. it works and the correct spelling is nonetthreading with two t's
  3. is that the correct spelling? Either way I tried -nonetthreading and -nonethreading with no change in CPU usage on Linux server.
  4. Ok, yeah I am seeing this too, it never used to do this. I notice also on server startup it is peaking at 200% cpu usage adn then falling back down to103% with no players, so are they running a second thread that is polling the network for the raw sockets??? that would use 100% cpu and explain the 200% at startup instead of the old behaviour of ~100% at startup and falling to 3% when no player online. Yeah, I don't want a core maxed out at 100% all the time for no reason. For the devs info, mine is running on linux with an i7 cpu. I know in the past there have been some issues th
  5. I dont get yo upoint ,sometimes the ark servers doi sit at 100+% of cpu and a restart fixes them. I find it happens about 50% of the time when I do a destroy wild dinos. Restart it and see what happens
  6. Nah, no news, the devs have said nothing for months if not years
  7. What do you mean it is not working for some maps? I would expect this is purely about network data and has nothing to do with a map. I seriously doubt there is an option available to map makers to tweak the network code of the server.
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