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  1. The people complaining may love the game as much or more so than you do, this isn’t an echo chamber for fan boys who get the vapors every time someone voices a negative opinion
  2. Every game you listed as examples are sequels, ASA is nothing more than an expensive face lift.
  3. All this and it looks like we wont even get a partial event for Easter.
  4. If I want bad enough, yeah, I'll wait, it wouldnt be the first time.
  5. 2X taming was made permanent a few months back, let the breeders get a perk for a change without whining
  6. Not always posted, but most people look for patch notes under patch notes.
  7. Good thing they aren't all eating Tide Pods
  8. You are talking premeditation, and if you participate in a riot, well...,but keep jumping around, your gymnastics amuse me.
  9. You were innocent, until you rioted, you know like you aren't a murderer until ya murder someone, but keep up the mental contortions.
  10. "innocent people are rioting" Your mental disconnect is so disturbing on so many levels that I can't even begin to understand let alone relate, but I am certain where you dock your head 24/7
  11. Really sad so many people like to spread more misery to make themselves feel better.
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