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  1. Matilda left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - 449 Melee/12540 HP Rex Egg
    Great person! really friendly and very nice to deal with. I would gladly trade with again in the future! Thankyou very much ^^

    Wazzamaniac was Trading

  2. Paroxyde left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Carry me, senpai! [Extinction]
    Very nice people ^.^

    Wazzamaniac was The Seller

  3. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trader! Took a bit because of time zone difference, but in the end we managed it :D Would do it again.

    Wazzamaniac was Trading

  4. NeDeX left Positive feedback   

    traded with wazza x) all went good and fast . great guy overall and really fair trader . Keep in touch .

    Wazzamaniac was Trading

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