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  1. Load out manneqin is bugged, I keep losing all my stuff from the hot bar when I use it?? Besides that the wooden frame is missing too!😐 Can this be fixed or do we have to wait for the next update?
  2. No centre servers listed can't get in to Gen 2, is it all fooked?? Whats going on???
  3. No travel allowed servers are locked out.... Why?? anyone please?
  4. Official is back hope everyone gets back too, scary these updates especially when you have babies out🤗
  5. Good question. once upon a time they would make announcements and keep the community informed about udates and their progress, not anymore though.. Sorry I can't answer better, I think they have a twitter feed but I don't subscribe to that.
  6. Well I guess we know what comes with it, they never go to plan.. Disruption and chaos😬
  7. I just dropped 14 baby Gigas to get past the baby stage.... Busy afternoon ahead! Kinda!
  8. That's exactly what I'm talking about, thanks for your input😬👍
  9. Yep same here we lost a lot of high stat tames across all our servers, re-establishing our trades to do it all over again but with a bit more hindsight. The x3 rate is helping but I still have a wasp in my mouth over all this. This has historically been a buggy game from the off but seems to be getting much worse.
  10. Is it just me? But sinse the servers came back up, I think it rolled back way beyond the Monday 19th Sept, more like Saturday 17th? Anyhow, server lag is much worse than it ever was and that's saying something! Is anyone else experiancing major lag issues? We seem to be lagging out a lot more than the usual two or three times a session, having to rejoin just to open a door FFS.
  11. Well, I don't know if we are still there until Fridays deadline I guess, being a five year veteran myself, we have a lot to lose across all our server bases, not just those babies.. To say we are royaly p**sed would be an understatement.. I hope whoever is responcible is strung up by their B***s🤨
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