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  1. I took out Megepithecus Alpha on the island yesterday using 19 rexes 1 yuty on SP mode. 80-94 armor saddles. 20k HP 700-800 melee 20/20 melee imprints.
  2. Official Server 840 a weekend ago suffered a crash. Maintenance has been done but lag persists. Pillars dot the map, increased number of players and large bases exist. Rubberbanding has gotten so bad and has not gotten better. I get about 2-5 seconds of play time before a rubberbanding hits. I live In the west coast. Several players have mentioned Wyverns fly off on their own even on passive when offline.
  3. Yeah I agree it looks good they did a good job on my model for the Tyrannosaurus. But it no longer looks like a tyrannosaurus I rather have the old version. It’s a Ferrari trying too hard to be a classic Ford Mustang. Sure she is pretty on the outside but it no longer looks like it has muscle underneath all that.
  4. The dire wolf looks Good. It’s definitely a different choice, rather a different artist? The T Rex looks less like a Tyrannosaurus and more like the reaper in aberration. I do not like the new T. Rex. The other design was fine the way it was. As far as the T Rex roar I would like the original one back before it was changed during the flyer nerf. It sounded much more menacing and powerful. Right now he sounds like a pussy cat. Is there a possibility of going back to the original roar?
  5. Official Legacy Servers. A friend invited me over to the center map to go taming. I was so used to the island and how rare it was to find 150s. There are literally tons of high level dinos on that server. So I still have a base on the island, but I think I will be taming there from now on. The best part was we tamed a mammoth, a whooly rhino and a pair of wolves. all of these had over 50+ and 60+ points in melee after tame. Unheard of on the island. If only the transfer cooldown wasn't there... oh well time to get with the times.
  6. I'm just watching the behind the scenes on the music and I love it. I love movie soundtrack music and when they show something like this, the creators behind it, its just awesome.
  7. Official Server: I logged in a few times. Game crashed. came back a couple hours later, did the same thing and crashed again. Fed dinos and 2 servers I think. Probably had some starve due to server crashes and unable to log in. Who knows. I ended going out dancing tonight, got a nice fruit blended drink, came home thinking I'd jump on game but too tired and not feeling it. Perhaps tomorrow. I've been mostly replacing and remodeling my base and getting that finished before I tame or breed more.
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