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  1. That's weird, why is it only manifesting now? We never had stacks of 198 metal before... Are you sure it's not due to the harvesting health changes or whatever?
  2. Correct, forgot to say that.
  3. Metal is only stacking to 198, raw meat is only stacking to 18, etc. This is on Official PVP.
  4. Edit: Server crashing issue seems to be resolved, please delete this thread.
  5. The only thing I can suggest is joining their tribe on a temporary basis, but that might be too much logistically and also a trust issue.
  6. Just make sure you don't waste time naming it. Claim it, hit cancel, then F, then T on the berries/crops.
  7. Doesn't Tek Replicator fulfill this role?
  8. Sometimes you can destroy a crop plant (especially crop plant X) with a default press of the E button, sometimes when dismounting or if it is bisected by a pipe.
  9. I don't know but I am going to guess it's at time of hatching. Let us know?
  10. Since you can't "take oxygen" from the diplocaulus when a SCUBA tank is equipped, please set "mount" to be the default action when wearing a SCUBA tank Alternatively, put a configuration option in the radial menu to make mount be the default option. (Many a hectic moment underwater when I dismount the diplocaulus to collect pearls and a hostile water dino sneaks up on me.)
  11. I've had a few friends who accidentally destroyed the transponder on my dinosaurs. I would love a safety countdown, similar to the demolish mechanic, so that they have to actually have to intentionally destroy the transponder, rather than do it by accident when dismounting, etc. Alternatively, make it so you can only destroy the transponders on your own tames, or make it so that destroy transponder is never the default action so you at least have to bring up the radial menu.
  12. Yes, breeding Ovis is working. However, the offspring will usually fall into the ground or floor, so you should place the mother on a raised floor that you can access the underneath portion for when the baby is born. For an animal that is (most likely) being bred for slaughter, it would be really nice if baby sheep could feed directly from a nearby female sheep (i.e. suckling), or a trough.