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  1. I get that part, what I don't get is why the amazon issue necessitated deleting honest players items from the cloud.
  2. Does nothing for people who had their stuff deleted out of the cross-ark storage either...
  3. Is there any chance that honest people who had stuff deleted from the cross-ark storage in the recent "duping solution" are going to have their item restored?

    1. xxooPROPHETooxx


      LOL. I lost a level 81 character and enough supplies to outfit a large nursery in the OB.

    2. xenocidic


      I'm not saying you shouldn't be compensated either. The duping "fix" only seemed to punish honest players and the dupers are still out there having lost nothing, just waiting for the next dupe.

  4. Yeah, there's that. Tonnes of duped stuff still floating around.
  5. Yes, due to a dupe glitch. So people were able to pull items out of the ark storage but they remained in the ark. So they rolled back the servers, so the duped items they pulled out of the ark were taken off the server. So why delete the ark storage also? People who didn't dupe got severely punished if they had nice things in the ark storage.
  6. You must be on a modded server.
  7. Someone please explain why they deleted unique items in the cross-ark storage Right now I'm just looking for an explanation as to why they deleted unique items in the cross-ark storage, and why they couldn't just change stack sizes to one, or delete duplicated items. We had a bunch of unique (non duped, already clamped) blueprints in the cross-ark storage that were uploaded Monday morning. They rolled back to sometime Monday afternoon and deleted the cross-ark storage, thereby deleting all the blueprints that were in the cross-ark storage. I'd like to know how that was meant to address the duping/AWS outage.
  8. Is there a trick to it?
  9. I don't understand, we were not duping the blueprints. Nor were we trying to protect them from clamping, they'd already been clamped.
  10. What makes you think they care? In fact the more players quit, the better for them.
  11. I had put my best blueprints into the cloud Monday morning, they rolled it back to Monday afternoon sometime and deleted everything in the cloud. A big "F you" from Wild Card, good luck getting me to recommend this game to anyone.
  12. No evolution event can make up for all the items they deleted out of the cloud.
  13. Don't you understand they are sincerely sorry? You lost all your work and priceless items, but ... sincerely sorry. Really. They're sincere. /s
  14. Just be happy you lost stuff that you can (fairly) easily replace. We lost all the best blueprints we had because the server rolled back to a time when we had uploaded them into the cross-ark and they wiped everything in there.