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  1. That's already sort of a metric that the battlemetrics website tracks. You can see how often a server is down, player access(when up but issue for players to get in, and more).
  2. Its not up to Wildcard and this topic has been beaten to a mushy pulp. Xbox and PS4 and Steam platform owners (ie Microsoft, Sony and Valve respectively) have made the decision to not work together. Devs have stated that its possible have all of them crossplay and have set up this internally but their hands are tied until such time as those companies say yes. Thus complain to them not Wildcard.
  3. No difference this time. People were charged for the last season pass with general release times(like this time) and delays happened both with Aberration and Extinction. Again traditionally there are 2 delays each time and this time is no different.... As for cheated, that's just plain silly/entitlement ranting. You're still getting the content its just delayed. If they were to not give the dlc and just took the money, -that- could constitute the meaning of "cheated out of their money". That's not what's happening here. I'm sure you'll be teeth gnashing once its released too and then again when there are delays next winter for part 2 and the eventual disgruntlement of things upon release. I get it, you like to complain but its just really inane.
  4. No need to explicitly tell you. With the legacy closures coming at the end of January(ie freeing up server space for genesis map needs), the lack of any more discussions concerning genesis(ie all dark on communication of such), its pretty easy to see we're in store for the traditional 2nd delay historically that we get on each dlc(sans SE). Not really a bad thing to be honest. Once you're accustomed to this and how the first week or two plays out when released with issues and such, hype and impatience really aren't warranted.
  5. Reporters don't run the presses, car dealers don't make the cars, and your starbucks cashier doesn't harvest the beans. Like many companies, job responsibilities are allocated to different folks. And as a light jab to Cedric, you'd not want him being responsible for fixes anyway. Trust me.
  6. Sorry can you cite where the game name is Dino's R Us? Pretty sure the game's name is Ark Survival Evolved and from its very inception has been a Science Fiction game. I get your wants are that the game was exclusively dinos without boss fights with a dragon, obelisks, etc but your wants do not match the reality of what the game was/is/will be. Best of luck to you.
  7. Scrap it. Replace it with Survival Plus on the normal game Architecture(since the conversion architecture is a mess that most deign to not use). Hire Survival Plus mod maker to maintain and oversee it.
  8. Support is lacking, kited, vapid in assistance and will be for the foreseeable future. This is unfortunately the reality of it(out side of those who will throw out anecdotal examples they experience on rare occasion to the contrary.) Given the majority of players opt to play on unofficial servers and away from official/legacies due to a lack of (and intentional with legacy I might add) support, You may want to consider then making such a non issue and making different play choices.
  9. Unless you plan to hardcode some sort of engagement raid protection system(and given the state of the game that sounds like it would throw servers into even more instability), there's no way to proactively enforce this what so ever and seems extremely short sighted. I'm wondering how you would even enforce the breeding restrictions mentioned, especially since its easy enough to muddy that across servers and mask that through all manner of shenanigans. Either you're going to have to implement more hardcoded solutions or modify this rule change yet again.
  10. Correct. That's not in contention, the volume of participants on that platform using such versus that of the other mediums, I'm saying there seems to be a counter intuitive notion of limiting how they're handled/approached in comparison to the other for simply being a perceived catch all on red and here. Ironically though steam gets xbox and ps4 folks coming on there too asking questions at times though and Ive often told them to visit here in steam. But I'm again saying that statistically the evidence is compelling that the steam forums have a high volume of interactions of players on it with Ark, perhaps statistically more so than I would argue the volume of the 3 platforms combined here but at the very least the pc ones here. Saying then that the devs cannot maintain some form of consistent implementation of bettering the situation with the forums on Steam even with more volunteer mods is a shame. I know addressing this is an exercise in futility but I just wanted to have some form of it being mentioned given the context of what the crunch was speaking to.
  11. Correct, it is one part but with 5 million units or so sold to date on that platform and the daily activity on its forums for Ark being arguably as or more active than the official forums, here, (I've not monitored reddit's activity to state otherwise). I understand the statements of foucs on reddit and the official forums but its somewhat counterintuitive knowing how steam makes for quicker facilitation of dissemination of information by just under half the player base of the game. Also, I know members of the team have expressed as well open disdain for the steam forums too in the past but again its just a shame that resources cannot be put forward on the platform more to have both proactive and reactive responses to issues and interactions. While you cite the dev team being small(70's if I remember right), that doesn't require precluding more volunteer mods answering to Eli, you, etc or even some non dev team related payment resource that could be allotted for more liasons for steam either. GP Deb David are the only volunteer mods typically witnessed sporadically on steam ark forums and I think you can agree you could well enact more and quite easily. So again its just disappointing I genuinely think more could be done and not require full time devs at WA/FL/UK paygrades to do it. There are not too many things I am overly critical of the team for but the reticence to facilitate more on the steam platform in these regards is one of them.
  12. My only criticism of the code of conduct update is that more proactive (and reactive) applicability to that on the steam forums would be very welcome. Having people go pages and pages in threads(even being reported for it) calling devs and others pretty vulgar names and insults, spreading intention disinformation, and much worse on a -daily- basis seems to contradict the effort stated above. I just wish more consistency was put in place in that regard.
  13. Officially adding S+ is great. Just don't cannibalize it to the point of being a pale shadow of its current use.
  14. Nothing due to having a server that I loved stop because the owner just couldn't handle constantly updating mods. I've other servers I play very minimally that I could go to but losing that anchor server just sort of sucked all motivation out of me. Really wish the mod updating issues and how its become worse by the sponsorships could find a good solution.
  15. Just please don't Sean Murray (yes he's infamously becoming a verb phrase now) this whole thing.
  16. Wait, ispezz had zero modding experience before this? Do they have any game design experience otherwise? I just cant believe someone with zero experience of any sort could have made so much in a year's time like that.
  17. Will we be fishing up pleisiosaurs that when we kill them drop SOS notes in bottles that we can then fish up treasure chests and interesting house decorations? That'd be just so "Ultima"
  18. Probably not the only one but most likely you're in the minority on that.
  19. Hmm I wonder if the land mine dino is able to be tethered to a specific spot and resets automatically after dispensing with what triggered it or if it has to be commanded to do so.
  20. Jat can the lit lookin part and the other parts be custom painted(ie purple or red etc lights)?
  21. Over 3 hours and no communication on what is going on with The OC PVE Official Server 86 or others status.  Been down for these 3+ hours.

  22. Unscrupulous individuals on an OC pve server are using the boat wall clip exploit to harass and kill others(such as myself).  They've with multiple rafts  set it to now where even I cannot reach my dino's and they'll die(which also is agaist the rules from what I am given to understand)  I've submitted a report with screen shots(and I have more if needed) but the immediacy of the issue imo needs a quick resolving.

  23. My new terrorbird is named Drumstick. A friend painted his red and named it Spicy Chicken.
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