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  1. Massive Griffin Nerf

    17k health sounds a bit excessive for a flyer.
  2. Dragon Boss

    how are the pigs doing in these fights? I've seen well bred ones heal in the fight for 2 seconds before all the Food Bar is gone.
  3. PVE official servers are in a huge problem

    The new servers are a pillared mess. Either way you you look at it, its still the same problem. They mostly made legacy and official separate for the sake of combating duping. Along with the CD put on transferring. This created a new community in the new servers and they filled up fast. Even the Island. Which is great for community, but a cap on the taming limit on the server would cause players to transfer to another server to continue taming. Assigning a server would drastically limit the players options where they couldn't transfer. The idea of it being a cluster would make it very close to how other MMO servers work. In final fantasy online games to transfer to another server you'd have to pay a transfer fee as they watch server transferring very carefully. It actually helps build a community within you're server a bit better than anyone coming and going through servers. The limitations on this would effect trading for sure, but I see this as a good thing. We have new players buying bred rexes for boss fights. These bred dinos take months to get mutations to where they are at now. The way trading worked on legacy servers made it possible for just about anyone with enough poly or metal to purchase these dinos. There is a lot to think about when doing a complete overhaul for the game to make it more player friendly as mentioned above. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. For now we are just going to have to rely on the community of players to work well together, despite the hang ups on trust on these servers.
  4. PVE official servers are in a huge problem

    The epic struggle I too love official settings. I don't like 100s of mods and when the rates are over 3x on anything its just "win button" for me. Its not challenging and I lose interest fast. For those players wanting a community to play with and still have that official feel in PvE, its just simply not there. Right now I've moved to single player and a friends unofficial server with just 3 people. It's not much and the rates aren't too terribly high, at least at first. They just keep adding more mods, increasing rates. I absolutely love the demo gun, but if that's all I'm playing it for then what is the point? I don't get how taming something that usually takes some narcotics to tame, but when the rates are so high you literally tame something with raw prime meat with no risk of it waking up is actually fun. It takes away half the features of the game. (yes i know people have lives and would comment as such as they don't have time to tame something for 2 hours.) On official on a legacy server I wouldn't dare tame anything that took more than 2 hours to tame. I would build up my kibble farm. I put in a lot of hours over a year of playing this game just to breed to do boss fights and make a decent sized base. I never even bothered pillaring anywhere. Didn't make sense for me to own half of the map just to keep it safe from people ruining spawns. Or block rivers or pathways.
  5. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    this is still a sandbox/mmo I'm sure even after they move on to other projects Ark will still be getting support. right?
  6. Question about Auto-Decay

    I don't recall how far back it was, but yes like mentioned you have to be in render range. hidden patch perhaps? I had this issue with dino claim timers being what they are for the longest time and then one day dinos auto-decayed within 3 days. I lost 100s of dinos and quit playing when this happened. My ally checked a day before and mentioned it to me they had 4 days left. I said okay I'll log in tomorrow and feed them etc. Poof gone. I know they are trying their best to handle server issues with lag and other such things but come on, no recovery options for things happening like this where I am not even cheating or duping. I'm just a guy playing a game that is about as unforgiving as its survival environment. Ark has the corner market on a successful survival game launch. A taming dino one for that matter. So you shouldn't question their methods and just accept the way things are in this game. This is the kind of player base attitude, from 12 year olds, to give me reason to not invest as much as I did in the game. They might as well kill off PVE and go completely pvp since players there are so used to getting wiped 3 times a day anyway.
  7. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    what would be a better engine to use then? I am curious and you may not know the answer, but I keep hearing people say "limitation of engine" or "cannot be fixed due to engine" or "so-n-so engine sucks cuz of reasons". I am not a programmer so I have no idea what these well thought out or half baked comments even mean for the average player.
  8. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    Q&A with dev? Yeah I'm sure it was a question brought up. but if they haven't released more info yet officially, I doubt it will happen. But time will tell.
  9. Night vision goggles way OP...

    A very interesting perspective on it. I see where you are going on this. Immersive side of things I can see Ark feeling more of a challenge if those settings were used on those goggles. As they do use modern day tools and weapons and gear like assault rifles, sniper rifles, longneck, glowsticks, ziplines, riot gear, etc. Having those limitations would set the tone for the tech. And if you want the full blown sci-fi stuff on goggles you have tek tier versions that breaks those conventional boundaries. In PVP I know that gamma is disabled, but still players use K mode and/or low graphic settings to see inside bases at a certain distance. The rendering exploit as always been used. A flare does wonders for increased vision before moving in on a target, much like a squad does before going in to avoid certain dangers in combat. I know not everyone plays like a squad on this game. (mostly head cut off chickens running around.) but it would be hard to see a point to making changes to night vision goggles since hardly anyone uses those expensive things. I would truly love to see more things like this used more. (ex. Smoke grenades and poison grenades for example are useless in PVE. low torpor effects on dinos.) Perhaps if they put in a new experience building system with tek tier items or modern day items? Such as usage = exp = points earned to spend to learn a new function of an item like able to see better in NVG, or less movement while crouched shooting a sniper rifle or ability unlock to use stamina to hold breath. Perhaps a arc marker when throwing grenades, much like the marker seen while using climbing gear. (Fallout 4 uses this.) Maybe have something similar to wooden spears being thrown. Sorry this opened up a can of worms for me on ideas.
  10. what platform indeed. official servers are officially full on PC. You have to travel pretty far to plant a 1x1 down for a base, despite it being said there is room to build a decent sized base. No one is going out of their way to help new players to these maps. Most are so afraid of griefing, pillar terrorists, and the chinese player base taking over everything. It would go a long way to helping build a better community if we can allow better building base options or coordinates to help level 1 players. It kills any potential for legitimate players wanting to enjoy the game. (yes most players should know already to not block pathways, kill spawns for resources and dinos.)
  11. yep. And then when it was available on official servers the ME we usually see hardly gives you pinpoint location. sure you upgrade to a compass and gps, but you'd think if I knew the exact coordinates when I pin something the pin would be much more visible.
  12. Old Ark

    what first caught me was those 2015 videos on youtube and someone in a fallout group suggested this game as an alternate means of entertainment. I was drawn by the tribe multiplayer aspect and taming of raptors and spending days just having a tiny wooden hut with 4 other players. I forget the youtuber. They did about 20 episodes and ended with a broodmother boss fight. (before there was an arena for it.) I think I stopped watching by the 7th episode when they got a stegosaurus. I love stegos and they were a defined upgrade from gathering for narcotics. That sold it for me. Ever evolving until you tame that first Rex. I never did tame a Giga, but now I miss those first days of play where there wasn't really a trading of high level bred dinos and ever expanding list of dinos. I miss the way it was before the Chaleco. But I can't imagine the game lasting long like it has if it didn't continue to add content. It would have been just another steam game that lacked content. Even if the game is buggy now, I can see why its lasted so long despite all that.
  13. Highest Possible Melee for Rexes?

    We've had more luck taming on The Center. 140 145 and 150s popping close to 60 points in any given stat.
  14. Highest Possible Melee for Rexes?

    you play on xbox? I think the highest I had on my first rex on PC was 325. I've seen as much as 350 post tame.
  15. Maybe not a directional arrow, but perhaps a more accurate dot on the screen that tell you somewhat where you are. You can clearly see the brown butt end of the pin but not the fine end of it. Since this is a survival game it needs a llittle bit of survival challenge. The pin on the map is so vague. Most don't go by it, but it does need an upgrade.