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  1. Wazzamaniac

    Giganausaurus available in Abberation map?

    No dino that's non native to aberration can be brought, with the exception of dinos that have both a regular and aberrant variant, as well as extinction exclusive dinos with the exception of the snow owl. So no sadly
  2. Wazzamaniac

    Making Tek/Machines radiation immune

    Chris confirmed on reddit that theyre planning on making tek radiation immune but their fix doesnt work properly as of yet. As for making sense, Im pretty sure in real life electronic equipment gets damaged and malfunctions when in the presence of high radiation. It would be fun to fight a queen with a mek and reenact Aliens 2 however
  3. Wazzamaniac

    Vanashing! wild dino's when taming

    Dont lie
  4. Wazzamaniac

    Transfering element off of extinction

    Destroying any tek does not yield element
  5. Wazzamaniac

    wyvern Wyvern TLC

    Id like ice wyverns to have the ability to freeze dinos like a mana if enough of the breath hits them. It's the weakest of the lot and it's a shame because it is the coolest (get it?)
  6. Hello Wildcard, please consider disabling collision between the element tendrils and dinos, as well as between players and orbital drops. When attempting to complete an element vein on a large dino such as a reaper, giga, spino or mek, it is very difficult to maneuver around the vein without getting stuck on a small tendrils and rubberbanding terribly and constantly on it. Eventually you can achieve freedom, but it can potentially cost you a lot of hp on a vein and is unsatisfying. Likewise, landed orbital drops can be very dangerous for a player on foot. Since you have to approach it to claim/disable shield/open, any player getting too close has a high chance to get stuck in it's hitbox and unable to escape unless it breaks or you happen to have a mount close enough to ride. One time, our tribe had 3 people stuck at once in the drop with an oncoming dino wave. Dying while in this state also makes your bag irretrievable unless the drop is broken because it is inside the drop hitbox. Thank you for your time. @Jen @Eli @CtrlAltDebug @Skittle @Seggzy
  7. Wazzamaniac

    Extnction Creature Spawn Mechanics

    Ive seen bears, stegos, brontos pop up within 5 meters of me.
  8. Wazzamaniac

    Rex stats advised to take on A Giga

    Theres a difference between two gigas and a single rex, mate. Basically, you need to be able to kill it under 100seconds if that giga is particuarly aggressive because of the bleed effect.
  9. Wazzamaniac

    Extnction Creature Spawn Mechanics

    In the wasteland, there are no rules. In fact they even programmed a spawn sound and animation for them (you see them materialize and you hear a buzzing electrical noise). In biodomes i think it acts as normal. Also, non corrupted stuff like bears etc also appear on top of you in the wasteland.
  10. Wazzamaniac

    Want to increase concurrent players by at least 33%?

    You have a point, but also even with cryopods our rag server has been solid tamecapped since friday. This would occur on other servers as well in the long run. Don't get me wrong, i love the rates though.
  11. Wazzamaniac

    Enforcer BP's are kinda confusing. Advice?

    Would not use one on anything above blue. Difficulty between blue and yellow ramps up way too much, and forget about red or purple
  12. Wazzamaniac


    Same here, am forced to pod them first
  13. Wazzamaniac

    Megatherium Imprinting Broken?

    Or cryopod it, it refreshes it right away
  14. Wazzamaniac

    Where is the x2 ???

    It was saying 3x breeding, there was nothing about regular evo event rates
  15. Wazzamaniac


    There never was a 2x on valentines, if you wanna tame things thats why box o chocolates exist, otherwise it would be more like 4x taming if you used one lol