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  1. I'm just saying but the last few events have been taming including evo. This event isn't any different. You can look back at any of the cc and see that. Apparently all you have been doing is talking drivel with these reply messages.
  2. I'm pretty sure you would but also being harassing with reactions to any and all of my posts is pretty much a time waster. It's like you aren't getting anything out of it either . . . but just a observation from someone who doesn't waste time either. Even if that includes taming time.
  3. I know but always seems like the last few events had 2 times taming and always seemed like a package deal with xp and harvesting . . . . l'm just saying but I'm not only one there is others on Twitter and etc. mentioning or wanting taming.
  4. Are you really going to wait a hour for taming most dinos?? I don't think so and they had 2 times taming last Christmas event so I don't know what changed and it should be 2 times everything
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