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  1. I would think for Christmas the "Ark Evolution Event" would have been a lot better than this... just 2x and nothing to do with maturation/breeding.... so sad but oh well... Merry Christmas!
  2. Any update on releasing the first part of the desert map on the server capped Ragnarok servers that was supposed to be release over a month ago?
  3. Highspeed63b

    Suspension Bridge

    Lag city lol but it looks great!
  4. I don't understand why you all made the trailer seem like an FPS game, I am not a fan. Bummer.
  5. I'm stoked!!!!!!! Wish they made the Phoenix huge like the Wyvern and mountable though!!!! Would have been a BEAUTIFUL flyer!!! <3
  6. Wish I could get out of this "Early Bird" status.

  7. I must have overlooked that, thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it!
  8. Yea I know what you mean. I understand not being able to take any items or gear, or dino's, or anything really... but I'd like to not have to start a new character just to play it.
  9. I sure hope the ragnarok comes out on Aug 8th for PS4, I put in for a vacation day.
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