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  1. 247 server x10 taming so that's x20 and good player stats very high weight and x15 mate in and hatching and breeding one rule have fun and no over raiding as just get in take what you need and leave there is a admin on most time witch is me my gt seanpnreece and the host acc is ark247uk please add and hope you injoy the server 

  2. Yep lots of fun. We take it serious for a few reasons and beats cod zombies ;-) ark has replaced all the games we used to play haha and it's something we enjoy playing together and the kids are a part of it too. We stick to pve so it isn't as much grief. At the end of the day we are only a few people and not developers or the majority of the community so we will just wait and see as we are only a tear drop in the ocean. Devs will do what they do when they do it. As long as a bit more communication and updates then I'm sure the whole community will enjoy what's to come and when :-)
  3. I should imagine on consoles non official servers would be too hard for baby's etc because settings can all be different... however I see no reason why on officials on consoles why there wouldn't be the possibility of an xbox message possibly (and those with smart glass etc would then get the push notifications that way) As a work around we use the SA companion app to work it out allow a 30 minute window and just set a phone alarm for hatching birthing and imprints... I think trip wires should be invisible to the naked eye unless perhaps by some high end super vision goggles maybe and should not be damage able that way on pvp or pve you would have a realistic chance of saving ur base and tames from enemy be it player or Dino.... the ability to create a trip alarm border around ur base so that anything that goes over it or even flys above it sends an in game notification and tribe log would be great although sounds possible with ten tier coming...
  4. My partner has dedicated over 100 days on Ark and I agree with the long term players that all their hard grafting and grinding is somewhat meaningless now. I kind of wish they had of opened up permenant x2 fresh servers so the hard grafting longtermers would be recognised and not be effected to those perhaps for want of a better word more greedy players... the host dedicated servers allowed for OP stats but of course now the whole base game is changing and now people could grind for half the time of those long termers to achieve the same results... it's a tough call for the balance of what players want and loosing fan base and going with the majority that speak up and ask for more. Not always a bad thing either but in many respects I wish they opened up fresh servers for newer game updates like cross ark and higher xp ratings etc. Servers now are struggling and new servers are long over due for fresh starts and new players to have chances.
  5. Yes maybe it is an obvious question but if wild card said end of January or even later how many would be disappointed I think it's safe to say that the frequency before was expire mental to the possibilities of making it a permenant thing thus a hidden agenda behind the scenes and I think it's fair to say people were constantly jumping up and down asking for it all week to be the next weekend etc and asking when etc. Now I hope there is no agenda to increase it anymore on a permanent basis for fear of stability and it heading towards OP host dedicating stats... as that would just spoil it so I should imagine they will be alot less frequent (I hope )
  6. I'm shocked we all get given x2 permenant rates and then everyone is asking when x3 is seriously what gives? I really hope x3 is ree and not every weekend else I can see a pattern forming to the point people get used to the evolution events only play on them and then WC adjust it again and then there will be OP officials like player dedicated servers....
  7. I never saw it say every weekend and in this post they said sticking with x2 so i would pressume that would be old x4?
  8. And well done to all the winners ? gutted primitive plus is down till monday but gives me a weekend to recouperate haha
  9. We have just got permenant x2 seriously? Lol wen people said that permenant x2 would make people greedy for x3/x4 i hoped they were wrong. A permanent x2 is a massive boost to official i can wait for x3/x4 lol
  10. I did wonder about this too... when the SA companion app will be updated to x2 so that it is on standard with official at weekends we knew to multiply and half the details would be interesting to know if this is gonna be changed when the permenant change comes in!
  11. It's not a case that we for an example aren't dedicated enough to raise babies because we have and my partners stayed up for 72 hours straight etc... we have bred beavers argies and sabertooth all 100% imprint but we would love to do a pair of gigs and pair of quetz... but we ( sadly ??) have a family and other responsibilities with time constraints lmao Even first weekend of every month or something making hatching and raising "easier" would help I would hate for that to be a permanent thing as I agree the challenge does "show" dedication but doesn't mean tribes who are dedicated doesn't find this a huge task in real life hours... Unless of course the game is "for" the people who have no kids no job and no non ark life? Just implementing a whole tribe can imprint and eggs are "owned" and not allowed to be collected by non tribe/alliance members would be so helpful! Hatching hiding from the world to get it to the last bit to Hatch at base is still survival when you are fighting the perfect temperature on primitive and on PVE all the wild dinos when a player sneaks up on u and steals your egg is devastating especially hours and hours spent Hatching the egg!
  12. When you get trolls that have ruined your hard work that is not a fair comment. Me and my partner are a tribe of 2 but I only put in perhaps 20 hours a week he puts in over 100 hours per week!
  13. Have to admit I'd love to see a hatching and maturing speed increase at weekends wev managed beavers argos and sabertooth babies got some quetz and giga eggs to do its difficult on prim+ though ?? not just cos ur fighting off stuff half way up a mountain in the dark where your torch can be the difference of too hot or too cold but then fending off others who pick it up (boy do I wish this wasn't possible that fertilised eggs could only be picked up by those who placed or atleast tribes) or wild dinos but then the imprinting times is difficult me and my partner take shifts like a real baby lmao... would be nice if all tribe members could imprint and tribe members get the imprint bonus... or like a list of objectives say 5 random things for 20% imprint with no time limit just before its an adult that way u can just concentrate on getting it to eat out the trough... and boy would that be great to control who eats out the trough!
  14. Why? Everyone knows it's been busier at weekends since the evolution events and more community spirit etc. Great move Wildcard I'm sure there are more that are happy than unhappy! Plus player dedicated servers can reduce there OP hopefully will bring more people back to the official servers too!
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