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  1. Brent93

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    I would like to see the proportion of the dinos more realistic to each other. Just saying the largest sea predator was a Ichthyosaurs that was thought could be up to 70 ft long.... megalodons also need to drastically get larger too. They were thought to be on average 60ft compared to a mosa 50ft. Mosas would be small fry compared to these guys. Gigas I think should be drastically decrease in size. Spinosaur would have been the largest followed by the giga and Rex with the giga only slightly bigger. Mass wise the Rex was the heaviest and most powerful. Gigas were more primitive and thinner and spinos were also scrawny with hollow teeth to eat fish. A Rex would eat both alive easily. I would also like to see predators fight each other, even if they are the same species.
  2. Brent93

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    What I did today was lose my new 100% imprinted wolf with base 3.5k hp and 400 melee due to lag in the swamp cave.... it instakilled me basically ????
  3. Brent93

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Get a basil and kills squids and alpha mosas
  4. I would like to see creatures matching their surroundings and biospheres. Like the polar bear and dire bear. Help with the immersion of the game. Imagine running through biomes and you can't just see all the dinos in plain site. Maybe slightly different stats for region so breeding can be more involved.
  5. Brent93

    Turret change discussion megathread

    I understand both sides, players want to still have a defensive perimeter at their bases without gaps and the devs want to make a smooth and lag free game. I do think the limit is a bit ridiculous . My personal opinion as someone who has used machine guns quite a bit is several ideas. Up the damage a good bit cause it is a bit ridiculous a stego can literally just eat rounds and barely be phased. Second any machine gunner would tell you machine guns are made to be deployed in at least pairs so a buff system would work nicely. Like for every turret up to 5 gets more powerful for same fields of fire. So 5 turrets let's say can be as effective as 50 curent turrets if they use this system. So you'll need less turrets for a given area with the same effectiveness. And give some type of armor piercing round that is slightly more expensive but more effective. Also look at history the defensive side always have a disadvantage in any case. The best defensive emplacements has been taken down with much lower resources and capabilities. That's why the old saying the best defense is a good offense.
  6. Brent93

    Alpha giga

    I agree with you. A single guy on a ptera can wreck everything but just kiting a alpha giga around. I've had a giga wander near my base on mid west coast so I don't know if he just wandered or got kited
  7. Brent93

    Alpha giga

    Alpha leeds are only a problem for rafts, a low lvl mega can kill one. But a lvl 1 deathworm has 20k hp and a alpha lvl 1 has 27. So just using that basic math let's say a third more hp. 80k hp turns into a 120k hp lvl 1 giga that can be used by a griefer to literally clear whole servers if they were persistent enough.
  8. Brent93

    Alpha giga

    So alphas typically have 4x the power of a regular dino. So you pretty much want to take a op wild and give a huge buff to make it nearly impossible for anyone to build up before a alpha giga eventually wanders and destroys everything you have. It probably would be able to destroy metal since normal gigas can already destroy stone. I rather just go caving for asc gear.
  9. Brent93

    Why do you play Ark?

    The cries of the dodos running from me with my MC pike. It's what get me up in the morning ?