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  1. Lol I posted this 5 min after he posted the original and had to edit it to include the answer to my question.....
  2. @Jat Will legacy servers still continue to receive the same updates as the new PvP servers? Or will we be frozen as is as far as updates?
  3. Are the tek engrams retroactive? Say you've beaten those specific bosses, do you have to do so again?
  4. Router broken, offline for a few days.

  5. Ark + BattlEye = Lag Babies

  6. @Jat Are trip wires supposed to expire? We have covered our entire base twice with tripwires now and they just seem to have the connection break on them over time. This kind of makes them a useless item if we cannot have them go off and alert our tribe mates or email....
  7. @cad Hey Cad, first let me say i appreciate all the work you've done on this, you're a freakin legend man! All of our tribes relies on your tool as you blow dododex out of the water in accuracy. My only request and hope is that someday soon you'll eventually allow for imprinting to be calculated into there so you can extract base stats from imprinted creatures. I know there is a phone app that is attempting to do this, but it crashes every extraction for me. Hoping Smart Breeder can have this ability soon.
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