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  1. Even if they decreased the imprint duration that would be a help, it used to be a lot longer than eight hours Gen 2 isn't my go to server, too much lag and disconnection issues in mission, I despair! But yeah, hallelujha for the maewings, the incubators would be fine if you could remove a fully incubated egg without having to hatch it but that's just a minor issue I have with them...... Such is life, most of my time in game is as a solo player just how I like it, my tribe mates; all have lives too so we're pretty much like passing ships in the night. "The current event is just
  2. Who's complaining it's merely a suggestion and for the record I was behind a bit , I wasn't aware at the time the even was in progress More events please and as a special bonus for those of us who work a fifty hour week or more; bring on the 2x breeding and maturation
  3. I'd like to see x2 breeding added to the weekends, we get x2 collecting resources from time to time but breeding and maturation should be added as a bonus, for everyone and all of us dedicated players who play every day........ Who is with me? Show your support.
  4. What is the current maturation rate please? Anybody....... Xbox official..
  5. Official 1595 always like this, please fix the game, going down every 10-15 minutes.......
  6. Same on both my servers, creature upload disabled??? what is going on please?? when will this be enabled??
  7. Why can't i see If there's a male or female creature in the cryo's anymore? I mean why change this??
  8. Yep, this is complete bollocks, please can someone help us the servants of ARK, Appease your master and fix the **************** Game! please!
  9. Looking like it's fixed, I haven't crashed out as yet; been on for over thirty minutes and no issues as yet!? even got the babies out of the cryo too.................?
  10. Wildcard has done another 21GB update I’m assuming it’s to fix the crashing on the official servers but it’s only made it worse I’m crashing even more now. It’s a joke honestly, I’m trying to imprint my gigas but it’s not going to good for ?????

    1. Donk67


      I've got babies in the cryo, waiting to raise them too, I heard from one of the guys on my server that a further update to correct things is coming today...... I'll check this evening to see if things have improved, as of that latest 21GB update you mentioned, I'm  crashing out every ten minutes..... Not good!

      Hang in there, hopefully they sort that fix out today!? ?

  11. Just managing to stay on long enough to refresh things on official, not getting too adventurous atm... I heard monday is D-day, so hold on to your hats... This from another player in game!? Ten minutes then i'm disconnecting... Oh what joy! Lol....
  12. Unfortunately this happens with every major event update, for the last five years..... It ain't going to change now.. Whenever something is fixed, something is broken, it's just the way it is with this game; always has been ,always will be. if you stay for the long haul you are a survivor.......... That's ARK! good luck!
  13. Please just fix the game so I'm not disconnecting every ten minutes on official, so I can enjoy the event! Thanks....
  14. New flyer has to be the largest of the Species otherwise I'm not interested, so I'm looking forward to taming the Coloborhynchus
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