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  1. On laggy servers, gigas are notorious for dropping torpor while you're feeding them narcs. My advice is to trap it so that it doesnt escape when it wakes up. Do not start feeding until its food stat is low enough to eat all the kibble at once. Only feed it narcs, and no while its torpor bar is already full, as the overflow torpor will be wasted. So let it drop a little then stack the narcs. Always bring 3+ times the amount required. A phenomenon may occur where while the torpor is slowly rising from narcs, it starts randomly losing 200 ish torpor every few seconds. At this point you must prepare for it to wake up and have to tranq it again. It's a bug. But starve tame it to avoid wasting your kibble the first time around
  2. Did you collect all explorer notes? That gives you 10 lvs
  3. I think it's part of their recent performance patches and is grouped up with the reduced dino render distance. The light's don't show up until you get very close to them, so probably not a bug, but sadly an intended mechanic. Maybe until they optimize lighting
  4. Just making sure, did you forget a negative in your first sentence? Some pearl caves containing notes can also be blocked in PVE but I would assume this is an enforceable action.
  5. I don't see why they don't give you the option of simply copying your character to another server instead of having to transfer it. Or have a system like Terraria where you select the character, then the map.
  6. You can declare war to people on pve servers
  7. Hello, As many of you know, since a few patches ago, an optimization patch introduced the concept of dynamic render distance to the game. Since then, a lot of people on these forums and in-game have voiced their concerns if this will remain the state of the game for the foreseeable future or if this is a temporary change. Currently this mechanic completely breaks the game in many aspects which I will detail below. This has been plaguing our servers for weeks and is incredibly hurtful to the enjoyment factor of the game. I am sure many will agree that infrequent crashes or slightly lower performance are much more preferable to not being able to see creatures before they become a threat, or escape from you. On the other hand, these supposed performance changes have really not helped the game stability in any measurable amount as far as I can see. After this most recent patch, I logged onto the game and with my tek binoculars determined that the render distance was currently... 45 meters. Let me tell you why this is unacceptable. For reference, a giganotosaurus is roughly 40 meters in length. -Threat detection and hazards: Currently, you can be standing within aggro range of a giganotosaurus, and not be able to see it. When we did the tek cave, only the leading rider in the group could see the wild giga approaching, and it made it very difficult to coordinate and counteract the threat. I can only dread what will happen on scorched earth, if you pick up an egg not knowing where, and how many adult wyverns are flying nearby waiting to pile on top of you. You need to see threats from a distance to be able to react accordingly. Not to mention, currently many players are having problems with the dragon boss being invisible and it is likely because of this; -Taming: Currently, taming a dino can become a great challenge because it can escape from you very easily when you try to knock it down; -Severe graphical downgrade for a game that was marketed and sold, a second time for ASE players, with the promise of having an HD experience. Instead, this is a clear major downside compared to ASE, and is very disappointing for players who have machines that can handle the game but have no option to see further than 45m on EPIC settings; -Dinos on follow, ai dinos, and any related mechanic are NON-FUNCTIONAL. Any time a dino unrenders, they remain static and stop moving. This is very problematic combined with server lag, which makes any dino very slow to respond and don't even start moving until unrendered. keep in mind a giga is 40m long, but unrenders after 45m. This means if it's not a single stride behind you, it stops moving altogether. For all these reasons, I plead with Wildcard to consider the ramifications of this problem and to please address the issue going forward. This mechanic completely cripples the game, and does nothing to help performance whatsoever. And even if it did, most of us would rather have the lag (which is still around and as strong as ever, by the way). If this change is intended to make the game run better for consoles, then this proves that pc servers moving forward should not all be crossplay by default and that this should only be enabled on crossplay specific servers instead of PC servers where most of our machines can handle the increased render distance. Thank you for reading.
  8. The last announcement claimed a 8 hour rollback, however this rollback was way longer than 8 hours. Please roll it back to the correct save, this is something like a 12-16 hour rollback...
  9. Others might not agree with me, but I would be in favor of making official servers a subscription based service if it would come with better hardware and performance, as well as better moderation services with the generated revenue. This would also help against players who have abandoned the game years ago but log on once or twice a week to refresh their giga bases. Again, this is if and only if server performance increases significantly because of it.
  10. The saddle should leash you to it like a grappling hook. Personally, if I were to do this in real life, I would 100% have a lifeline in case I passed out so this would make sense.
  11. Any pack dino is useless now because they unrender before even attempting to follow you. Bringing a mosasaurus back home is impossible, the 50m creature derenders after 70m travel... With current lag on officials, expect a 20-second response time from dinos on follow. You have to crawl your way around the map lest they derender and you have to go back and get them.
  12. This completely cripples PVE-oriented players for no actual gain. They would have to add new servers to the PVP cluster as safe zones and not change current PVE servers if this were the case, otherwise it just kills a massively popular gamemode.
  13. As title mentions. Currently, no shield can be used with pistols (fabricated or simple) (From a PVE player's perspective-PVP might be different) While ammo for the fabricated pistol is plentiful in airdrops which is wonderful, these types of weapons seem outclassed by heavy hitters such as the pump-action shotgun. I propose that you could wield these weapons with a shield, since the player character does not utilise both hands to hold it. In fact, they extend their left arm forward, which feels like it could hold a shield with the exact same pose. This would help a lot with cave raiding, where arthropleuras spit at you from range and where you destroy your weapons if you melee them. Shields in general have little purpose, at least in PVE. And it would look cool in general.
  14. 100% agree, currently the underwater crates drop journeyman or lower loot, the best item I found so far is a 59 armor argy bp (mastercraft) Meanwhile, central cave is a cakewalk at any level and spawns ascendant capped items.
  15. You say megalodon are weak, wait until you encounter more than one at once, they're quite nasty lol. A tlc pass to make them look less chunky would be cool though
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