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  1. I have witnessed a abberant spino melee at 396 at pop with no mutations, we currently mutated it 3 times to 430 melee, but I have tamed a spino with 4500 health before tame and only got 5500 health when it stood up on official pve I also got 4200 health and it stood up with 5400 health both of these health were 145 abberant spinos, so I find the health is difficult
  2. No wasn't a rendering issue, they spawned 300+ foundations away from the teleporter I went to directly on top of each other, a fellow server mate found them, please fix this I never would have found them.....
  3. Dinos disappear on teleporter I was teleporting over to a base that had public teleportation, so I just enabled mine cuz I previously had public settings off and I had 2 dinos disappear on separate teleportations, DILO one was my breeding pair of argys c'mon ark
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