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  1. Cloning seems to be a right mess as it is now.. even rather random.. so.. what if we had a new Cryo Fridge for cloning creatures from one Cryo Pod to a number of other empty Cryo Pods. This would allow a much smaller Cloning Tool but would also vastly improve the cloning process as it is done from one Cryo Pod (the source) to a number of empty Cryo Pods (the set destination) with a fixed value of element to complete the process in a much smaller but more organised way. This would mean you only get the amount of clones of what you wanted. Also clones should come out fertile too (only if the tri
  2. Please enable us to turn off viewing these silly green circles.. it is ruining the game!!
  3. I love to catch Tek Paras and they come in a variety of interesting colors. We can paint almost anything but I would love to see the ability to use electronics and paint to craft a 'Color Circuit' and change the colors of a Tek Dino at our will. We could 'reprogram' them so to speak. I can use admin powers in my own server to do this so it is very possible in the game already!! Also why not have a new skill branch allowing us to manufacture Tek Dino's and add more Tek Dino's so this develops a brand new branch of skills and game play!! If we were kind we could manufacture Tek Paras and give th
  4. The Tek Dinosaurs are true gems and they are absolutely awesome. Finding them in the game alone is a bonus but taming them and having them as pets is absolutely awesome. Please add more species of Tek Dinosaurs and Creatures. I am absolutely grateful for what we already have and I absolutely adore the Tek Para's but I would also love to see more species of Tek Dinosaurs and to also have some of a backstory as to how they came to exist and why. I would absolutely love to see such species as a Tek Triceratops, Iguanodon, Ankylosaurus, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Therizinosaurus, B
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