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Sunken Scoop 23: TLCs and Tree-LCs!

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Welcome back sunken survivors!

Another two weeks, another Sunken Scoop! But what is a Sunken Scoop? To give some context to all the new folks we've had joining the discord server,, it's our unofficial version of the Community Crunch, that releases every 2-4 weeks (though we've been really good at keeping it at a fortnightly pace!), where we show off what we've been working on! 

These past two weeks, TLCs have been a big thing on our mind! For those who aren't aware already, all our creatures in the ASE branch of the mod will be receiving model upscaling and touchups over time, to bring them up to speed with the level of detail ASA demands. Thanks to Kami's hard work, Sphyrna has a nice and shiny new model! In addition, we're following in WildCard's footsteps and doing a tree reveal of our own! Our fruit trees have gotten a lovely custom look thanks to RexMyPet. And sticking to the theme of TLCs, Shonisaurus has received a visual touch up thanks to ZCI! Read on to find out more!

If this is your first time diving into the deep end, we are a dedicated team of individuals who are looking to spruce up the ocean biome in the same way that Scorched Earth offered a unique, biome specific challenge to survival. New creatures, resources, structures, items and more, all set on a huge custom map, we're looking to give ARK's oceans the TLC they deserve! The main goal is to bridge that huge gap between early and late game ocean exploration, and make it much more viable and more fun to live a life beneath the waves! This is unofficial content and is only related to our mod. It is in no way related with the official game and its content releases.

Let's dive into the scoop!



Here comes my shark in shining armour! Thanks to Kami's wizardry, Sphyrna's remastered model is complete! As stated previously, this TLC is completely visual, as we feel Sphyrna's niche is strong enough as it is. Its ability to detect metal will be especially important once the TSW map comes out... no resource maps for you on our custom map! Kami is currently doing some slight touch ups on Sphyrna's animations and saddle, but once those are finished... it's hammer time!

If you're looking for a comparison to Sphyrna's old model, check out Sunken Scoop 17!

Look at that wear and tear on the head plates of our ore-smashing shark! Kami has really put a ton of the LC into this TLC :)



Happy Pride Month! We heard about this month being fruity so we decided to join in the fun! Back in ASE, our fruits were harvestable from trees that looked exactly the same as those in vanilla. While this worked well for the Crabnuts, for every other fruit it was a bit out of place. Bananas from a palm tree anyone?

We decided very early on that we wanted some nice custom models for the trees in ASA! This will make them easy to spot at a glance, in addition to breathing a bit more life into the surface areas of the map. While TSW is primarily an aquatic experience, getting that tropical island feel is very important to us! And hey, they'll make excellent decorations if you put them in some plant pots too! Again, thanks go to RexMyPet for providing us with these precious palms and beautiful bananas!

We're also considering making these fruits farmable in crop plots! We're still deciding how and what they'll require to grow, so we'll keep you posted when we have some more details.



Shastasaurus? Never heard of her! ZCI felt that his older Shonisaurus feature piece needed a bit of a touch up, so he went and gave the big ichthyosaur a fresh coat of paint!

This new piece shows off a lot more of Shoni's unique characteristics, like its love for eating invertebrates and its ability to create vortexes to hunt! There's also a small teaser of Abyssal Saurichthys' pod saddle!



Three is most certainly quite the charm! That's three scoops in a row we've gotten some amazing content from our community to share! We're absolutely loving all the stuff you've been sharing with us! If you have anything you want to show off, feel free to send over some screenshots, artwork/fanart, videos or anything in between! There's a submssions channel in our Discord, or you can tag us @ARKSunken or with the hashtag #sunkenscoop on Twitter!

Clips and Videos

Creator: DarkEdgeTV

DarkEdgeTV is back at it again with another excellent showcase of TSW's creatures! If you're looking for everything you need to know about Sphyrna and Saurichthys, this video is the place to go!



Omnidens Fan Sculpt by NavyTheDodo


S'mores! by Dinobros2000



Don't talk to me or my son ever again by KingRiley



That's all for this edition of the Sunken Scoop, thanks for tuning in! Sphyrna's upscaled model is truly something spectacular... but that tree reveal though! If you're looking for even more TSW content, why not come hang out in our discord! Have a wonderful timezone!

If this is your first time seeing TSW, check out the links below to find out more! Please note that if you want to play our mod, you need both the map and creature mod active.
Discord: https://discord.gg/BAkvgc7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArkSunken
Map Mod (ASE): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2182740759
Creature Mod (ASE): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2182770728
Creature Mod (ASA): https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/the-sunken-world-additions

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Nice creatures and trees, should add the ‘Ginkgo tree’, it’s a prehistoric tree that still exists today.  I have one growing in my yard, it has interesting fan shaped leaves that are a pale green colour that change to yellow in the fall.  Like the idea of being able to grow and harvest the fruit from the trees.  People could make their base area more colourful and unique.

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